jTBC Romance Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Off to Promising Ratings Start

The ratings are out for the premiere weekend of jTBC romance drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) and the cable network continues to deliver hits. The first episode got 4.008% and the second episode dropped slightly to 3.752%. Even better is the audience feedback is really enjoying this slice-of-life vibe with a real connection to real life workplace woes and disappointments in romance. Leads Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin have delivered on the preview chemistry seen in promos, essaying such a comfort with each other that makes watching them onscreen really reassuring. I don’t even need dramatic romance, it’s this type of caring simplicity that really moves me the most.


jTBC Romance Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Off to Promising Ratings Start — 56 Comments

  1. I loved it ! I don’t really care there is no “goal” to this drama. It’s just a simple story. But I like to see the journey of their love story 🙂

  2. Sorry but I find this drama very extremely boring. It seems like there’s really nothing to tell. I guess I am not the kind that can stay watching a drama with no actual story and just relying on the cutesy and sweetness.

  3. Has anyone been able to watch this with English subs yet? I’m a huge sucker for slice of life stories so this sounds like my type of drama.

    • No subs yet. Neflix probably got exclusive streaming rights and will release subs either a week late like their tvN acquisitions or after the entire drama is over like their OCN acquisitions. No one knows. VIU or Viki would’ve been subbing this otherwise since it’s a highly anticipated drama.

      • It looks like OnDemandKorea has streaming rights (at least for the US anyway), the episodes are up on their site with no subs but I’m still not sure if it’s exclusive since it’s not stated on their site.

      • OnDemandKorea is a legal site? I thought all streaming sites barring those who has their own sub teams are illegal ones. I know Netflix if they don’t have airing dramas acquire viki subs.

      • Yes, it looks like it’s definitely a legal site. They seem to have streaming rights but I doubt it’s exclusive since they don’t provide official subs. I keep hearing it’ll be available on Netflix with official subs which I think will be the case also but there’s still no confirmation.

        The way dramas are released internationally is becoming more messy and inconvenient for us viewers.

    • @ Deb:

      I explore 3 sites – no luck with subs all long wkend.
      And apparently it’s nothing to do with long wkend either.

      I am quite happy to just float along with the overall vibe of this drama though, and just get bits and pieces of conversation. It is humorous, warm and the enjoyable overall mood/flow so far reminds of Temperature of Love, and On The Way to Airport.

      Nice to not have too much back and forth angst so far. Or some of the very trite plots which wkend dramas tend to have (a 72 episode

      For more viewing enhancing, BIG KUDOS to
      1) Soompi’s stroppyse, who is doing scene by scene translations

      2)Live recaps from Drama Milk Bah+Doo

      • Thank god I can read the chinese subs although I will need re-watch it again once the english subs are out. It’s not even on VIU !!

    • @ julie sean

      Where do you go for Chinese subs? Thanks

      I read English and Chinese just fine too, except English is more of a no brainer.

      So far I have only relied on Bah + Doo for live recaps, and stroppyse @ Soompi for filling in the blanks.

  4. I don’t know but it is really boring for me watching the two episodes. I find the pacing so slow as in the scenes are stretch and they keep on chasing and chasing one another as if playing the game “it” or maybe the lack of sub made it so boring to me and I find the conflict very shallow?I guess the story doesn’t appeal to me.

  5. It puzzled me a little at the huge number of people highly anticipating this drama when there was so little given in the way of synopsis other than it’s a noona romance. Is it because the male lead is the current it guy? Or the actress a well-known movie star? Or is it the very premise of a younger man romancing a slightly older woman? I am seriously scratching my head.

    • The lead actress is a popular movie star and this is her comeback drama after several year. I don’t know the lead actor but he has over a million followers in Instagram, so there’s that. This is also the only pure romance out right now that doesn’t have a terminal illness, annoyingly intrusive company politics, corruption, end of the world stuff, or any of those things. So it is refreshing.

