Four Types of Park Shin Hye Featured in Marie Claire March 2018 Edition

It’s another month and another pictorial for uber popular K-actress Park Shin Hye, this one wonderful in showcasing varying styles and backdrops. Marie Claire Korea released a four picture spread that could be viewed as a Park Shin Hye for four very different occasions. There’s the casual girl next door just out for a stroll, the put together businesswoman taking a meeting on the meet, the feminine lady lounging in her bed after a day of shopping, and a sophisticated woman showcasing a beautifully made up face. It’s not confirmed yet whether she will accept the upcoming drama that is also courting Hyun Bin as the male lead, it would be a killer combo in terms of high profile casting and buzz but ultimately successfully longevity of the drama work will reside in a well-crafted story.


Four Types of Park Shin Hye Featured in Marie Claire March 2018 Edition — 36 Comments

  1. Just to piss her fans off (aka telling an actually good point of view), she should pick more movies. Stay in Chungmuro. Dramas have nothing to offer her. Come to think of it, in her 15 years long career she hasn’t lead a movie aside from that one horror movie. I don’t know why she’s taking this long hiatus from acting but she should keep working on her acting and practicing it more and more. Choose different characters, get some range or diversity.

    • The thing is, she’s already proved herself as a drama lead, all her dramas in the last 5 years have been successful and she’s seen as a good actress.

      She’s in a position where she can choose to do dramas to maintain her popularity (not a bad thing since top drama writers want to work with her) or try more films and have a chance at more critical acclaim. I don’t mind that she takes smaller roles when working in film, it shows a humility and dedication to the craft that some of her contemporaries should probably learn from.

      • She’s pretty and can lead a drama on her own, no doubt about that. She’s been smart with her image (it’s hard for child stars to stay relevant), she has good work ethics and everyone she’s worked with seems to have praised her. She has chosen roles that propelled her into the top of her generation. But now that she has the popularity, I want to see some diversity too. I want to see her passion for acting. She said that she doesn’t want to be just a popular star but she wants to be known from acting too. It’s a good sign that she doesn’t want to be just a CF star. She actually has some gems in her filmography (which are often overshadowed by her popular teen dramas like YAB) and she actually has the potential and skills unlike some actors that have acted for years but are still pretty bad. Important thing that should be noted too is that 90-liner actresses don’t have enough options to choose from because the characters they are offered almost always follow trends and they are quite stereotypical. But all I have to say is that she needs to widen her range and build her reputation as a serious actress and not just a pretty face hallyu star.

    • Hi prettyautumn! How are you today? I got a good laugh thanks to you. Usually you just said your pov and added “her fans”, but now you straightforwardly said you want to piss her fans off. Lol.

      Surely you’ll be named shinhyeautumn in the other site, instead of suzyautumn.

      • She didn’t say anything bad about Shinhye though? If anything she’s kind of praising her?

        Or is saying she should stretch her horizons as an actress in movies because she’s already so successful in dramas now seen as a bad thing by fans?

      • @Royal We, don’t bother. I have nothing against PSH, but her fans (some of them) are so dumb. They can’t even separate constructive criticism from blind hate. I think they don’t understand English so well.. I’m saying, PSH can never progress as an actress if her delulu fans keep being like this.

      • @prettyautumn It’s not all her fans who are like that though. I stan the girl and i agree with every single word you just said. Some of her fans need to start to take her serious to understand what you said it’s pretty reasonable. She has skills and potential so why should her waste it in roles that can’t do much for her? She will never learn in the small screen as she will in the big screen so hopefully she will become more confident to try more in this industry. But i’d rather see her balancing movies and dramas, to keep her popularity (she is part of a small agency so…) while make her name in the industry.

      • @prettyautumn
        Oops, I’m sorry if I didn’t said what I meant well.

        What I meant by my previous post was I like how you express your concern for Shinhye and how you reminded some of her delulu fans by straighforwardly said you want to piss them off. It made me got a good laugh, because what you said was actually true.

