Hyun Bin Offered Male Lead in K-drama Memories of Alhambra

At this point I’ll believe when he signs on the dotted line, or maybe when he actually starts filming. In the last 6 months Hyun Bin has now been attached to three different K-dramas as the potential leading man. First he was discussed as the leading man along with Jang Dong Gun in sci-fi drama City of Stars. Recently his name was raised as being offered the leading man opposite Park Shin Hye for Fox Bride Star. And now his agency has confirmed that he’s being courted for the male lead in K-drama Memories of Alhambra. The action sci-fi drama is from the screenwriter of W: Two Worlds with the PD of Secret Forest and is about a director of an investment company who travels to Spain and checks into a cheap motel run but the female lead who is formerly a guitar player, and the two get tangled into a strange occurrence. I don’t know if Hyun Bin will accept this drama so until he decides I’ll sit back and enjoy his super good looking look at the airport heading out of Korea this week.


Hyun Bin Offered Male Lead in K-drama Memories of Alhambra — 19 Comments

  1. I find it hard to believe he hasn’t made up his mind about City of Star. It’s been 1 year?! Anyway all of them seem to be action packed except Fox Bride Star.
    Lol I think he should just stick to films if he wants to do action.

  2. I dont know how the drama business in S.korea can churn out so much drama production and continue to produce much quality with exception of the odd one here and again..I would rather watch one good one in six months than have to discover one thats just watchable out of all the bad quality.I often wonder if the viewing publc is even considered when it comes to quality drama in s.korea. A lot of drama but not a lot worth watching these days sadly.

  3. I think he should stick to movies rather than drama.

    He is doing well in films and action genre so hopefully he stays put and continue to thrive in Chungmoro!

  4. Its TVN.Their last sci-fi drama “circle” was good.The writer-PD is solid.If its critical acclaim, he is looking for..then this seems like a good production although it highly depends on the plot.If its just entertainment and high ratings, he is looking for..then the melodrama “fox rain” is the one with the better chance for that.

    Forget the “city of star” one.For starters, he was supposed to sign on with Jang Dong Gun and JDG is already attached to another drama with Park Hyung Sik in k version of “Suits”.Second, the plot would be better suited to a movie than drama.A plot about two male astronauts training and international intelligence agencies and no action.I cant imagine people watching that for 16 hours even with Hyun Bin…if its a summer prime time weekend slot.There are variety shows, music shows, family dramas or good old going out and having fun.Also the bromamce chemistry would have to be really really strong and cinematography on point to keep the audience engaged.

    • Actually I would say its the opposite. Usually meloramas/human dramas are the ones with critical acclaim (like King of Baking and Dr.Romantic) while shiny big budget thrillers are the ones with higher popularity and buzz (like W). HB is likely to choose this one because its almost a guaranteed buzz project. He needs a successful comeback.

      Last I heard, City of Star has been offered to Lee Jehoon and Lee Kyuhyung. Idk why nobody seem to have reported on that. Anyway I don’t think there’s going to have four leads in that astronaut drama so HB and JDG is 99% out already.

  5. Hmm it feels like the second half would be filled with big budget thrillers. There’s Prometheus, City of Star, Vagabond and now this. Is Lee Youngae’s spy drama still in production or canceled? Anyway, all seem to be pretty equal in star power so the script and lady luck would probably decide the winner. Hope the writer will keep the script solid for the whole drama and not let it fizzle out in the second half like W.

  6. Stay in Chungmoro. No need to ruin the momentum. If he’s gonna pick a drama then I’d say he should pick this one. It’s tvn after all, big budget and a genre he hasn’t been in before. And SBS sucks. PSH should stay in Chungmuro too. Of course dramas are her bread and butter but the fox bride sounds like something neither of them should take (unless it truly is different from the other ’healing’ dramas).

  7. I hope he continue to do more movies and stay away from dramaland for now. Lately there hasn’t been anything that’s interesting to watch. I sure miss him much on screen but it’s a no. Waiting for Nagotiation and Rampant…

  8. Binnie looks so handsome in these airport pics. I much prefer he stays in movies… but if he wants to venture back into k-dramaland, this drama seems interesting… Spain yes! wonder who the female lead will be offered to? No idols please… Forget about Fox Bride, rom-com won’t get anywhere. Binnie should stay with action sci-fi 🙂

  9. I remember HB wanting to take on more action roles. He should just do Prometheus w/HJW, their chemistry would be quite explosive! I can’t picture JJH doing action scenes ..

  10. Please continue in movies. It’s very difficult to get stable there in mainstream commercial movies and there are very very few successfully stable actors in their 30s in korean movies.

  11. I want Hyun Bin to film more movies if he wants to play more action roles. Drama can wait but if he really want to come back to dramaland, please pair him with a different actress. Sorry but too tired of crazy retarded Sega shippers. So please no HJWon… I don’t hate HJW or what so ever. She is not the best and the worst but I want new faces. I want to enjoy a project of him with other actress without seeing sick comments from any Sega shippers toward an actress that work with him. No oppa fan girl here. Just want to see him as an actor and his performance on the big and small screen with different actresses.

  12. Interestingly i have never heard of him…though i dont live in south korea. Many korean actors also look very similar to non asians…As he seems popular and i have interest in Korean films i will try and catch him.

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