Hwayugi Ratings Fall and Rise in Penultimate Week of Airing Gearing Up for World Saving Finale

The penultimate week airing of tvN weekend fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) happens to hit during the closing weekend of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The ratings were 3.821% for episode 17, a drop from the previous episode 16, and episode 18 went back up to 5.472%. I hope next week’s finale goes back up to 6% at least, and if the final episode breaks 7% I will consider this a salvaged victory for the drama because good lord is the story line confusing, exhausting, and wholly emotionally detached for me.

I could care less about any character, whether love line, familial line, or friendship line. The Hong Sisters have really wasted Lee Seung Gi, and to a lesser extent Cha Seung Won, while Oh Yeon Seo confuses me as to whether it’s her acting or the way her character is written that is the epic fail of the female lead. I know this story line is building its way to the good guys thwarting an end of the world being fomented by the baddie but honestly there is no tension or momentum so I’m drifting along waiting for a release of my beloved Seung Gi to something better in the future.


Hwayugi Ratings Fall and Rise in Penultimate Week of Airing Gearing Up for World Saving Finale — 99 Comments

  1. Koala I know this is your blog and you are totally entitled to write whatever you wish. However, the quality of your “news” and “opinions” are now so toxic that you’ve lost a reader in me. I used to visit faithfully when you did translations of three lives, three worlds. But now your blog is very little more than sensationalistic news and dumping on stuff you don’t like. I wonder whether you even bothered to watch Hwayugi- sure it’s not the best written show and there are plenty of people who do not like the female lead, but to postulate that she’s an “epic fail” of a female lead is pretty harsh. Ah well, this is the last that I’ll be visiting your blog, I’m sure you have plenty of readers who like the toxicity- after all, netizenbuzz gets plenty of hits.

    • lol the typical “you’ve lost a reader” post, more like “I hope you’re threatened by this and don’t write harsh thing on my favorite drama again”

    • Well toxic to you. Bravado to me. OYS is extremely overrated imo. She also butchers every production that she’s been in. Its her eyes, they are soulless. A pretty actress with the most dead emotionless eyes. If she doesnt improve her eye acting, i doubt she will ever truly become a top actress. I passed on
      hwayugi despite my love for LSG cos i really cant stand her. Treasure to some, crap to others. Im glad Koala maintains her opinion and bye bye for those who are so self righteous that they cant accept someone else POV that heavily differs from theirs.

      • Oh Yeon Seo butchered every project. This depicts the saltiness and bitterness of a hater.
        Don’t worry too much she is doing more than fine . Hwayugi is successful so stop talking empty words

      • You wanna explain how good eye acting works? or who has good eye acting? Lol how are her eyes emotionless when she can actually execute sadness or happiness through her eyes and can actually she a tear compared to the lacklusture 2nd leads who have trouble doing that lmao.

      • While OYS’s Hwayuki role isn’t my favorite of her roles (Hong Sisters/Director wasted her), many times over she’s been Recognized by her industry/peers and Proved her phenomenal talent.
        2012 5th Korean DramaAwards”Best New Actress”-My Husband Got A Family-WON
        !st K-Drama ST “Rising Star Award”- WON
        MBC Drama Award “Best Actress” -Here Comes Mr.Oh- WON
        KBS Drama Award “Best New Actress” -My Husband Got A Family-WON

        2013 APAN Star Awards-Here Comes Mr.Oh-Won

        2014 7th K-DramaAwards”Top Excellence ActressAward”Jang-Bori Is Here-WON
        MBC Drama Awards “Grand Prize(Daesang Award) JB is Here-Nom
        MBC Drama Awards “Top Excellence Actress Award” JBIs Here-WON

        2016 Asian Model Awards-Female Popularity Award-Won
        2016 APAN Star Award-“Best Actress” Please Come Back Mister-Nom
        2016 SBS Drama Award-“Best Actress” Please Come Back Mister-WON

        OYS’s accolades speak for themselves. Not toxic peeps, but their allowed POV’s too.

      • That is why on the internet you will always find praises and almost no complain because not liking something is amounted to toxic. Funny enough readers like you will also be the first to trash a drama on the comment section even when Koala like it. This blog was always a personal blog. It never attempted to be a news outlet. I’ve been following/reading this blog since 2011. I find it’s funny you are so worked up over Koala’s description of the leading lady’s “epic fail” performance/character yet does not aware of your word choice as to call this place “toxic”. How ironic! It’s okay for you to have an opinion, but not Koalas.

