tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer Releases Charismatic First Stills of Male Lead Lee Jun Ki

I’m certain K-actor Lee Jun Ki‘s distinctive visuals and devastating personal charms may be illegal in some countries. I ended up making nnnngggg incoherent sounds when I saw this just released first stills of him in upcoming tvN legal drama Lawless Lawyer, trading his more typical cop characters for another justice fighter type. I love the throwback vibe of the double breasted blue-grey suit but it’s him in a single breasted black suit with an open white collar shirt underneath that knocks my knees. I’m sure the drama will deal with serious topics of corruption and power abuse in South Korea but I’m also sure Lee Jun Ki will do so looking smashingly fine.


tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer Releases Charismatic First Stills of Male Lead Lee Jun Ki — 26 Comments

  1. OMG they’re just the stills of LJK. I don’t know if my heart will be able to take the moving images when LL does screen. I seriously need to consider getting medication for my high blood pressure and a bib for my dribbling. Plus tvN need to put a disclaimer at the beginning of every episode regarding LJK visuals. The man is just hazardous to your health! Yes I am being overly dramatic but this is my ultimate #1 iconic drop dead gorgeous Adonis from K dramaland ❤️

  2. Oh my gawd. It’s Lee Jun Ki. I just can’t.
    He looks so damn good and I watched the script reading video too and love love love so much the dynamic between him and the rascal ajusshi Choi Min Soo. They were both so playful and funny together. And his voice along with Seo Ye Ji… these two leads have the voice that completely not matching their visuals but I am loving it.
    This is the drama I am waiting for and I am literally counting days to have him back on my tv screen.

  3. Ohhh…he’s so gorgeous. I hope he finally gets a hit drama. He needs to put on some weight though cos he lost quite a lot of weight.

  4. Oh my God! What happened to Lee Jun Ki? Why is he so skinny. Hope he is not starving himself. The pictures make me worried for his health.

    • He looks mighty fine. Bet many would want to be in that form. I’d wish too but looks like that takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be in the form.

      Anyhow, this looks like an interesting drama. Looking forward for it definitely.

  5. Yep, he’s definitely rocking the suit and love the hair and everything. I’m hoping Dramafever or Viki pick this up.

  6. I was girl crushing over Seo Ye Ji’s voice in the script reading session.She is the best person for her role.Lee Hye Young has a distinctive vooce too.As for Lee Jun Ki and Choi Min Soo..we are gonna be slayed to the afterlife with their charisma and acting skills and they are totally having a blast in the BTS because they have such eccentric personalities.

  7. It’s LEE freaking gorgeous JUN KI.???
    He’s freaking hot in the suits and apart from the visual, I know he will nail his part with his always standout performance. This is the drama that I anticipated the most this year. And gosh I am thankful that he got Seo Ye Ji as his leading lady. I trust the PD and left only for the writer to deliver. Be good, drama. Be great.

  8. Can we talk about those finger tats in picture two; where he is wearing the glasses and slightly open white shirt?Some zoomed in on them and they are saying the words could be latin proverb “spero spera” meaning “I hope you hope too” or “Dum Spiro Spero” meaning “While I breathe,I hope.

    I am also getting Kay from Time Between Dog and Wolf vibes from this character.Just the older, manlier and sexier version.I hope we get the same or even better quality writing and directing like TBDW.The acting part is no problem.Everyone is solid.

  9. Lord have mercy this man looks so damn delicious. And the tats on his fingers <3 I'm drooling at how he looks. YUM.

  10. He’s still a good looking guy but i hope he gains more weight, being a bit too skinny can further age some of us as we get older.

    Anyway, I hope this drama is good, I don’t even care if it isn’t a hit, I just want him to have some good material to work with.

    • Are you worrying that he will age for being too skinny? For Lee Joon Gi? Why? I don’t get it.

      Tell me any actor who can make himself look young and mature alternately.

      • I also think she wrote that comment from a good place.Maybe she just prefers seeing him with more weight.Its just a matter of diferent perception of aesthetics.No need to be agressive.

  11. He looks absolutely delicious and killing.. I don’t know how he does It but every time I see him he looks better than before. I’m so anticipating this drama!!!

  12. LJK has the physique that is needed for all his martial arts training that he does and plus he does his own stunts too. That said and dependent on what part of the world you are from I can see why he does look skinny to some and might appear to be unhealthy however he looks perfectly normal to me. Because I would rather have him looking like a gazelle then a 200 tonne widerbeest.

  13. He will be great for sure, I like him in those role. