New Stills for Movie Cheese in the Trap Showcase Second Leads Visually Nailing Their Roles

I haven’t read Cheese in the Trap webtoon so I can’t say whether the lead characters are less interesting than the second leads the way things played out in the live-action K-drama version that aired in 2016 on tvN. I do have a feeling that the second leads for the upcoming movie version may steal the show, for the drama it was Seo Kang Joon‘s Baek In Ho and for the movie I’m dying over the perfect bitch face that Yoo In Young is projecting as Baek In Ha.

The movie premieres in theaters in two weeks just in time for White Day and I love how it’s trying hard to tie it back to the original webtoon by releasing real person v. illustrated character side-by-side stills. Leads Park Hae Jin is reprising his character while Oh Yeon Seo will recreate the female lead that Kim Go Eun portrayed in the drama. Throw in the underrated Park Ki Woong as the movie Baek In Ho and I think the movie at two hours may be a relatively entertaining watch.

Trailer for Cheese in the Trap:


New Stills for Movie Cheese in the Trap Showcase Second Leads Visually Nailing Their Roles — 38 Comments

  1. They are oooold to play college students, now if you tell me they are working on their PhD’s I might considerate plausible, but otherwise: they way too old to try to sell college students.

    Good actors overall, but not to play this characters….

    • I would say they look too old to play the ages of the characters in the book not that they look too old to play college students because there is a large number of baby boomers going back to school to receive a degree. There really isnt anything as a definite age for a college student anymore.

  2. Yoo In Young is so pretty with long blond hair…
    I wish the movie will give Jung’s justice.. I really like Jung in the webtoon, and I hate that people still bashing Jung in every chapter of the webtoon coz they ship Inho and Seol. Hilariously they (international viewers) think that the webtoon is following the drama where the writer/PD(?) ruined the story by giving more screentime to Inho (SKJ). The webtoon is never about love triangle, but a story about two different people (Jung and Seol) and how they grow so much (as a couple) from each misunderstanding.

  3. I read a part of the webtoon and I didn’t like the male lead and the second female lead. One looks like a sociopath and the second like a psychopath…

    I think for the drama is very bashed by the fans of Park Hae Jin and the fans of the webtoon. But if you take it as its own story, I think the drama was good. I liked the end. KGW and SKJ were great in their role, PHJ was already too old for this role for me and LSK overacted too much.

    For the movie, the poster seems nice but when I watch the pictures of the movie, they all look too old for me.

    • IT was more than PHJ’s fan, The webtoon creator released a press release talking about how they stopped contacting her after episode 6 and started taking control of the story even though they promised her to have an active role in knowing the direction they were taking with her work. Her fans were pissed.

  4. Yoo In Young looks perfect, doesn’t she always? I think she’s going to kill it. And as much as I quite love LSK after weightlifting fairy, she was god awful as Baek In Ha. YIY however looks like imagination coming to life.

    As for PHJ- I’m slightly amused until now that he took this up after all his complaints on how his character was handled in the drama. I wish to have seen someone else take this on. He rubs me the wrong way honestly, like he complained so much about the drama for publicity, then took this up for even more public sympathy. He’s a bit questionable in more ways than one. And I think this comment will cause some fan girls to breathe fire so I’m out lol.

    • This comment is unbelievable seriously they screwed over the webtoon writer and broadcasting stations are forever mistreating actors in the Kdrama industry to almost inhumane conditions. They made him film scenes they had no intentions of showing and he shouldnt be upset? He wanted public sympathy? wow this just really blows my mind.

      • Yes, he should have said how much he loved to not appear in his drama, praise the PD for editing him out and talk about how you’re not actually supposed to understand his character in all those post-drama interviews. That would have been great.

        Let’s not forget, they didn’t even tell him they were re-shooting his scenes with SKJ in his stead and found out by watching the drama on TV just like the rest of us folks. I have no idea why he would complain. The viewers and original creator should have all shut up too, how dare they complain as well. Bunch of attention seekers, all of them!

  5. Cringe, this is really pathetic on park hae-jin part. Its just lame to redo the same drama because you were not featured enough in it and someone else stole your limelight. He should have quietly backed away and done a new project.
    Park Ki Woong is a really good actor. Is PHJ going to hold a grudge against him when he too inevitably steals the limelight? Isn’t the whole thing a case of sour grapes? Oh well best of luck to him. Hope its a success, not many actors get the chance to redo a project.