        I never agree with all that Koala write and some dramas she likes, I despite. Nevertheless it is an opinion, and neither my dislikes or her likes supersede each other. I don’t know how old you are but please at least be aware that no one opinion is above another. Your name calling behavior does you do no good when you tried to criticize someone else’s criticism.

    • Actually Oh Yeon Seo’s acting isn’t even her best in Hwayugi. I’ve seen all her projects and its been downhill since Sassy Girl for me. I don’t know whether its the obvious use of botox or just a bad phase but I sincerely hope she gets back into her true form. For example the last kissing scene in Hwayugi, it felt she was frozen,no passion, no intensity, nothing. I know she has the skills but I don’t know what isn’t working for her lately. I also blame Hong Sisters as her role is pretty lackluster and bland but still her spark is missing.

      • I’ll second this. I have seen her in Shine or Go Crazy, Come Back Mister and am currently on episode 14 of Hwayugi. I am still enjoying the drama but there is something off in how the female character has been written since around episode 5ish. The pacing of the romance between the leads has been off and some of the character development of OYS’s character is on the Hong Sister’s and she is not able to overcome it…and there is no reason for someone her age to be doing botox especially as an actress. I am still enjoying the story though am a little less excited about the next episodes given the feedback here.

      • Well she is 30 and the demography of highest botox user is 30 to 39. Even if it isn’t botox, she did something to her face. I carefully watched her scene, her facial muscles seem frozen while emoting. She wasn’t like that before. She needs to undo whatever it is that she is using.

      • 30 to 39 🙁 I would have guessed over 45 for an uptick in botox use. I actually find it incredibly sad and I’ve especially never understood it for actresses who need to emote. Is her performance just an issue for international fans or have knetz taken note?

      • Err i thk the last scene was pretty decent lol. Lol its not 50 shades so what type of passion or intensity are you looking for? At least its done not over the top and is subtle enough. Nah her performance is fine atm from knetz pov and comments so i am guessing its decent. Btw her facial muscles arent actually frozen when she can actually move it during crying or smiling…..

      • Botox to keep their faces slim. Alot of actresses do it to make their faces smaller and camera perfect. She od-ed on her latest attempt. Anyway she’s famous in korea for her beautifully done plastic surgery and actually earned praise from netizens on the improvements. But problem with PS is that its addictive and many cant stop once they begin. What more for a minor procedure like botox where it takes only a day trip to the doctors and 10 minutes

    • first, who said anything about news?? you counteracted everything you said – “this is your blog but don’t write what you want” and “this show is not the best written out there but how dare you say anything bad’

  2. I agree that the female lead character is a fail and for me it’s the actress and the writting. We can see the emotions acted by OSY but the problem is they don’t seem natural. It’s hard to see when LSG is very good in his acting, his character could have been like a clown but he did it with a very subtile way. For the writting, the villain and the female lead role seem useless in the story.

  3. I replayed the part when she said “salanghae” many times and I couldn’t see any emotions in her eyes… she was simply reciting the script…. Also it seems her cheeks are frozen, her face can’t emote… Why?

      • I suggest you go watch Wohoo Waikiki, the tiny baby there has more expressive eyes than OSY right now. This isn’t her best work. She needs to work on it and get her act together quite literally. This is coming from her long time fan.

      • @milkytoku – I expected there will be delulu idiots calling me blind. If I am blind, I cannot type!! You stupid. I am not asking you to agree with me, but please refrain from barking because obviously we have different opinions. Her eyes are bland and blah in Hwayugi and I keep my words!!

    • OHY is currently in her mid-2000’s Nicole Kidman phase. It’s too bad, she was great in Please Come Back Ahjusshi but right now her entire face cannot move. If she can ugly cry in the next two episodes maybe that will convince me her facial muscles are not currently paralyzed.

      • You compare OYS with Nicole Kidman? hmm

        While agree that NK has paralyzed face when in public as herself, it’s not the case though when she is acting.

    • Err seriously? There were actually emotions in her eyes lol. At least she can shed a tear compared to your 2nd leads who have trouble doing that lmao.