    • He’s not an IT guy yet. He just got into people radar last year after a scene stealer on While You Were Sleeping. She is a very well known ‘Hallyu Star’ – She was in popular dramas years ago, then she moves to movie. People anticipate this drama because first, both of them are very good looking, drop dead gorgeous – the last since song song couple. Second, its been a while since we have a good romance drama, may be the last count is DOTS, which was 2 years ago. Last year was full of sageuk, criminal, lawyer, doctor, time travel – there wasnt any big hit in a long time. So people hope this could be a hit – a good drama that everyone can talk about.

    • A lot of people are highly anticipating the drama because it comes from Director Ahn Pan Seok? The director has delivered solid projects one after another – White Tower, A Wife’s Credentials, Secret Love Affair, Heard It Through the Grapevine, among others. That’s the main reason.

      • omg..you have got to be kidding me!.I know people like shipping visual couple pairings but can people use their head sometimes.I guess the writer fed their delulu a little because he said the story for this drama is inspired by songsong.

        How will a public relationship or even marriage help Jung Hae In at this point of his career?Also Son Ye Jin has worked with alot of actor hunks.She just worked with So Ji Sub in a romance and had the same kind of heart fluttering chemistry.If Son Ye Jin will ever date or marry..I think she would end up.with a non celebrity like Jun Ji Hyun.

  6. The BGM was sometimes too loud. The drama gave me Temperature of Love feels, which means I’ll probably end up dropping it and it’s not because it’s a slice of life drama. You can make a slice of life drama without making it boring.

  7. they are selling the otp,as simple as that, hoping will make people watch it to 16epi. no competition drama on fri, but during sat. broadcast they have, so rating will be fine.

  8. it was boring, it’s pretty tough, the environment the lady has is toxic but it feels like a stretch out music video

  9. Son Ye Jin is great in movies but in dramas, she has been consistently disappointing. None of her performances in dramas ever resonated with me. I am sure she along with PD Ahn are the selling points of “Pretty Noona” but hell this drama is bloody BORINGGGGGGG. I don’t know what this drama trying to tell…is it expecting us to just watch these two teasing, falling in love and being all sweet? I should have known judging from the many teasers and stills showing the OTP being all too fluffy and candy. I don’t bother that the PD is an acclaimed one but boring drama is worst than a bad drama in my book. At least bad drama can incite some emotions in me be it a bad one…

    • I think the very fact that “the two teasing, falling in love and being sweet” thing, is one of the selling points of this drama.This is why they are gassing it up.They are saying its rare to find romance dramas without makjang plot.i.e some amnesia,child secrets, or some outlandish fantasy, sad family background..overly strong somewhat negative personality traits in the lead character, no extreme socio economic differences were one is overly rich and the other..overly poor.

      However, that said am wondering how they will do this for 16 episodes.I think would work better for a 2 hour movie plus this would be a fresh breath of air for k-movies.We always see loads of action and historical movies but rarely do we see non melo romance-theme movies.

    • While I understand its refreshing to watch the story of normal people but what’s a drama without a drama? I wont discuss much but major opinion here seems to agree that this drama is beyond boring. At least its still too early now to say how they will stretch out the romance between two normal people having normal relationship. Let’s see how it will fare next week.

  10. Son Ye Jin is not of the stand-out-from-the-crowd type and I have always found her drama (not movie) performance a bit underwhelming. Best suited to those weepy tragic love movies where she plays a terminally ill or doomed character. Take away that tragic element, and she is really underwhelming. The last TV drama I watched was when she starred with Lee Min Ho in Individual Tendency? Wow the only thing I remember is Lee not her. Now that says a lot.

    • I always thought Son Ye Jin is lucky to be able to have a movie career amidst of super talented and gorgeous movie actresses same with Han Hyo Joo. She is not versatile and she almost disappears from the screen while doing dramas. She is good at exuding sadness with her beautiful puppy eyes and that’s it. She needs good direction to bring her charm out.

