Lee Seung Gi Crosses Paths with Hwayugi Villain Song Jong Ho in New Drama Stills

When I first saw the stills of male lead Lee Seung Gi for Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) it was a mixture of squee and meh, the ostentatious fur coat and funky v-shaped buzz cut was an odd combo. Two months later and I’ve grown to love his look for this drama, and love even more the totality of the outfits he’s worn throughout. It’s a testament to how meandering the plot and lackluster the central OTP chemistry is that I’m spending my time dissecting wardrobe choices. His Song Oh Gong has sharp fashion, even more suitable than Cha Seung Won‘s Bull Demon King fashionista, and rounded out by the idol funky stylings of Lee Hong Ki‘s pig. Now I expect the villain of this tale played by Song Jong Ho to get more screen time in the coming final four episodes, and hopefully his fashion will rise to the occasion suitable for a supreme villain, I certainly need more pizzaz to liven up the joint.


Lee Seung Gi Crosses Paths with Hwayugi Villain Song Jong Ho in New Drama Stills — 14 Comments

  1. Me too- JSM is definitely more subdued as a character, compared to all the flamboyant demons, but there is great chemistry btwn LSG and OYS that makes their love in the show believable. Still hoping for a happy ending for the OTP!

  2. I find Lee Seung Gi has the best chemistry with Oh Yeon Seocas his co star so far

    miss Koala you are not going to write “Youn’s Kitchen 2 dropped 6% in rating as Narrative Lost it’s steam?”

  3. For a villain, we don’t know a lot about him. He was there but not really in the story of the heros. They could introduce him better.

  4. The chemistry in this dramas OTP is non existent. But I’m staying for LSG and CSW who are really acting their hearts out. LSG really does so well with mischievous fun characters. He’s got emotional depth (evident in the latter half of GFB and K2H) but I like how restrained he is here. It’s what his character calls for and while I’m not a fan of this drama, I’m glad he did it anyway.

    Also LSY is quite a revelation. I haven’t seen her since Trot Lovers where she was amongst the most annoying scheming bitches you’ll ever see. Here she plays Buja and the shaman with equal fevour. I love it.

  5. four more episodes to finish off… such messy writing! This drama is a disappointment for me. I will stay to watch just for LSG, I don’t like the OTP.

  6. Hong Sister’s are just not good writers.Simple as that.Their dramas largely depend on the acting abilities and chemistry of the cast.They showed their limitations with “Big”.Master’s Sun only barely saved them because of SJS and GHJ.My girlfriend is a Gumiho was also watchable but thats also cause SMA and LSG put into their characters more than what was written.

    • I actually find this a very well-written script brought out by the EXCELLENT acting from all the actors and actresses. The script is written like an onion, you have to peel the layers, listen to their dialogue.. they make us think deeper about issues in our lives too. The script is not written for pure entertainment but it was written to help us reflect about our human behaviour and issues we face as human.. As I am watching the drama I asked myself which is the deadlist sin? In the drama, it seemed to be PRIDE and GREED as seen in the emphasis given in the last four episode.

      Pay attention to their eyes and facial expressions… The actors and actresses in a second the expression in their eyes can tell you two different emotions. a slight movement of the lips mean something… Only a well-written script can allow the actors and actresses to showoff their acting prowess.

      AS you can see I am totally in love with this drama, thank you for your indulgence. Probably give this drama a chance and watch it again once all the episodes are screened.

    • Have you watch THE GREATEST LOVE with leads Gong Hyo JIn, Cha Seung won and Yoon Kye Sang as far as Hong SIsters drama The Greatest Love is their Best Drama in my opinion. Master’s Sun is also Goof. Big and Warm and Cozy is their weakest drama.

  7. Seung Gi looks so hot post-MS in short hair. I always said short hair suits him best and here, the world is agreeing seeing how handsome and sexy he is as Son Oh Gong.
    I’m from the minority who likes the chemistry b/w Oh Yeon Seo and LSG. They look so good together that I low-key ship them.

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