      • tears are faked, it’s called “Eye Drops” or “Artificial Tears”. Duh! No emotions in her eyes what-so-ever, and her face is frozen. This is my observation, I know you will disagree @Anon @Anonymous @Helloworld

      • Emotions in eyes means you can actually execute happiness or sadness with your eyes and she does that lmao. Lol how do you know she uses eye drops or artifical tears lmao? You have any proof? Check the bts actually if you wanna accuse ppl of doing that lmao. She did not use any of that and also that director is actually strict and wants the scenes done naturally lmao.

      • Lol err also how is a face frozen? When you can actually move a muscle to smile etc which she does? You wanna critiq actually backup with facts and truth lmao. Not with blank statements. Lol. You realize most of the other cast acting are over the top asf as well. And the 2nd leads can even emote and are usually wide eyed and blank.

      • Haha typical fangirl or person with bias that cant come up with facts & uses useless comments when she runs out of argument lmao. Hillarious. Actually go to a drama school or theater and learn what acting actually is kid

      • I stand by my words. Unlike someone who changes usernames when you were being deleted here before! LOL

      • Btw i thk you wanna stop your nonsense now since you cant even backup with facts and truth lmao and use blank comments with 0 factual evidence lmao. Stay salty fangirl who cant think objectively and use actual truth and facts to back yourself lol.

      • Lmao stand by my words? You cant even back up your own statements. Yeah i gt deleted cause some1 was feeling salty i was just commenting with 0 bias and stating facts lmao

      • hahaha, you are funny… what a joke! You have given me a very good laugh… HAHAHA… nice to meet someone so pathetic here… LOL… bye.

      • Haha the irony….Pot calling the kettle black and keeps commenting back like a sore loser. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror fangirl and actually learn how to use actual facts and statements to back yourself up so that you dont look silly as you cant even address those statements i put up cause you have no basis or truth. Good luck irl.

  4. Wow! I started watching Hwayugi for Lee El got as far as episode 2 parked it to revisit it again when I was in the mood to continue. However it’s nearing the end and after reading all the comments I’m going back in boots and all to finish it off cos I want to see what all the furore is all about. I’m looking forward to seeing the zombie girl Lee Se Young and the spunky as general guy Sung Hyuk and how the story pans out for the Hong Sisters oh and Ms Lee El of course! ❤️

  5. I have lost hope in this blog. The way she writes things up is so bias and toxic.

    I hope you lost more and more reader *praying hatd*

  6. Even dramas like My Golden Life dropped from 41% to 29% rating. Shows like Youn’s Kitchen 2 and lee Hyori Homestay dropped a big amount of rating but this blogger only wrote the cause of this drama to drop is because of the story?

    Now the rating is back up again she is suddenly turning her words. The chemistry is great, the twist in the story is great, the chemistry is excellent.
    I know the drama isn’t perfect but it’s still one of the best.
    I know your hate for Oh Yeon Seo. Seen you writing hateful articles about her long time ago.
    She has been receiving praises for her acting in this drama so write whatever you want.

    Those 3-8 people readers of your blog will continue writing the same copy paste hate comments and i will just laugh at their empty words.

  7. I should not come here and write this because this will excite these crazy haters even more haha

    Firs of all, Mrs.Koala is so inconsistent with way she writes articles, wanting to sound smart but always fail to do so.
    Since few weeks ago, dramas and variety shows have been dropping hard in rating eg. My Golden Life which dropped from 42% to effing 29% but she only chose to write Hwayugi as the sole drama that suffered this with the excuse of “narrative lost it’s steam” now she is turning back her word as the rating rises again lol

    oh Yeon seo and the casts were praised for their acting.The acting and the chemistry are what attracts viewers the most. Hence lots of OTP scenes=high rating

    I know this blog have been writing a lot of hate articleS about Oh Yeon Seo since long time ago so i should not even bother. That one dumb comment ho Oh Yeonseo butchered every project is hilarious. her dramas have been receiving decent ratings except for Come Back Mister where she was highly praised

    • My golden life drop to 29% yesterday because of olympic closing ceremony airing at the same time. They still stay at their usual rating

  8. koala, please don’t too dependent on the rating. People mostly watch TV online nowadays except for grandma and grandpa lol. LSG is doing just fine don’t worry. I read somewhere he is the highest paid actor in 2017. I’m not whether its true. lmao! so he is making a right choice.
    But I agree with you, the female lead bored me to death as well. I like 2nd lead much better and zombie girl stole almost every scene she was in. Good for her. Watching the big hit at the moment and she is good.