        And wasnt suzyautumn your nickname made by someone on db? (maybe by mistake maybe not), and we kinda made a joke of that when someone mentioned that here on koalas?
        So I said surely you’ll be named by some of Shinhye fans, who didnt understand your constructive critism of her, as shinhyeautumn.

        I never thought of you as a hater and sorry if my previous post, with my limited English, made you kinda like one. #humblebow

    • I agree, @prettyautumn is giving constructive criticism. I think PSH should stay in Chungmuro for a while, she just proved herself in Doctors and showed the potential she has but it needs to be developed with diverse roles.
      If she decides to stay in dramaland, I hope she chooses a project with a veteran costar, with KRW she showed great improvement, let’s see what happens with the offer with HB as a costar.
      Unfortunatly, many if not most of her fans, wants her to stick to projects with “pretty boys”. Recently I checked a survey on Twitter and the winning option was LJS as her best partner, followed by LMH , it’s their preferences but I think that there are actors with better acting skills. I remember the reception to KRW as a partner was not good and now the reception to HB as a potential partner is not as good as I have thought because her fans think the ahjussi is not popular or pretty and they are stuck on the ” flowerboy” type and “shipping”.
      I hope she decides to do projects that make her happy and let her evolve.

      • I partly agree with @prettyautumn however, to ask PSH to stick to movies is not a good idea. How many K-movies are focused on women only? The mega hit K-movies are predominately male focused so PSH might not be getting any good film offers. Also, movies seems like a close knit circle, the same actresses get the offers, maybe it’s because they know certain powerful players in the industry. It could take PSH a few good years to succeed in movies and by the time she does drama audiences would have forgotten her. At the end of the day, it’s up to PSH (and her agency) what route her career goes.

  2. She’s waiting for good script, a script that attract her and want to exposure her deeper acting skill… with the success of her previous projects, she’s more picky in choosing job which is understandable… So patiently waiting. I prefer good story rather than big budget stuff…

    • and this half-opened mouth showing the two big front teeth… just like that “Bugs Bunny” if you can guess who that is… hahaha… ugly expression is what I can see (despite the pretty face). Who is the photographer? yikes!!

    • This is why there is a separate industry for models.I can cut her some slack with the posing but as an actress.You would expect that she would be able to vary her mini-facial expressions and mood .But its not only fact I can only think of two actresses who are almost always on point in fashion shoots and thats Shin Min Ah and Jun Ji Hyun.Girl next door, sexy and glamourous,career woman,tomboy etc..they will nail it without looking awkward.

      • That’s probably because Shin Min Ah and Jun Ji Hyun started out as fashion magazine models to begin with. I would also add Kim Hye Soo, Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Min Hee (before the scandal) as actresses who nail photoshoots with all vibes, and also in recent years, Kim Go Eun and Lee Sung Kyung. But that’s it really, though there could be others I missed seeing.

        I like PSH in photoshoots but this one doesn’t do it for me.

  3. I specifically read Koala’s site for her articles and comments and I have never interpreted prettyautumns replies as being a hater. NEVER. She actually replies with ‘Constructive criticism’ which if you google it gives you the reason why her opinion and feedback is valid. But if you are a fan reading it with the mentality of a 15 year old ditz and all you can offer is ‘You’re a hater’ then yep I suggest you go to All K Pop and and battle It out with the kids there! Koala provides the basis for intelligent exchange between those that wish to engage on a intelligent platform. And see I wrote with sincere intentions, Have a nice day all it’s 8.05am NZ time ?

      • You are just a sour grape! Read carefully her comments, they make sense… unlike yours who blindly call people a hater…. Please define “hater” coz I really don’t understand your logic (I bet you call me one too)… Explain why you label people a “hater” as I truly want to know.

  4. I dont get it she seems to be doing mainly modellimg work these days…The acting seems to becoming more in the background..I like her and really want to see her act and grow but all we seem to see is fashion spreads….maybe just me.

    • me too… she has great talents in acting… however she is being very cautious in selecting her next project… too much negativity from her so-called fans trashing her potential drama partners… She is not getting any younger which may limit her choice of characters. Her CF popularity may dwindle if she does not have a new decent project to stay in the limelight…

  5. i agree with @prettyautumn. I’m also a former psh fan but her fans mostly are so dumb. PSH obviously needs to work harder and take some diversity in her profession since she is talented. i get that idea of living your life to the fullest is good but she needs to take her job more serious.

