Kim Yoo Jung Has Thyroid Condition and Drama Filming Halted for Near Future

I so love this InStyle Korea pictorial with young actress Kim Yoo Jung, fresh from graduating high school and ready to dive into her first K-drama rom-com leading lady role. This is an up close and personal shoot and I’m envious of the exquisite complexion of Kim Yoo Jung to let the camera capture thus. But this new pictorial was released the same week news broke that she may need to undergo emergency surgery for a thyroid condition and will be out of commission for the next few months.

She’s currently filming K-drama Clean With Passion for Now with male leads Ahn Hyo Seob and Song Jae Rim, playing a messy and cheerful girl that melts the heart of an OCD male lead running a cleaning company. The drama production has announced that it will halt everything and wait for her return rather than replace her with a different female lead. It sounds cute enough and is based on a webtoon with established narrative already so hopefully Kim Yoo Jung hits another ratings gold as her first followup drama since Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Wishing Kim Yoo Jung a speedy recovery above all else!


Kim Yoo Jung Has Thyroid Condition and Drama Filming Halted for Near Future — 15 Comments

  1. She’s been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and Sidus has denied she will need surgery. However, she will need to rest and treatment for the next few months. CWPFN has been postponed to at least October.

    Poor girl I hope she responds to treatment well and makes a successful comeback. Yoojung, fighting!

  2. Oh my god. Last year she was hospitalized and this year, again another health issue. Poor girl. She is so young and I hope she recover soon and get back in good health.

  3. I’m really glad that the production team and cast decided to wait for her. I can’t see anyone as Gil Oh-soh. Hopefully she rest well and come back in good health.

  4. Speedy recovery to Kim Yoo Jung. And kinda surprising that Jtbc and Clean with a passion staff were willing to wait for her. But then again, she is the selling point of the drama and it seems that jtbc really wanted her as they waited a long time for her confirmation, and YJ seems to have prepared hard as this is her 1st project in awhile. Hope we hear goodnews soon regarding her recovery.

    And she is gorgeous from forehead to hands. Her eyes are really so expressive and her skin…..?

  5. “” the news broke that she’s undergone surgery””…. lol!
    that’s why u never 100% trust any news u read. hypothyroid is not a serious condition, she will be fine after taking thyroxine.

    • Depends. I have something similar, but instead of hypothyroidism, I have hyperthyroidism and I didn’t respond well at all to antithyroid agents or beta blockers. I’ve had to look for alternative options. But it causes me to have extreme insomnia which leads to mental health problems, and randomly causes to have heart palpitations and to skyrocket to crazy rates that tire me out only after a few minutes of sitting still but makes me feel like I ran a marathon, hair loss, and so much weightloss that while I weighed around 127 lbs before, I stand at about 102 lbs now. Hyperthyroidism symptoms like many other disorder happen on a spectrum. Manageable for sum and absolute terror for others.

      • I am so sorry to hear that you have struggled so hard with this. I hope that your condition becomes more manageable. I wish both you and kim yoo jung better health!

      • Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism is completely different and presents with completely different symptoms. Hyperthyroid is, in my opinion, a lot worse than hypo(I work in health). My best friend had hyper and in the end had her thyroid removed and is of course now hypo but controlled with meds. Hope you get well soon! It took her ages and it almost cost her her marriage due to the emotional turmoil thanks to the disease. So it’s horrible… whilst hypo one can also get extremely sick but medication is usually the way to fix it, thyroxine, except getting the correct dosage takes a while so it makes recovery slightly difficult. I have slight hypothyroidism, just being monitored so it isn’t too that bad besides harder to lose weight *cringe

  6. Poor thing, I can imagine how terrible she felt, the thyroid affects everything in the body and when something is wrong with it, your health and quality of life can be very negatively affected. Treatment is very individualized and takes time to tweak, I’m dealing with all that right now but it’s all up from here. Anyway, I’m glad she’s taking time to rest and get treatment she desperately needs.

    She looks absolutely stunning in this photo spread too.

  7. I had hypothyroidism too and continued to work.
    Treatment is a medicine that I took every morning. It was not debilitating for m however, it does mess up with your energy levels, ability to concentrate etc. It took 3 months for mine to normalize.

    • She obviously has a severe case of hypothyroidism if she’s stopping everything to rest and get treatment especially at her age. Mine was so bad I was suicidal, kept piling on weight no matter what I ate, had heart issues (high cholesterol, heart palpitations) and was fatigued that I would sleep hours a day and would still be tired. I pushed myself till I had a complete breakdown. Everyone’s case is different and it’s even a condition that can lead to death if it goes untreated long enough.

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