    • Its the quality of the product which matters not who is highest paid…..Lol the 2nd lead arent even that good lmao when they have touble emoting and shedding tear etc nor exhibit some charisma as a villian that viewers can actually feel threatened

      • I agree to disagree. people have different taste and opinion. to me, she is a huge miscast in this drama.period

      • lol you care to come up with any good names that could possibly fit the character as JSM? Take note the monk character was not properly explored nor given anything to play with. Btw the other side characters have over the top acting and is exagerrated asf that alot of the knetz were complaining lol and people cant even feel it is realistic.

      • LOL you’re so pathetic and low, always attacking second lead. Typical pathetic fangirl that can’t come up with facts and uses useless comments when she runs out of argument u_u

      • LOL say the lsy fangirl prob. You realize they both played the villian ASN and so there is legit comparison for acting atm. And it seems viewers prefered the ASN OYS protrayed as it posed legit threat as compared to lys ASN and i m not even a OYS fan. Lol and please how am i not using facts? You have any articles or comments that prove your 2nd leads to be good actors? Lol they cant even shed a tear lmao. And funny you dare call me baseless when i actually state actual truth and opinion from knetz that you cant even contest its validity and come up with baseless stuff trying to copy my comments lmao. Lol its you fangirl who does not have any factual evidence to support your subpar 2nd leads acting and you cant even put up a concrete argument against my statement that is why you re butthurt and go around putting up comments with 0 validity lmao. Stay salty. Is that why lsg is offered to lead another big budget drama immediately after this drama and your side cast arent?

      • I don’t agree with this complaint with over the top acting. It’s a fantasy drama. Of course you can’t expect a monotous and one-dimentional acting. Besides, the Hong Sisters love to write those type of characters.

      • Fantasy drama does not excuse for over the top acting. Look at Lotr or harry potter or other fantasy drama. You dont have to overact to protray your character. It would make the scene cringy and out of place. Use minor and don over stress your emoting or expressions. It does not have to be absolute opposite of monotone one dimentional acting. Look at lsg he does not overact for SOG so it does not actually look cartoonish.

  9. Lol… reading through the comments and style of writing in multiple posts seem to come from just one person. My guess – the poster who claims this site toxic and bidded it farewell most likely never left. Say goodbye and mean it.

    • Wait! Let me guess. Adios, violinsky, milkytofu, howdycow, allebee? I do see the pattern and repetitive words. You got yourself a stalker, Koala. LOLOLOL 🙂

      • LOL this is hilarious.
        This must be the first time Koala had to call out people changing their usernames to comment.
        Looks like Oh Yeonseo has one dedicated fan.

      • Happy to see Ms Koala’s comment here. Hahaha… same commenter with different names, this person should be banned. I have seen “violinsky” commenting in other site, delulu as usual… how embarrassing to be uncovered… someone who has too much time and too many devices… LOLOLOL…Shame on you Shame on you!!

    • lol this is embarassing.Why does this drama attract trolls like this? I cant relate to being overly passionate about a drama to create multiple account just to insult the blogger just because she is picking flaws in a drama…or attacking other commentators just because they dont have share the same opinion.

      Its amusing to read the reaction this drama elicits from people.Koala sis, you continue running your blog darling.I love your style.I may not see eye to eye with you on everything but I support you.

  10. I feel like this is the new CITT. Seriously the zombie girl is amazing, her character development and her acting skill, she stole every scene she is on.

    • lol what acting skill? You realize she has trouble shedding tear in emotional scenes and her scenes as the villian are pretty subpar and non existant nor threat that its funny lmao.

      • Lol how is that attacking? Lol i just made a statement which is also the general statement from the k public viewers comments. And funny when you are doing the same thing as i am doing. Btw they both played the villian ASN so there is legit comparison. And the viewers seems to thk ASN protrayal by OYS seems better? Quit your butthurt as some will excel and some dont.

      • Umm, where is the evidence that viewers prefer OYS’s performance as ASN?? The butthurt one is u, always commenting under those who praise lee se young. Like u said, some will excel and some don’t, so no need to butt in every comment that praise LSY. Well, low and parhetic loser like u won’t be understanding. So if u’re going to bark again, I’ll just ignore u like some dog shit. Bye!

