Liu Shi Shi Turns 30 Years Old and Lands Gorgeous Pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes

 A double congrats to C-actress Liu Shi Shi on turning 30 years old this March 10th, 2018 and landing a gorgeous striking pictorial and cover for L’Officiel Hommes magazine. Her freshness belies the nearly fifteen years she’s been in the acting industry, and I’ve been following her career just as long. Before 30 years old she’s already played iconic period drama leading ladies to major career success and found her forever ever marrying former Bu Bu Jing Xin costar Nicky Wu in 2015. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in her thirties, and if there is a baby Wu forthcoming then I’m sure she’ll juggle personal and professional with the same aplomb.


Liu Shi Shi Turns 30 Years Old and Lands Gorgeous Pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes — 12 Comments

  1. I think she looks ordinary. Not gorgeous or exceptionally beautiful.
    Anyway what is important is to be talented. Looks are not everything.

  2. Well beauty was never Shi Shi’s selling point. Different celebrity has different traits that attract the audience. ZLY is a good actor, AB is known for her face, and LSS for being down to earth and elegant. I don’t think it was necessary for you to critique her look as it wasn’t even mention in this article.

    • Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. I never say she is ugly. I only think she is ordinary looking. And I also acknowledged her acting skills. So there’s nothing to be sensitive about my comments. Koala is entitled to think that LSS is gorgeous and that’s fine. I just happen to think otherwise.

  3. I think she looks beautiful, especially in ancient drama. She really is not flashy and very low key, I like that about her. Happy birthday to her! She looks great!

  4. LSS ia s one very beautiful girl she is talented añd humble one of her best attribute can’t wait for her to achieve more

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