Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon Admit Dating Relationship After Dispatch Releases Pictures

Congrats to the biggest K-ent dating couple of 2018 so far, and I can’t believe I’ve watched K-dramas for so long that I watched Park Shin Hye go from a child actress to being the older half of a celebrity relationship lol. In the span of two hours, Park Shin Hye and K-actor Choi Tae Joon went from denying a resurrected dating rumors to admitting it via their respective agencies after Dispatch published many photos of them on various dates. They’re only a year apart with Park Shin Hye being a ’90er and Choi Tae Joon born in ’91 so there isn’t really an age difference to think of other than it’s adorable to think that perpetually a young girl to me Park Shin Hye is now a noona to her honey dongsaeng. I’m happy the couple went public because dating rumors have dogged them since being spotted at the airport in Australia last year together, and if admitting it now is due to the relationship being serious then even better.


Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon Admit Dating Relationship After Dispatch Releases Pictures — 115 Comments

  1. Well I guess she and jong suck really dated before btw hyo joo and jong suk shippers must be happy. Congrats the make a cute couple

  2. Dispatch did the same then with PSH and LJS but they deny…

    I guess this time PSH and CTJ is for real!

    Congrats to the couple and hopefully they can date in peace.

    • So looks is she is going to marry CTJ?

      She mentioned before that she will never confirm to dating unless she is going to marry the guy.

      • Lol she was like 21 (?) when she made that comment. Things don’t go in life like the way you want lol

      • @prettyautumn..kimster is not wrong.She also said the same thing not too long ago.That she was going to announce marriage news rather than dating news.

        Anyways, congrats to the new couple.May all the toxic ships sink to the ocean floor.This girl has been through so much.Her acting career was being overshadowed by this excessive shipping with this guy and that guy.Now people can focus on her acting and acting only.

      • @pretty autumn I didn’t know she made the same comment when she was so young. But she did say the same thing in a recent interview. Perhaps now that she has met Mr Right she has changed her mind especially she is already 29 (korean age).

      • IN this case she has to confirm because Dispatch released the pictures and CTJ’s agency confirmed it.

      • @RubyRed – I hope you’re right about the focus on her acting instead of shipping costars.

    • I think she woukd have kept denying it this time too if it hadn’t been for his agency folding and confirming they were dating. I doubt that part was by choice.

  3. she’s been in quite a few dating rumours, but none confirmed right? i’ve always wondered if she really dated jang keun suk, jong yonghwa and lee jong suk.

    there’s this blind item rumour that i read that LJS really wanted to go public with PSH but some other couple got outed and he got pissed cos of the timing or something.

      • I read somewhere long ago that she may have had something with JYH… but that’s more like puppy love, they’re so young. I can’t find it anymore though–it was on a forum. I have a feeling LJS was a real thing, with Dispatch catching them and all. This, in spite of a denial. (Clearly, the agencies are capable of denials 😉 ) But I also have a feeling that sometime during W and Doctors, they fell apart.

        Anyway, very happy she found love. Interested to know what her longtime friend Hongki thinks of this new development. He’s always teasing her about her lovelife or lack thereof! 🙂

    • All those other rumors with Jang Guen Suk and JungYounghwa were all shippers delulu. The most plausible rumor was with LJS since there are pictures of her going into his car and whatnot but both sides stated that they’re ’just friends’. I suspect they had a ’some’ relationship going on but then they didn’t see any future. I think PSH’s side would have continued denying but either dispatch had more ’incriminating’ pictures or CTJ’s agency was like ’’well fuck it, lets just admit since DP keeps pestering us”

    • idk about the others (maybe jyh) but i definitely feel she and LJS had a thing in the past but were very careful when they were outside in public together which is probably why Dispatch could never get any pics of them that were compromising enough to force them to admit a relationship beyond close friends/costars.