    • Do you even have evidence that PHJ is holding a grudge against someone or is that a story you are making up in your head?

  6. Park Ki Woong and Yoo In Young will steal the thunder from the leads.They are both way stronger actors than Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo.

    Good on PHJ if this movie succeeds but its gonna be so embarassing if it flops.I am also of the opinion that he should have just let this project go, and focus on promoting his upcoming drama.

      • yes I agree PHJ has a lot of Chinese fans. Is this movie showing in China? just wondering if China shows SK movies in theatres (?THAAD)… pardon my ignorance as I don’t live there…

      • I’m Swiss so I’m ignorant too :p

        But I read that things were getting better between Korea and China since november. But I don’t know if the movie will be show in chinese theatres but maybe chinese tourists will see in korean theatre :p

      • there are a lot less Chinese tourists in SK now…. I travelled to Seoul last year and certainly no big Chinese tour groups in stores anymore. I heard that the Chinese bans organizing tours to SK… Actually good for other tourists coz we have more space to walk around… hee hee…

      • My recall about the movie is that the Chinese fans went ballistic at how the drama went. For those fans and because the writer wanted to, PHJ agreed to do the movie. This all started before THAAD. For them to release it now, they either just want to get it out there or things have eased a bit with China. I have never believed that this movie was primarily for the Korean fans of the drama which doesn’t really make sense.

        Anyway, that’s my recall. I’ve seen several C-dramas that have also been made into movies and I don’t quite get it. They do this with 40 episode dramas and mash it together in a 2 hour movie.

      • “doesn’t make sense” What I meant was because the Korean fans have no doubt moved on.

      • Thanks Kat for explaining the history of why a movie was produced… too bad the political situation has changed & actors have aged. Hope PHJ can reclaim himself, he is a good actor.

  7. I can’t really comment about the movie yet but PHJ did an awful job in the drama. Probably not totally his fault. It was probably because the character was badly written.

  8. I am really excited about this movie coming out. The way the drama production screwed SoonYi over was heart breaking. My best friend is a writer and I could never be able to watch rich people give her false promises and completely ruin her vision. Honestly they had no artistic integrity. I guess that how things work in the business world.

    The beauty of this movie is all about second chances. SoonYi finally gets a true representation of her work and her vision that she was robbed of by the drama.
    PHJ is able to portray the role he was promised. I dont see how that can be seen as pathetic.

    I understand critical analysis but to bash an actor simply because you dont like him is unnecessarily cruel.
    PHJ never spoke a mean word about his fellow actor. He only spoke up for what he felt was his injustice. Even then after the drama finished airing everyone went their own ways and their careers have been doing well.
    He is not hurting anyone by replaying this role. He certainly has the freedom to do whatever makes him happy. It is sad that people can actually find fault with that.

  9. I was a fan of the drama before the PD started crushing on SKJ and reducing the male lead’s screentime. I actually went and read the webtoon after it and I have to say, Oh Yeon Seo is 100% synched with Hong Seol. I want to watch the movie for her. *-*

  10. The webtoon portrays all 4 characters as equality interesting. There should be no issue in who out does who. Simply who is the more relatable character.

    Jung is such a broken child as a result of his own father’s paranoia and insecurities. As a child he is very good a manipulation but that does not make him evil it only makes him very smart and mature for his age. Jung’s biggest issue is his father. Jung’s father’s biggest sin is not having faith in his own son.

    His father made him feel like there is something wrong with him at such a young age that he always wears a mask to hide his real self. which really breaks my heart. The best part of his life is when he finds friendship and bondship with Minho and his sister.

    Minho and his sister are orphans who finally find an opportunity for a new life when the Yoo family takes them in. They realize that the only reason they are there are to be tools. They are not a true part of the family but people to normalize Jung. This realization leads to them to accidentally betraying Jung who takes revenge as he always does to those who wrong him.

    Seol is the oldest daughter of a struggling family who is living under the burdens of her family’s expectations. Her family hardly pays attention to her feelings or her struggles which take a toll on her. To top it all off she meets Jung who finds an interest in her and tries to do everything to get under her skin. In the process he falls in love with her.

