Jang Geun Seok for Vogue Korea and Readies to Play Two Roles for SBS Drama Switch

I recently was reminded that Jang Geun Seok actually acted with IU before, in the very odd K-drama Pretty Boy (Bel Ami), which wasn’t as bad as it sounded but nevertheless goes down as a blip on the radar. I felt like that drama was the epitome and perhaps a self-aware parody of Jang Geun Seok as the ultimate K-drama pretty boy when he was hitting his stride for about 4 years from Hwang Jin Yi through Mary Stayed Out All Night. All pretty boys have to grow into men one day and his was a particularly lackluster growth in front of the screen in recent years, and perhaps his decision do SBS drama Switch (Change the World) is the acting reset moment he needs after taking the first big step with The Royal Gambler. I’m loving this Vogue Korea pictorial that lets him be different and cool while not trying hard to keep him just a pretty face.


Jang Geun Seok for Vogue Korea and Readies to Play Two Roles for SBS Drama Switch — 20 Comments

    • Yes. I don’t understand why he isn’t doing his MS. Does anyone know? Not trying to be critical, just curious.

      • He is doing phd i think. A lot of korean stars able to postpone their enlistment due to studies kinda make other people jealous becuase their biases enlisted much earlier.

    • In the same Vpgue ossie he had a real onteresting interview where he saus he will go to the army after the drama. So the topic is not avoided by him. Just he will keep doing hos work until the tome comes.

  1. More roles like in The Royal Gambler please, Jang Geun SUk. Don’t waste your talent in fluff anymore. Once in awhile to maintain your popularity and mix it with serious roles It’s okay, but to pick fluff project for so many years of someone talent like him is waste IMO

    Kim SOo Hyun is also a talent man, become someone who only sell his pretty face and popularity with soulless performances after his dream high popularity.

    • I don’t think Moon embracing the sun, my love from the star, and the producers are fluff. JGS definitely has more fluff than most actors his age… I hope Switch won’t be, but its teaser does not look too interesting to me…

      • @candycane : well, let’s agree to disagree… the performances what’s I’m talking about.

      • It’s actually quite low of you comparing with someone who is serving in the military & cannot pick up new acting projects… Why?

    • @candycane: Why it’s quite low? I don’t understand the logic between serving military army and critic his acting choice being quite low… He has doing this for 6 years. He has alot of chance

    • I dont know why my comment didnt go through..if it doesnt.I said I disagree.If we are going to talk about Kim Soo Hyun.I am not even his fan but I have watched many of his works.But he is not the type who has relied on his popularity or looks to get ahead.I mean the very “moon embracing the sun” was hard carried by him when the child actors finished their part.Secretly Greatly was not a souless performance and he did well alternating between neighbourhood bum and North Korean Agent.You who came from the Stars was more about Jun Ji Hyun than Kim Soo Hyun and in my opinion he held his own, he did what was required of the script.Producers was experimental project and almost all the characters were poorly written except IU who shined.Even Gong Hyo Jin, and Cha Tae Hyun didnt shine like usual.I dont need to talk about Real because we all know why it flopped.

      On the other hand, it was true for Jang Geun Suk from all the projects since You are Beautiful up until Pretty Man.It seems he has finally got the message because even for this drama, according to the interview..he told the director to “eliminate any trace of Jang Geun Suk and he wants to be seen as a trustworthy actor”.

  2. Haha imagine saying KSH selling his pretty face with soulless performance after Dream High. I thought I read wrongly and so read over many times. Actually, should not even reply to you because that will put me on the same level of mentality as you but to ignore you will only encourage you to compare your Oppa with KSH again. Please dont do that. Your pretty face with soulless performance KSH got the most Daesang awards (by Experts in the entertainment industry) compared to others at his age. Just bring out your Oppa’s other achievements to justify his not so successful dramas but dont compare him with KSH or other actors.

    • I wish people stop talking about PS when even the koreans don’t say such things.
      Above someone mentioned he is 30 – yes, that’s called growing up.

      • Why would the Koreans criticize their own PS industry? It is their big money-making business. You cannot really stop people noticing how unnatural he is looking… just saying…

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