    • Because Dispatch put out the LJS-PSH pics in early July 2015 but I think KWB/SMA pics came out around the same time or just a little later and they confirmed right away.

  4. Was waiting for her project news when looking her her Paris photos and videos …then this! BAM! Congratulations are in order since they both confirmed. It will be a riot of questions when she gets back. Shinhye managed to go abroad without any notice but I would think she won’t be able to do that this time. Hopefully they would be left in peace to date like normal couples do. Maybe it had gotten serious for her to admit? PSH sure beats to her own drummer in her choice….follow your heart! But announce your next project please! Lol

  5. Congrats, Shinhye-ah..

    Made me wonder, who was it that introduced the two? Was it Lee Jonghyun who is a bestfriend to both of them? *smile*

    • They went to the same university and also have mutual friends. think last year it was reported PSH CTJ and few other friends went camping together

      • oh, thank you.
        And I just found out that they were doing cameo together on King of Dramas back in 2012.

    • Haha so cute! I went to watch their cameo but it was so short. Now I want them to star in Elegant Revenge for real but that probably won’t ever happen 🙁

      • That’s the sad thing about relationship confirmations in k-ent, it’s basically understood the two actors never work together in the future.

  6. Glad PSH and CTJ admitted their relationship and I hope they are happy because this is just fab as the bestest news. ❤️

  7. Dispatch just being Dispatch again. How dare a celeb try to protect some part of their privacy, right! *sigh* Anyway congrats to them both, hope it’s a healthy relationship.

  8. If Huayi Brothers didn’t confirm the relationship, I doubt Salt would have. They actually denied it at first. Which I can understand why; PSH doesn’t need the extra comments Knetz always offer on her articles.

    Still, happy to know that such a gorgeous couple exist. They have many mutual friends and similar interests.

    • Actually, I have the same thoughts too. But it could also mean that she’s serious and fans just need to wait for the weeding bell.

      Anyway, they’ve been friends since forever; being child actors and went to same uni. Plus they tons of same friends, so.. This could really be something

    • This is probably the truth or closest to it – she’s mentioned that she’s dated before, way back c. Pinocchio.

      And she denied all previous dating rumours even with this guy and even with LJS when Dispatch had the pics, but in the latter case both agencies had a uniform denial, she would have kept denying it this time too if it wasn’t for his agency.

    • I find it hard to believe that they hasn’t talked about it before. As a close friend, I think Choi Taejoon would have known that Shinhye doesn’t want to go public. So I choose to believe that they both agreed on doing so. There was also only one article of SALT denying the rumors. The rest all said that SALT was going to check with Shinhye who was in Paris at that time. At least thats what I choose to believe, lol. It would suck if they didn’t consult Shinhye.

  9. Congrats to shin hye and choi tae joon.There is no way inside people of the industry don’t know who is dating who. Dispatch also knows about it long before about every relationship. it makes deal with the agencies and keeps quite. They always know about it but don’t announce it cause it will be hectic or may be family issues or they are not serious at all and are just having fun. Its none of our business actually but we are always curious. And hope shippers will shut up.

  10. ! Congratulations and I am happy for you Shin Hye , if this is what you want to share with us!
    Now, she might be able to work with anyone in the industry, without being harassed by the crazy oppas’ fans!
    You are a warrior. Fighting . Be happy. God bless always . Unconditionally by your side , supporting you!

  11. can see 2 ship sinking at the same time. LMH LJS shipper are sinking fast. glad PSH didnt date old Ahjussi. she match him well. she pretty he good looking. just imagain how their kid will look like. if they get married.

  12. Hahahaha shippers are dying lol. I hope that non-chemistry having MinShin sinks deep to the delulu ocean 🙂
    But I bet MinShiners will start their crying and bash PSH or CTJ from now on.
    Anyways, congrats to the couple, I guess

      • Hey, you must be the dumb delulu MinShin shipper fan and Lee Min Hoo fan SJELFBTS from Netzen Buzz fighting with Suzy and Park Shin Hye fans. I saw your comments. You are funny, but very delulu. Time to wakeup from your day dreams 😛

  13. Wow, didn’t see that coming. PSH denied all her previous dating rumours, so it’s the first time she went public, right? I wonder how much it will affect their careers.

