Oh Dal Soo Removed from tvN Drama My Ahjusshi and Jo Min Ki Finally Admits to Harassment Allegations

The dominoes are falling faster do deservingly, albeit too late and likely not enough justice and solace for the victims. Today actor Oh Dal Soo announced that he was leaving the upcoming tvN drama My Ahjusshi, which has been filming for over a month now and he plays a major supporting role as one of the three leading brother characters. Oh Dal Soo’s first statement on the sexual harassment allegations against him last week was to deny it completely, but now the victim has identified herself as actress Yeom Ji Young who went on air and detailed her harassment from early in her career as a stage actress encountering respected sunbae Oh Dal Soo who lured her back to his motel and tried to sleep but her but she managed to escape. Oh Dal Soo currently has a hit movie in theaters with Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead starring Kim Myung Min, and two more dramas slated for later in 2018.

Accused sexual harasser Jo Min Ki, after a week of denying allegations that he repeatedly harassed female students as a university professor, released a statement today admitting to all the allegations and vowing to pay penance for his actions and take full responsibility. He’s already been removed from drama Children of a Lesser God and likely this marks the end of his acting career as the police is investigation and charges are forthcoming.


Oh Dal Soo Removed from tvN Drama My Ahjusshi and Jo Min Ki Finally Admits to Harassment Allegations — 2 Comments

  1. So glad that justice is served. But too bad for the films/dramas that they now have to scramble to find his replacements, especially with My Ajusshi’s airing in less than a month. Maybe they should call up Kim Hee Won to play Lee Seon-kyun’s older brother.

  2. That’s disgusting and it seems like someone is cleaning all the dirt in film line. Any way Koreas movie industry seems much shady. Very few actresses get good and memorable lead roles and the dominant ones are still the older generation. I don’t know why I always feel that young actors who don’t do slavery to these people are always supressed or bullied by media. I feel like they dont allow them to grow in movie line.

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