    • I read a lot of great things about her but I never find her captivating or versatiles. She is more or less wearing the same expression for almost all her dramas. She is a bit overrated IMO. To me, she is the kind that can’t hold audiences for too long and lacking consistency, so she suits movie much better. I agree that she is lucky to be given good materials in chungmuro to actually mask her shortcoming as an actress.

  11. Also, have you noticed that the floral dress she wore in the first episode was the same one that Misty’s Kim Nan Choo wore in when she found out about her husband’s speeding ticket? Kim rocked it but Sun looked drowned in the dress.

    • Yeah. I noticed that too.
      Well, what do you expect? Kim Nam Joo shines in everything she wears.
      The high ratings start of this drama is probably also from the high ratings of Misty since it is its successor.

  12. Is this drama really that boring? Shucks… I was looking forward to this pairing. Not everyday you can get beautiful + skilled actors in one frame. Will wait for next week to see if its worth starting.

    • I’m waiting to watch with subs to decide for myself. The pilot actually had very positive netizen reception and I’m seeing praise for it on other streaming sites. Of course, that sentiment could change as the drama goes on.

      I just found out that there’s also a site called bah-doo that posts detailed live recaps so I guess some people are reading it while watching to get their fix. I’d rather watch with subs but the wait is starting to get to me!

  13. wow, looking from all this review here i feel a bit scare to start to watch this drama. Somehow i can feel that this drama has the same vibe with Temperature of Love which was boring but there’s a lil bit hope from the director.
    Gonna wait a few weeks later i guess.

    • They seem to hate it here. But it is different on other sites. I happen to find ToL boring too. But love this drama. So far.

    • Must watch drama.. the chemistry between the actor and actress is amazing. highly recommend to start watching. I cannot wait to watch next episodes. really really good drama.

    • Lol. I watched a lot of dramas without subs before streaming again once the subbed versions are out. Buomdong Revenge Club subbing was late but the drama was exciting right from the get go. Even watching My Ausshi without subs still finding it intriguing. This drama is slow with the pacing… Too slow and again I am saying this, it’s B.O.R.I.N.G.

    • @missjb
      There is no subs yet. I’m watching it with live recaps from Drama Milk. It helps if you want to follow live.
      Waiting for the subs is worth it so you can fully appreciate this drama. PD Ahn doesn’t do crappy dramas, you know that. His style just doesn’t appeal to the general audience. “End of the World” was below 1% but it’s one of the most memeorable of his work.
      The acting is fantastic even for Jung Hae-in. They don’t do rehearsal so it’s one take and one go so it feels natural on screen even their chemistry.
      I wonder why it took him so long to make a romance drama. He is a master at setting warm and intimate mood with beautiful camera shots and colors.

  14. Wow. Seems like everyone is hating it but how I am so in love with this drama. I love the ways actors act naturally and the story is light-hearted. The music is beautiful. To me, it’s a healing drama. I found myself smiling every time the OTP appears on screen. SYJ is a beautiful actress with wide range of acting skills. In my opinion, she is underrated. JHI is a newbie but his acting is stable. He is a little shy around SYJ :). I think I’ll rewatch it over and over again. This drama is about different stages of dating. If you are not in dating stage, I guess you cannot relate to this drama.

    • I’m liking it so far although it’s slow and nothing dramatic happens. But that’s life isn’t it? It’s relatable to us in terms of the relationship trajectory, workplace challenges and family pressure. What is selling it is the OTP. I’m tired of the usual drama troupes; love triangle, genius whatever, candy females, birth secrets, chaebol leads, bitchy second leads, revenge, etc. It’s a breath of fresh air. As long as it doesn’t go sideways in the middle.

    • I’m loving it for now. It’s a slice of life with nothing dramatic happens. But that’s life anyway. It’s relatable in terms of the relationship journey, workplace challenges and family pressure. I’m tired of the usual drama troupes like love triangle, bitchy second female leads, genius whatever, cold chaebols, candy females, revenge, secret births, etc. It’s a breath of fresh air. However, I hope it doesn’t go sideways in the mid of the drama.