      • Also fangirl grow tf up as not every1 in the world will agree to your comments especially when your comments are false lmao. People will contest your statements always so stop acting like a kid lmao. From your comments you are probably a kid or something who probably has 0 knowledge of acting lmao. At least i been to acting and drama school unlike you kid with 0 knowledge and keep getting butthurt with 0 valid argument lmao. Take a reality check loser.

      • If you still have any doubt about knetz and viewers prefering OYS ASY you can easily check the comments from episode 15-16 on netizendrama or various korean news portal(naver & nate) so you know i dont talk crap with 0 basis or fact. I am only stating the general viewer consensus and public opinion.

  11. I’m really really bothered my the female lead’s smile. It’s a mixture of smile and pouting, or she can’t show her teeth or something.. wtf is going on??

    I’m rewatching King2Hearts because I needed to see LeeSeungGi with someone who can act.

    But I will watch Hwayugi until the end because of OhGong and the gang of immortals.

  12. I think I stopped watching on episode 8 when I realized that the script was never going to move from the “bracelet being taken off”…anddddd….when the main actress stated she was afraid of losing his love even though she was without it for most of her life….REALLY? Where are we?…1940’s…

  13. I have been a long time reader of this blog for many yeaes and have to say that the blog posts of early years are more insightful and enjoyable, back when Koala still does recaps, reviews and book translations, and readers used to post more constructive and meaningful comments.

    Now the blog posts are more opinionated without much substantiation, which is fine as I respect that Koala can post whatever she wants to. I do also appreciate the occasional updates and news of Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese entertainment.

    Reading this blog is more habitual than anything else.

    Anyway, back to Hwayugi, I have to say it failed to engage me… only watching for LSG who.is consistently good in the drama, and elevated the Oh-gong role.

    OYS’s acting is generally so-so given the failed characterization of Samjang, and I felt that her acting becomes more and more emotionally detached as the drama goes on. I remembered liking the loneliness and sadness, and disappointment in Oh Gong that she portrayed in the first few episodes.

    Not feeling the chemistry in the TOP either.

    • Not writing deeper dives is a function of back to working full time 7 days a week in real life, and also because dramas have failed to capture my interest in recent years so that I bubble up with things to say. Sigh, I miss the good old days too….. 🙁

      • Yes, I can understand.
        It’s just that I remember the good old days of reading and commenting on Lie to Me and TK2H, and it’s great that you reply to comments as well.

        Anyway, real life takes precedence. Hope there will be a really good drama in near future that you can find the time to write more, all the better if it also feature LSG!

      • aahh the old days…
        remembered those days, when we’re so crazy with Lie To Me although the rating was bad but still one of my fav compared with current dramas.
        just like @madqueen said : reading this blog is more habitual than anything else. Koala can post whatever she want.

        oh, I don’t watch Hwayugi (yet) or maybe never will. I’ve been in post “lost interests” syndrome with K-drama.
        Recently I just finished watching C-drama ” A love so beautiful ” soo sweet tho the storyline too cliche but..hey, who can resists with sweet, cheezy high school life

    • Ms Koala – it’s ok. I understand that writing recaps takes a lot of time. I always appreciate your style of writing, your humour and your energy of keeping this blog with at least one article daily. Thank you 🙂

  14. There’s a simple saying, “we can agree to disagree.” This is Ms. Koala’s blog and she’s free to express her opinion, I don’t understand the hate. All of this is subjective and there’s no right or wrong.

    Personally this drama has been a huge let down. I had such high hopes, since LSG and Journey to the West are 2 of my favorites things but sadly the story and OYS’S acting is mediocre at best. I think he should stay away from the Hong Sisters for awhile.

  15. Honestly, I love Ms Koala’s opinionated and witty writing style, she doesn’t hold back her words for petty fans, which is rare amongst K-drama reviewers particularly. She doesn’t pander to the crazy just to get hits and comments. People saying her writing is toxic clearly don’t know the meaning of the word. These people would probably go insane seeing the roasting some shows like GoT receives both from fans and reviewers (more or less rightly earned). Just grow up and get over it.

