Lee Dong Wook Relaxes for the Cover and Pages of Elle Taiwan March 2018 Edition

It’s hilarious what a few days late posting something can totally change the context. Lee Dong Wook is in the March 2018 edition of Elle Taiwan released a few days ago, and I had the pictures pending a post write up when suddenly all K-ent hell broke loose (in a good way) with news that he was dating immensely popular actress-singer Suzy. Suddenly he’s not just the Grim Reaper on his second career resurgence, he’s also now the guy dating Suzy. Neither one overshadows the other and is more of a fact that he’s now part of a high profile K-ent celeb couple. These pictures in Elle Taiwan are on the quirky side which seems to fit Lee Dong Wook like a love, how his Grim Reaper could be solemn and supremely weird at the same time.


Lee Dong Wook Relaxes for the Cover and Pages of Elle Taiwan March 2018 Edition — 19 Comments

  1. Your favorite girl Suzy end up dating one of the most playboy in Korean industry. Just 2 dates willing to confirm telling how fast he can go from one woman to another, opps from one young grass to another green grass.37 years old with speedy Gonzalez adrenaline rush.

      • LOL true. I can’t believe how petty and immature some people can be. Most tweets from Minoz I’ve seen on twitter are just vile and basically crosses the line :/ I can understand that they may feel disappointed because they shipped them before or whatever, but calling Suzy a cheater, player, slut, easy, cheap, and every degrading words they have in their vocab just because she has moved on AFTER their break-up is ignorant and irrational. For all we know, the split could be months earlier- published news are not always 100% accurate. But even so, if they broke up last november, or december, or january: it is still not cheating. What’s worse is they attack suzy on her instagram as well, leaving slut-shaming comments. Now it seems to me they are just bitter that Suzy has moved on first, and to a more beautiful and lovable man at that.

        The way they reacted to Shin Hye’s dating news too. Well, good luck to LMH’s next GF! ?

        (I’m sorry for being out of topic, Koala! Just need to rant it out since his fans also found their way here)

      • @lovelieson I know right.The hypocrisy being their oppa has never not even once talked about Suzy in public.It was always his agency or rep when it comes to his side of the relationship.Suzy was the one who had a whole session to talk about him.If LMH was the one who ended the relationship, then why should suzy be sitting around when a guy like Lee Dong Wook is interested in her?Why are they so mad?I thought they were wanting Lee Min Ho to become single again..so why are they obsessed with who or when Suzy is dating?

        Lmao at calling Lee Dong Wook a playboy?..I cant even!no words about this

    • @moira seriously grow up.If you are doing this because of LMH.You are wasting your time.The guy doesnt know you, he will never love you and you are tainting his name when you do things like this.Go focus your energy on your real-life boyfriend or husband.If you dont have one..get one instead of hating people who have done nothing wrong to you.

  2. age gap makes me feel uncomfortable. I wonder who made the first move I bet it was LDW who would benefit more from this relationship.They are not gonna last though.

    • Why would LDW benefit more from this relationship? He is popular in SK. Girls always like the guy to make the first move, don’t you? It is not good for Suzy’s image to break up with another guy after admitting publicly, I hope they will last.

    • @amy, who cares, when this will be just one among the long list of Suzy’s goals to date any hot celebrity guy in Korea, as mediaplay or publicity stunt as usual. what kind of girl would easily jump off from one man to another that fast anyway, unless the former is fake news, and the next one is another fake news lmao. This is the first time Ive heard of a Korean actress who does that, all the other actresses even the Big Hallyu actresses were discreet in their dating history, while this girl Suzy make it her relationship goal to be loud like in a marketplace. She should have a new title, from Nation’s First Love, to Nation’s First Slut machine or was that spelled “slot”, whatever, they will mean the same for her lol.

      • Not saying anyone is a slut here but I don’t understand the double standards for Suzy and Song Hyekyo. There was a 5 year gap between her relationship with Lee Byunghun and Hyun Bin, but people said she was “getting around” and called her a slut. Meanwhile Suzy here jumped from Lee Minho to Lee Dongwook in less than 6 months, and people praised her for “upgrading”. Am I missing something here? Is Suzy more popular than Song Hyekyo back then?

      • @Spiel – I guess we are talking about different groups of fans and different age groups. SHK is before my time, so maybe her fans or Lee Santa’s fans were more conservative? Suzy should move on… girls don’t wait 5 years to date again nowadays… lol…

      • @spiel on, Song Hye Kyo was NEVER a slut.Suzy is NOT a slut.Park Shin Hye and IU are NOT foxes.Why do women insist on judging and pulling each other down?This is one of the reasons why our other fellow species dont take us seriously.

        Anyway to answer your question.There are no double standards.The two you mention were/are being slutshamed but for different reasons and by different groups.Knets and SeGa shippers are the ones who dragged SHK the most.On the other hand, Suzy is being dragged the most by Inets.SHK was being dragged because they said “she lacked professionalism” for dating her costars.As if dating is one way street.LBH and HB were her co stars in drama.She even got married to one of her costars(SJK).On the other hand, Suzy is being dragged because they are saying “she moved on too fast” and she is parading her relationship.As if she was the one who announced and confirmed the relationship first.Tsk Tsk.

        I call bullshit on all this nonsense.I think the hate is stimulated by jealousy.These are all pretty and popular women.Therefore they attract many men within their circle who also happen to be attractive and popular.These basement women are salty because they can only dream and fantasise about theseman but in reality..its these girls who get to date them.

  3. Has he dropped weight too? He’s always had great bone structure, but here he seems really angular. Could just be my biased opinion, though. I thought he looked best in Bubblegum personally.

  4. @RubyRed, no sane woman in this world jealous at men who is obvious paedophile. They just hate looking woman fantalising this type of men.

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