Veteran Actors Jo Jae Hyun and Oh Dal Soo Accused of Sexual Harassment as #Metoo Movement Hits K-ent

The #metoo movement has firmly arrived in South Korean entertainment. On the heels of actor Jo Min Ki getting fired from his faculty position at a university and getting scrubbed from the K-drama Children of a Lesser God, two more veteran actors are facing their own sexual harassment allegations. Character actor Oh Dal Soo and award-winning veteran leading man Jo Jae Hyun are both dealing with sexual harassment allegations this week, with their accusers claiming harassment from years ago working with these actors on stage productions and dramas, and only having the courage to come forward now. The allegations are of unwanted groping, kissing, and solicitation, and now it’s only a question of what will happen to the careers of these men. Will they weather this storm or find themselves rightfully cast out of the industry if the allegations are true.


Veteran Actors Jo Jae Hyun and Oh Dal Soo Accused of Sexual Harassment as #Metoo Movement Hits K-ent — 18 Comments

  1. The details of Jo Min Ki’s sexual harassment to his students are really appalling. And to think that both he and Jo Jae Hyun have appeared on tv shows with their daughters.

  2. I wonder if this is because all these people think their actions were acceptable, as victims were afraid to speak up, they took the silence as consent. And frankly idk if this is something we can fix within the near future..

  3. Jo Jae Hyun admitted already and he is not in the drama Cross anymore. His apology letter sounded pathetic. Sex offenders recently have said similar things as him, like ’’I had awful mindset at the time and I have no memories of it’’. Very disappointing but not surprising. And having a daughter doesn’t mean shit. Weinstein has daughters but he still harassed and assaulted women. Expose them all.

  4. #MeToo movement is opening a can of worms. Dirty old men finally being called out but will they ever be prosecuted in the court of law and go to jail???

  5. Hopefully something can be done to punish and discourage these nasty acts.
    Otherwise your favourite lovely oppas may turn to such disgusting ahjussi in the future. Yikes!

    • Unfortunately, like Jo Jae Hyun..he has had 30 years acting career.He didnt just wake up amd start harassing the women.He probably started when he was still an oppa but didnt think what he was doing was wrong.

      Unfortunately, when today’s oppas( and unnies) or get into similar messes..fangirls shield them to death.This inflates their ego.They think they can get away with anything, because they will always be people defending their mistakes.I mean look at semi-ahjusshis like Park Shi Hoo, Lee Byung Hun and Park Yoon Chun.Whats the difference between them and these ajusshis?Maybe the fact that they still have a lot of fangirls.

  6. Honestly, if a rape case can be dismissed and the perpetrator warmly welcomed back to Korean TV (Park Shi Hoo), it won’t be long before these men’s cases get swept under the rug. I hope I am wrong though! Really!

  7. I am commenting in defence or the perpetrators families who are innocent yet guilty through association. They are now part of this ugly scenario been played out in the public only because their father/son/husband etc has been called out over it. Now spare a thought for those people who have now had their lives turned upside down with not only impending court cases but the whole media circus jumping on the band wagon with just mere heresy (for now) how do you think they are feeling? So let’s spare a thought and take time out with our judgement calls and comments and think about it. This is not just about the victim/s and the hurt and anguish they have suffered; this is a a lot bigger with families and friends of everyone involved having to take ownership of what their reality is right now. And with Park Shi Hoo and the rape allegations was It confirmed that he committed the crime and was he punished by a court of law in Korea? If he wasn’t then that is slanderous to say he is rapist. Let us here at Koala’s Playground be the better people and not join in on the witch hunt; there are enough KNetz already doing that already. Peace and Love all ❤️

    • To answer your query abt psh,the case was dismissed bec the complainant backed out. But the case is so messy bec there are surveillance cams which could be an evidence that psh is the issue has no closure i think and while it is not proved in court that he raped her, his actions were proven shady as fuck as seen in the cctv cams.

    • Why is a court decision required in order to stop hiring an alleged rapist to appear in family dramas? Especially in an image-obsessed entertainment industry like Korea, where netizen opinion is actually taken seriously?

      • ‘Where netizen opinion is actually taken seriously’ Umm Ever heard of ‘Kangaroo court’? Google it cos it’s what you are advocating. Sorry Koala I couldn’t help myself.

  8. @rudyred

    blame those sick blind fangirl. u know how far those sick fangirl can go for their oppa. they will even let their oppa rape them for free. that how sick they are. as long as those rapist have those crazy fan they will be alright. unlike old Ahjussi all their fan are old not young.

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