  16. It’s kind of funny trying to post longg comments here for multiple times got deleted then changing username still deleted tyhe after posting it through computer it works and suddenly my similar comments works?
    This blog and the user is toxic as hell lmao

    • If it’s so toxic then stay away. Why waste your time and energy over something you can’t control? Life’s too short to spend it hating behind a computer screen darling.

      • Why don’t u tell these people spend time hating and insultig someone who did nothing wrong to them? Keyboard warriors?

  17. As Terry TV would say ‘Calm Thy self’ and I say breathe and believe. OYS is in CITT next month so don’t fret she will be gracing your screens again. This blog and Ms Koala is a god send for those of us fortunate to discover her so late into our Asian drama journey and she doesn’t espouse hate on her posts; she generates discussion so if you don’t like what you read then it’s simple just don’t read and leave. Your lucky she takes time to comment on your favourites it shows relevance. Good day everyone ❤️

    • Words
      She will be gracing big screen and appear more and more on your small screen.
      She is gonna butchered all those projects by slaying. You antis will be raging again
      Is this blog full of bored houswives locked at home or what?
      Please look at the mirror before insulting someone

      • You again. Same person with multiple aliases. Give it up, your writing style outs you. There’s ONE OYS fan out there and there’s the rest of us. Why call others bored housewives when its obviously you who own the profession. Sigh. Sp if it tanks at the box office – then what. We are all keyboard warriors whether you like it or not. Just on opposite camps. Koala can say it as it is. Dont police someone elses blog. Make your own if you find it so toxic.

  18. Just don’t bother coming or writing in this blog because you are indirectly contributing with more clicks=more money
    I’d realize that the moment she insulted Go Hye Sun and Han Ji Min with her rude remarks. This blogger will sing high praise only for Yoo Eun Hye and PSH

    • You do know your IP address is viewable right. Nevermind how many accounts you make. Anyway I personally worked on an event where Park Shin Hye was a guest. Put it this way – i won’t ever watch another one of her dramas in my life again. It pains me to see her reverred as a goddess here in this site but my experience, my dislike for her as a person should just be kept to me. I still visit this blog. I just avoid all her articles. So for you who feel so vehemently about OYS – dont read. Its that simple.

      • hmmm… yes yes… what about PSH?? we are legit readers you know… not those who change usernames just to troll 🙂

      • You can’t really assume that they are the same person just because they have the same IP address. But at least you know they are from the same group or from the same internet cafe. ?

      • I thought I was the only one who tought db comments section was more toxic, that’ s why I always prefered ockola’s site.

  19. Ah, why am I always late to the party?

    I dropped Hwayugi because the story doesn’t hold my interest. I keep up reading Koala’s and Dramabeans articles.

    Thanks, Koala!

    • I read both blogs but definitely will not be influenced by their opinions. I missed to many good dramas before because I used to to listen to them. But what they say are purely their own opinions and preference (which they are entitled too) with very liiittle regard on objectivity.

  20. First time commenting on this site. I read comments only occasionally but was surprised to see so many commenters on this post lol.
    I kinda like Hwayugi for LSG, but it kinda seems like a boring version of Goblin. Maybe because they’re both fantasy, both have this “ill-fated connection” between the main love interests, both female characters see ghosts, are the chosen one or whatever. I agree the plot has become more and more empty and OYS’s character is also too bland for me. I’m not sure if it’s her acting though, that one episode where her character was possessed by the witch, I think she did a fine job portraying. Anyway, I’ll probably always see this as an unoriginal version of Goblin (probably because I liked Goblin a lot better :)) and also hope LSG takes on another project soon.

    • I think it’s just a matter of preference. I really don’t get it why people love Goblin. It’s not that I really love Hwayugi but there those love the drama.

  21. I always enjoy this site and koala’s comments as well. Yeah,this drama is imperfect,but so what!!! It’s an interesting concept,we have some good actors -especially LSG and zombie girl who becoming a new favorite of mine-and it was a noble attempt at something other than the standard fare of cop and doctor dramas.So in my PERSONAL opinion it’s a definite “watch”! I guess for me imperfect is still ok?

    • A million likes for your reply?. I am quite open to criticisms of my faves’s drama, acting etc and will not engage in fan wars since it is a waste of time and energy. However, what I object is when the reporting is not fair. Ms Koala should have mentioned in her previous article on Hwayugi that the ratings drop could be partly attributed to the winter Olympic broadcast but she chose to ignore this fact which I find totally annoying?.

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