  15. A lot of people didn’t like the pacing in Secret Love Affair either. That didn’t bother me, and for the most part I really liked SLA. So I’ll reserve judgment until the subbed episodes get released. Since it appears Netflix has gotten the rights to the drama, it will probably be awhile.

  16. Everyone’s drama expectations and taste is different. Well so far so good for this one for me.

    1) loving the mood vibe – contemporary slice of life and nostaligically-vintagey at the same time (it’s also what I love about my yearly trips to Seoul). Love the mood of nostalgia from the songs.

    2) no noise levels of drama makjang or crazy (old-school acting) parents so far. for eg: Han Jin-hee or Geum Bo-ra)
    3) no irritating noise levels from yelling younger siblings or teens – Geum Sae-rok as Han Ji-hye’s younger sister in … or Jung Da-bin (Shall We Kiss First).

    Enjoyable, and compelling enough – Ep 2 was something I looked forward to, compared to those offerings below.

    Esp after the heavy of Misty or the stupid trite of the current weekend offerings:
    (1) Forever Enemies (OMG those mothers, the noise! and the unnecc makjang – that kind of ACTING is tiring and repeated over and over. Neither are the leads anything exciting to make up for it.

    (2) Good Witch – I watch it when I have nothing better to do, or play a game with it playing in the background.

    (3) Shall We Live Together (life is so complicated. the chaebols, the makjang … and for whatever reason Lee Sang-woo just comes across as dead boring in his recent dramas these days … just like his role in 20th Cent Boy-Girl).

    Suh Ye-jin’s been around a long time – with movie
    For me, she’s hit and miss …. for eg: Summer Scent (meh) vs Shark (good). Classic Romance? – movie, vs The Art of Seduction etc. I didn’t enjoy Suh Ye-jin (I think I recall her dreary Ke Yin?) at all with Lee Min-ho but finding her totally enjoyable here, and was LOL at her Club on the 12th floor dancing to 2NE1!

    The humour, natural acting and chemistry helps a lot to make a drama just simple, and enjoyable in its simplicity.

    • I didnt like Shark.It was too melo for my taste.As for SYJ performance in there, I think she did better in the Lee Min Ho drama than Shark.At least she did more than puppy eyes look and crying buckets.Of course that has alot to do with her character and drama genre.

  17. these two episodes are ok to me, delivering exactly what the teasers have indicated. SYJ is a good actress and I enjoy both leads so far. Her mom irritates me a bit, too pushy, probably different culture different lifestyle… Not sure how the next 14 episodes will pan out, hopefully it won’t become too draggy as I cannot see much material to fill up 16 hours for this drama… it is an easy watch without much anticipation nor surprises.

  18. I like this drama a lot
    If you dont understand korean you really need to watch it with english sub to understand it
    Its relatable drama and the leads chemistry are amazing

  19. I’m in love with this drama! Both lead actors are great, I don’t find it boring. I can’t wait to watch the entire episodes. Watched it on Netflix, btw.

  20. Reminds me very much of A Secret Love Affair. Not just the noona-dongsaeng romance, but the entire vibe (except that one has a dark mood and the other bright and sunshiney): meaningful silence, a sense of viewers intruding into the OTP’s private time with many muted conversations, sizzling chemistry, maturity of the dongsaeng in the relationship beyond his age, even down to the noona’s confession done over a message/voice recording. I dig this style and am glad for the lack of baggage in the form of morality issues. I can understand why some may find the plot boring, but for me, normality is good sometimes, a good break from the intensity of recent dramas (Criminal Minds, anyone?). I can totally see this happening in real life. Reminds me of the good old Jdoramas. Never heard of the male actor, but he portrayed the varied emotions of the character well. Son Ye Jin was adorable too. Am enjoying every bit of the drama!

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