  14. congrats to the happy couple.i guess dispatch didnt give her the chance to denie this time around by bringing out picture evidence, SO mean of dispatch.

    i watched him in all about my mom and he seem a nice Guy also handsome to boot.park shin hye did herself good by dating a low key celeb like Him,hopefully People leave them alone To date and nurture their love

      • They were rumour before that he dated seolhyun back then when they’re in a drama together

      • Seolhyun and Jeong Yumi are the common rumors.

        Lol I can’t believe him and Zico dated the same girl. Maybe to celebrities, it’s not a big deal for best friends to date the same woman.

    • Hahahah as if you’ll ever be even near the league of the girls Choi Tae Joon has dated and is dating 🙂
      Oh, even when I’m not a fan of either of these two, I can tell how butthurt you sound.

    • Wait.. U stop being a fan just because his taste in girls sucks according to u??

      And here I thought ppl become a fan coz they like the actors/actresses works or personality?

  15. I love how these pictures are the most uneventful dating pictures ever. No holding hands, hugs, or anything. They’re at least a couple feet apart in every picture. I’m happy for her though and if she’s confirming it then they are serious. She’s repeatedly said in interviews that she wouldn’t confirm a dating rumor unless she was getting married. Good for her.

    • dispatch dont really post pic hugging or kissing of couple unless u deny it,if they have pic like that u cant basically deny it the 2nd time, just like what happened with uee

      • I wonder if this means they didn’t have such photos of Lee Jongsuk and her? I remembered they were so pissed when she denied, that they resorted to the point of comparing her hugging Jongsuk to Hongki lol.

      • Oooh okay this means that since PSH and LJS denied after DP threatened, it got revealed that DP was bluffing since there were no hugging/kissing pictures of them. DP then resorted to saying how PSH is open with her other male friends but secretive with LJS. So.. this means that DP must have had some more ’detailed’ pictures of them so that’s why they admitted. I’m loving the gossip. By the way, Jongjoo shippers are all over the moon right now. I’m just hoping they don’t start bashing Han Hyo Joo when she decides to date or settle down with someone else..

      • @prettyautumn – I think there weren’t any compromising pictures here either, as per what people are saying above, her agency denied it at first, and then his agency confirmed, which basically meant she was forced to admit it too. If there really were pics of them hugging etc, we would have seen them like we have in some other cases where it was denied at first.

        I do think kfan culture around dating is really unhealthy though. It’s actually none of a fan’s business who their fave dates or how much.

    • I would agree with you haha. My male friends and I who are totally platonic are more touchy-touchy haha. They’re a cute couple!

  16. Most of her fans are supportive, true ones at least….from reading English comments. All those shippers just have very active imaginations just as I commented before, it makes for fun reading. If they bash Shinhye, their lost …. if this is serious as we see from pictures, he is even wearing the uniform of her parent’s restaurant and seems to be helping? We are seeing a milestone for us fans! Fully support her projects and if ever she has a fan meeting in the US, will still attend ?

  17. wow Congrats girl.. but well i know he is cute but she could have done better.. she is a household name couldn’t she have found like a successful guy not in the industry.. anyway i wish her eternal happiness..

  18. Beautiful couple . PSH has good taste. With that said, why revealing this couple now ? are they trying to distract netizens from # me too ? Just saying as PSH is very popular .

    • I doubt that it’s possible to do that, if anything the contrast between consensual dating and the sexual harassment and abuse that led to #metoo is only made even sharper.

    • That said, serial rapist Jo Min Ki is now dead by his own hand, after leaving a pathetic letter full of excuses like “he was trying to make his students relax” and claiming he’ll face the legal consequences of his actions which is an obvious lie if he killed himself.

