Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan’s Epic Fantasy Romance C-drama Legend of Fuyao Premieres June 18th

The arrival of a big budget C-drama like Legend of Fuyao next Monday on June 18th makes me feel like summer really is here. That and also I’m on vacation and personally know that summer has arrived heh, but in terms of drama watching I equate it with C-dramas launching their big tent pole offerings to bring in the most ratings. Fuyao stars Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan in a pairing high on the name recognition and the visuals, and also has the added bonus of association with Yang Mi’s last hugely successful period C-drama Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms with another TW-actor Mark Chao. I can’t wait for Fuyao and am loving all the stylish and beautifully designed posters and character stills. Continue reading