    • seriously her fans are dumb please keep your words for yourself .
      Former fan??
      Maris ,Nilerose, ABC,….etc former fans and still fans for her so we don’t insult like you we make them understand that their point of view is wrong but they aren’t dumb.

  6. @rhienz, no problem. I’m glad there are some good fans who want their bias to improve. Yes, someone on db said I was Suzyautumn.. like.. haha I always write critical comments about all actors.. sometimes I sound like a hater but deep down I only write my opinion..

  7. I dont get it, why people mad coz psh not take more drama/ movie project, yes she is an actress, but does not mean she must accept every roles that come to her, she’s selevtive and only do drama that speak to her heart. Won Bin not even do drama or movie in a long long time and no one complain, and many actress or actor takes a long break before they make drama comeback, psh not an actress that can jump from role to role in a short time, she has hard time moving on from her drama character, so she takes vacation or do other thing that she enjoy, her life is not just about acting, when she is ready and a good role comes to her, she will take it, i’m as her fans will wait patiently and support her.

    • Who is mad? I don’t sense anyone is “mad” at her not acting… People are missing her acting! Don’t be sorry if she is no longer missed by the audience ?

      • @ayleen. Agree with you 100%. My personal opinion too!
        Shin Hye has builded beautiful and unforgettable memories in entertainment industry, that has touch and mark people worldwide !
        I love how intelligently, she and her Agency handle her career and image. She can only continue to move forward, because she is serious about building a strong and serious career as an actress, and at the same time caring for herself, Park Shin Hye, the human being.

  8. She has a lot of people who want to see her potential as an actress. I like many still need to see and be convinced of that passion beyond a doubt and thats what seperates good actors from just actors.To me being a celebrity and a great actor are two different things. The later takes sacrafice and commitment and often that may not compliment the celebrity aspect…I really want to know her as good actor than a celebrity because i know like others here she has great potential..My opinion. ☺

  9. Maybe she’s on a break because there aren’t a lot of roles offered to her that she or her agency thinks suit her or her career plans. I like this strategy better rather than work on any drama or movie that she can’t be proud of. At least she has CFs as a source of income while she waits for the right project.

  10. with the metoo movement coming to korean. there will be less chance of seeing PSH pairing with old Ahjussi again. PSH need to pair with PGB
    YSH next.

    • Are you dumb? I think you didn’t have critical thinking skills to begin with. What makes you think that younger male actors/flowerboys have not sexually abused others? Hahahaha I would have laughed so hard had this not been a sad thing. Also, are you saying that all older actors have been sexually harassing? That is a lie and an insult against all actors out there who have not done anything wrong. Just because you are desperate to ship PSH with a younger ’’pure’’ flowerboy, you are ready to slander older actors. Okay.
      That would be a sad thing to your supposed bias too by the way. Child actors very often get sexually abused in entertainment industry. You see all smiles but you will never know unless she speaks up if she has ever had a #meetoo experience. Until then, it’s all assumptions.

    • @din, the metoo movement is something serious. If you think young “flowerboys” type people are incapable or have less chance of harassing people then you are wrong. Your post makes me think ypu are very young and inexperienced, young or old people are capable of bad or good things and we must be careful and do not trust only a pretty face.

      You are using the metoo movement as a “reason” of why PSH should be paired with a young actor because the ahjussi will harass her.No kid, this is a serious matter, many lives have been affected and you only think about shipping PSH with some pretty boy. Sad.

      I have met fun, nice and mature PSH fans but I am begining to think that most of her fans are little kids who are living in their shipping world and have not realize PSH is a grown up woman with a talent to develop.

    • PBG is 3 years younger, isn’t he? I guess @din wants them to be in a family drama playing sister & brother… or a drama called “Noona buys me dinner” ? Why do we want to watch PSH in a cheesy cringy rom-com again? Gosh… flower boys can only be her dongseng

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