      On one hand I’m glad that

    • (contd) such a piece of garbage no longer wastes oxygen but I’m really angry his victims will never see him punished for what he did. He was just cowardly trash to the very end.

  19. LOng time fans if PSH. know CHoi Tae Joon from.way back because they mention each othe a few times. Kang Sora was actually introduced to SH by CTJ and they were chummy classmates back in Univeraity. Seeing the pucture, CTJ seems a gentleman and Im happy if SH is cared for. The heck with status or what not. She needs a man whi can be aupportive of her. Be happy both of you

  20. so many jelly fan. who give a rat ass if PSH date a guy that dont have so many crazy fangirl. this is better for her as she dont get witchhunt by those crazy fan. you know how butthurt they are when their oppa date someone. PMY see first hand how crazy LHM fan can be. when their oppa date her.

  21. Would love PSH to be with JKS, they compliments each other personalities. But her happiness is the most important thing here. PSH and CTJ look good together.

    • Have they even interacted recently?
      I think they drifted apart years ago. PSH is only close with LHG now out of all the YAB cast.

  22. I just hope she’s happy with the man she chose. Will always love and support her. Please comeback to the dramaland Shin Hye!

  23. JKS and PSH wow that would be the ultimate dream couple….If ever two were made for each other they are..I am sure they will find a way back to each other when the time is right ??

  24. for those wishing PSH with JKS…. seriously? PSH is not the type of girl who confirms a relationship & then easily changes her mind, she must have thought it out very carefully before announcing. And for JKS, has he ever seriously dated a girl… not meaning to spread rumour, but will this guy ever settle down with a woman?

  25. Surprising and exciting news and I’m very happy for TaeShin couple. Congratulation my queen wish you both best luck and lots of love. Stay strong and fighting.

  26. I personally find Choi Taejoon the most eligible guy Shinhye has ever been linked with. Maybe my taste is different from norm but I don’t find Jang Keunsuk, Lee Minho or Lee Jongsuk attractive. Yonghwa… uhm… this guy is handsome but his way of conduct is questionable with how he tried to manipulate stocks and evade his military service.
    But apparently some people only care about “status” and “popularity” lol. As if Shinhye need more anti-fans. Anyway, CTJ is handsome and apparently his acting is quite good so it’s only a matter of time before he gets popular.

    • i agree with you… i never find LMH and LJS attractive… JKS is eccentric, and i don’t think he likes girls imho…

      • JKS’s entire career after You’re Beautiful has been such a disappointment, meanwhile PSH has been killing it in dramas for the last five years since her stuff always gets good ratings.

    • I don’t find any of those guys attractive either but I thought she and LJS had great chemistry in Pinocchio.

  27. I feel a little bad for her getting forced into a reveal when she was previously so adamant about never making her relationships public. But I hope she’s happy.

    • Nah, this reveal is good for her in the long term.If she has delisional shipper fans who want to ship her with this actor and that actor can hold their horses now or better still leave her and go and bother other single celebrities.They were whining about her working with Kim Rae Won and Hyun Bin for the same reason.Now that she is in a public relationship, whether she works with the veteran actors or the hallyu oppas wont matter anymore.

      As I said earlier, people will now focus on her acting not on who to ship her with next.The girl is almost 30.Some of her fans needed this kind of rude awakening.Ot will help filter out the rational fans from the crazy, delusional obsessive ones.

      • @RubyRed – I hope you’re right and this doesn’t turn into a case of people leaving snide comments on her Naver articles about her dating for years afterwards. I mean, people were doing it with Song Hye Kyo who had a grand total of two public relationships in a 20 year careeer before

      • …contd) before she announced she was marrying Song Joong Ki.