  11. if you creep out by park hae jin then the movie and him does the character justice, he supposedly a real creep.

    I watched the drama recently and I am so shocked at how people praise KGE and KSK then based this poster for OYS and YIY,
    KGE was good but then goes bad and bland, KSK is nothing resembling good act, I’ve seen overreact character and KSK is a child play because it just for visual and no depth,

    then not to mention PHJ fans and SKJ, both fans are out of the line, especially considering how awful SKJ act in the drama and the favouritism,

    I wish the drama delivered a good story to shut up this rabid drama fans who know nothing better than KGE is the best actress ever, sigh, KSK is the standard, sigh, PHJ gets so much injustice, sigh and Seo Kang Joon is perfect, puke.

  12. PHJ was desperate to recover his image from butchered TV CITT that’s why he agreed to star in this movie in which I think was a BAD decision and embarrassing at the same time lol. He was the only original actor who reprises his roles which I found it weird just by looking at the teaser.
    Not fond of OYS after watching hwayugi.
    This movie is going to flop imo let just see how people will compare to TV version.

    • Nope. Park Hae Jin’s company and CEO fully funded this movie. Probably funded by him indirectly since he is the agency’s biggest star. Obviously his ego didn’t take the shuffling aside too well hence his own take on how this should all be. The sympathy card after CITT made him a killing on the endorsement front. Lets hope the monies reaped from there produces a movie hit for him so all these recent years of a calculated grudge can finally be over and done with

    • He’s got funding fro Chinese backers. All K starts popular in China have, or had, funding from China for their pet projects. Case in point: Alibaba funded 80% of the budget of The Real, that KHH movie that flopped badly.

      • Unfortunately, no Korean movies or dramas could be shown in China now, not even co-produced ones. Even Chinese movies /dramas with the occasional Korean star in it have to delete relevant scenes.

  13. drama ruin by SKJ. the story was about PHJ char. yet in the drama it all about SKJ char. never watch a drama were the lead get play by the writer pd so bad like PHJ did. the guy become second fiddle. after the writer start sucking SKJ nut.

  14. Seo Kang Joon is so perfect as Baek In Ho which is i don’t think Park Ki Woong will do it justice. SKJ is on fire which is why I’m wondering what make people hate him because of his acting. Maybe Baek In Ho is his breakththrough role?

    But I really do think Yo In Young fits Baek In Ha much more than Lee Sung Kyung

    Baseon on trailer, the directing look less compelling than the original. We will see

    • SKJ went through the mud, got called a male mistress, the worse names ever for doing well in his role and gaining favor of the production team and the broadcasting station. Now quietly he has finished one drama and starting another which is an anticipated webtoon (between us). He is also all over the advertising arena in korea now 2 years after that burn. Definitely a survivor. Im proud of hus accomplishments

  15. So many people in Korea are looking forward to this movie right now since the pd screwed up the drama by putting a bunch of piano scenes of Beak In Ho and took reduced the main lead’s screen time.
    It was plainly obvious to fans of the web toon that they were favoring the second lead. His image took a hit and hasn’t been able to recover while PHJ gained a bunch of Ch$nese projects and endorsements. His agency was so pissed they made a deal with the webtoon creator to make a movie to reclaim his role.
    It was a whole big mess that really affected SKJ and the PD.

  16. I am not bashing ad an actor but only his performance in CITT. He was definitely chewed up. Those young actors performed miles better.

    • I am not bashing PHJ as an actor but commenting solely on his performance in CITT. He did nothing great in that drama.

  17. The leads have amazing visual fit with the webtoon characters, looking forward to this. Hope this adaptation finally does the webtoon, writer and actors justice.
    Kudos to PHJ for being professional throughout the CITT episode, especially after the recent Return saga. He has the right to voice out about behind the scenes shenanigans.
    Though the KSJ fan girls are still desperate to shut him up. Grudges and more conspiracy theories. #staysalty

  18. What a transparent title of a hater
    I think you are secretly the female lead fan
    Pure dedication. Thanks for you hard work

  19. Will watch CITT for PKW so I hope he has more screen time in this then he has for Return. Hope the movie does well too and everyone can move on and live happily ever after.

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