Lee Sun Bin in Talks for Leading Lady of Sketch Opposite Rain and Lee Dong Gun

Right now I would have trouble picking Lee Sun Bin out of a time up of tall, thin, sleek-faced Korean actresses and idols because I haven’t watched her act other than in dramas I checked out early on. She looks like a mashed up hybrid of Song Hye Kyo, Han Sun Hwa, and Park Han Byul and has done a handful of K-dramas in supporting roles in Missing Nine and Criminal Minds. K-ent is reporting that Lee Sun Bin has been offered the female lead role opposite Rain and Lee Dong Gun for thriller drama Sketch, making this a huge leap to high profile leading lady role. I was hoping Sketch could pick a more established actress for female lead as befitting the reunion of Rain and Lee Dong Gun, but alas the new actress train continues to churn along.


Lee Sun Bin in Talks for Leading Lady of Sketch Opposite Rain and Lee Dong Gun — 28 Comments

  1. She was good in past projects. In Police Unit 38, she was great (so better than Choi Soo Young). I’m happy for her to have her first lead.

  2. Its not a giant leap.She deserves to be first lead.She has earned her way up.If we are going to talk about rising actresses and putting them in thriller dramas, she fits just fine.She is pretty.She has onscreen presence, she can act and most importantly, she has experience working in the genre.I would rather her than Hyeri,Krystal or Yoona in this. I dare say between Rain and her, there isnt that much of a difference in acting skill.

  3. She’s one package artist. She can play instrument and sing, which is a very idol material. She’s pretty and act well, which is a very actress material. She’s thin and tall… She’s a model. In k-ent status, she’s probably still green and dont really that x factor but she’s 100% better than some idols turn actors. Except for full house, rain has no ‘hit’ projects under his belt. Im more surprised seeing lee donggun got offered as 2nd lead. Another antagonist? Not bad. Some actors brought home daesang and awards, thanks to their antagonist characters. Good luck!

  4. They did go for a mature actress at first (Hwang Jung-eum), but she rejected it. Even Rain rejected it at first, but somehow they managed to convince him to accept it again (hopefully this doesn’t mean that the plot is bad lol). Anyway, I’m happy that a rising actress like Lee Sun-bin is given opportunities. She looks way more mature than her age anyway.

  5. Nothing spectacular about her acting but she’s quite good for a rookie. SHE IS GORGEOUS, she looks like irene from red velvet

  6. Good on her! She has worked steadily these past few years in supporting roles so the step up to lead is well deserved. I thought they were going to cast a older actress too like Moon Chae Won or Yoo In Na?

  7. I have nothing against this actress. Haven’t seen any of her shows. I wonder if this practice of large age gap actors (40 something with 20s) is kindle to the power imbalance that is behind the #metoo# movement? Don’t the men get their first power trip thru these encounters?

    • you have a point. But a pervert is a pervert.It wouldnt make a difference if the actress/actor was older for those kinds of men/women.There are plenty of senior actors and directors who have worked with actors/actresses of all ages but they didnt let their ego overcome them and go on power trips.So the solution to that problem is not minimising the age gap but rooting all the perverts out of the industry and holding them accountable for their actions if found guilty.

    • wow, how can the conclusion of this article goes to
      “this is the 1st chance of the male lead to experience the lust of power imbalance”

      The power imbalance is when a threat happens, in this practice, she is willingly working with them, that’s her choice, why treat this like women have no choice and only can be a victim, sigh

      • Domestic violence also occurs between partners. Power imbalance is the set up between unequals, in usual settings. There is always that but it doesn’t mean u can sexually harass or be violent over the other. Why do we have those outed in #metoo# Korea of a certain generation? They also found some ‘home’ in universities where young aspiring students look up to these seasoned professionals. A generation is now defined as 16 years(US Census). 37 vs 24 is 3 years short of a generation.

      • @merry il just say the likely reason that the victims are brave to out the older actors and nugu celebs for #metoo than the IT hallyu oppars and unnies actors or the younger celebs(i.e idols, models etc) is because of the backlash and the significantly higher consequences they would face for doing so.These older guys dont have vicious fangirls who would hunt down the victims like the younger ones do.They dont have CEOs who would go out of the way for them, by shutting the victims’ mouth with money or threaten them using mobsters.

    • Because she was offered a lead role after only doing supporting roles, I imagine she jumped at the chance. Don’t even know if there’s gonna be much romance as it’s a thriller.

    • Why are Rain (35) & LDG (37) called “old man”? LSB is 24, not really that young… she is at her prime acting age! Why drop the drama when she is offered the lead position? This is a Thriller! Not a rom-com dude ?

      • Ya, I agree. Rain and LDG are not old. They are also in their prime time. and anyone in her position will accept the role, esp it moves her as a lead actress. I mean why not?!

      • These actors won’t be playing as themselves in the drama anyway. I fon’t understand why age would be an issue.

  8. She’s known for choosing eclectic roles in thrillers and is a damned good actress. I have every faith in her that she can pull it off and do it nicely. I loved her performances in Police Unit 38 and Missing 9. This is a logical progression.

  9. She’s a good actress and it’s high time people like her, who actually show talent, started getting chances at lead roles.

    I don’t get how you can okay Suzy etc getting lead roles with ‘she’s growing as an actress’ after turning in repeatedly awful to mediocre performances, while for this girl it’s ‘alas, new actress’. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this blog putting down proven talented actresses who are first-time leads either, I mean you basically say ‘meh’ to even girls like Kim Ji Won and Chae Soo Bin at first, why?

  10. I’ve seen her in Police Unit 38, she’s quite good fora Rookie. Maybe the PD and the Director saw something in her that has potential? I hope she does well, it’d be good to have more variety of younger actresses in lead roles on screen.

  11. 2 old man fighting for a young woman. drama will flop for sure. rain drama tank in rating if not for SHK he would not have a hit drama.

  12. It’s billed as an action romance genre. So yes sound very love triangle trysty to me and with 2 handsome actors (HAPPILY Married) leading and a very beautiful talented actress LSB It actually sounds promising. Hope LSB accepts though! Her movie ‘Outbreak’ with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun is being released this year and they’re not exactly spring chickens themselves. Gosh what is it with age discrimination amongst actors in Korea!

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