Yeo Jin Goo in Talks for First Rom-com Drama Leading Man Role for Just One Love

This drama casting news sounds great, and also gives me a reason to post about Yeo Jin Goo‘s awesome black and white 1st Look pictorial from last year. The no longer a boy but not yet a man young actor has reportedly signed on for his first rom-com leading man role, in a summer 2018 drama called Just One Love.  He’s up to play an innocent angel sent down from heaven on a special project to help an arrogant human woman find love. The drama is from the screenwriter of Lucky Romance. It’s worth keeping an eye on this drama, magnified by casting growing up handsomely Yeo Jin Goo as confirmed by these playful and magnetic pictures from 1st Look.


Yeo Jin Goo in Talks for First Rom-com Drama Leading Man Role for Just One Love — 11 Comments

  1. Lucky Romance isn’t really that great. But I’m excited to see Yeo Jingoo in a rom-com.
    Hmm wondering who could be a good leading lady… maybe the third Kim (Saeron)?

    • Oh it would be great too. They’re friend since they were child 🙂

      I think I want to see Nam Ji Hyun in a lot of dramas, except the one with DO :p

  2. Lucky Romance? Okay that drama was crap. I want Kim Sae Ron for this. Because he’s young and I want someone in his age group. I can’t think of one who’s free other than her. Let’s see!

  3. He was pretty great in last year Circle, I loved that sci-fi drama. I think he’s better brooding roles…

    And I don’t think this is his first rom-com. He starred in last year Reunited Words and it was bloody awful. It was my first drama with Lee Yeon Hee and to say she was bland is understatement. It’s been awhile since I saw such terrible acting. Hope he will have a better luck with a leading lady this time.

  4. This baby is so talented.He should be in the spotlight like Park Bo Gum, Yoo Seung Ho and others.Talk about looks, mega talent, good personality, experience, charisma..His got it all.But he hasnt caught a break.Bad scripts and bad productions like “orange marmalade” and bad actresses like Lee Yeon Hee , SeolHyun is no good.Give him a good writer and a good actress and he can replicate the magic he did in Moon embracing the Sun.

  5. Why another rom-com? Reunited Worlds is so bad even though I stayed til the end just to watch him… He should explore other genres…. maybe time for a saguek? Historical dramas usually bring in high ratings (like Moon Embracing the Sun) so his lead status can be more recognized. Rom-com won’t get him anywhere ?

  6. I hope the script is great and his leading lady is just fantastic (same age group not someone older who can act and has sizzling chemistry please – no names mentioned) and everything goes according to plan with high ratings and an awesome script (with no dramas unfolding of screen) because I enjoyed seeing YJG in Circle and Potatoe Star 2013 and look forward to his return in 2018. Because whenever there is exciting casting news on the horizon as it has been in the last couple of weeks there always has to be some munter of a tsunami of bad breaking news to follow! Which dampens everything! Okay I’m going to send over happy peace bubbles ❤️

  7. I think he should go to military. Now hes only got offer of cheesy romance that way older than his age, its really waste of his time, he is much more talented than that. Go to military for 2 years, come back hes just 23.

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