        She’s popular enough and has the drama ratings to back it up so I don’t think her work will be affecred or that she’ll lose endorsements, but it’s going to be really annoying if Korean articles do what they usually do with dating couples and

      • ..tag every article about one person with the other’s name.

        But with some celebs it really doesn’t make any difference, IU got bitchy comments for months after she was revealed to be dating but come 2017 and she’s still hugely popular in Korea and winning awards left and right. It’ll probably be the same for PSH.

        (Sorry about the multiple comments my browser is doing something weird, it cuts them off)

      • (Contd) keep mentioning them in each other’s articles even after they break up.

        Sorry about the multiple comments btw, my browser is acting weird.

    • Yeah I agree.
      The shippers are so bloody annoying. They are part of the reason why Shinhye has a reputation of “getting around”, because they are so loud and attract attention to her relationship with her close guy friends. They also bring so much negative light to her name.

      • @Mia – ‘getting around’?! She’s 28 years old, do people think every female actor in that age group should be celibate until marriage?

  28. Congratulations park shinhye! I know you dont want your private life being public consumption but coz of dispatch really want to catch you goung out with boyfriend they make so many evidence. After that ur bf agency confirm, eventho at first place u deny. There’s nothing can you do. It will be hard when the dating being public consumption but i know u can handle it well. Lets dating, let you know and experience about love life, dating life and knowing and being friend with many men before u settle down. I hope at the end of day you will found out the best men. But please now you go back to drama and movie projects. Too long you take break honey!!!

  29. Their age gap is surprising considering many 10++ years of difference these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with big age gaps, but yeah. Congrats PSH.

  30. Congratulation again TaeShin couple anyways I wonder why CTJ or his agencies have to be the one confirmed the dating. Did Choi Tae Joon really need that attention or is he really deeply in love and he can’t denied it anylonger. I’m mean women always come first so much queen should be the one confirm it first. Say saying ?

    • that rarely happens in k-entertainment though…its usually the guy’s side who confirm first and they are the ones who engage more with the media when they need to talk about the relationship.See Rain, Song Joong Ki, Lee Dong Wook etc for example..and No Choi Tae Joon doesnt need Park Shin Hye for popularity boost..He was getting acting and variety gigs(Example; Hello Counselor, he is a permanent host and its a fairly popular program in Korea so people know him) on the regular even without PSH in the picture.Just because he is not a hallyu star doesnt mean he is capitalising on Park Shin Hye’s popularity.

      They were long-time aquaintances that fell in love.Her shipper fans need to get over it and stop being salty, (am not including you) and trying to find fault with CTJ where there is none.Even if she broke up with CTJ chances of her dating their fantasy ideal man is very low.

  31. What I mean is my queen Shin Hye should be the one confirm the dating rumors first not Choi Tae Joon. Why CTJ or his agencies have to be the one confirmed it first seriously do they really need that attention or is CTJ really madly and deeply in love with Shin Hye and he can’t denied it anymore. Just curious

    • If I were him, I will be frustrated too if I constantly see another man’s name linked to my girl. But then again he was on WGM lol, so PSH should be jealous as well.

      • I can’t believe We Got Married still exists -_-
        It’s kind of ridiculous how many celebrities got into dating rumors during their time on the show; or shortly after that… but you still have people hardcore shipping the couples on the show!

    • It’s better for the man to say that thing it’s only mean he is really in love with Park Shin Hye . I salute him for being bold her love for my idol.

  32. Went to watch some of CTJ’s dramas after knowing my fave is dating him. So serious question here. Why is Choi Taejoon still in second leading roles when people like Nam Joohyuk is getting lead roles left and right?!

    • Just like a true fan….I checked out his drama as well ☺️ I’ve seen that cameo of both in King of Dramas before this news. It really seems like they were great friends and isn’t friendship a good start to a relationship?
      I need to still watch his other work to see how his acting is but if PSH is happy , I’m glad for her. Keep marching to the beat of your own drum Shinhye, that’s why we love you!

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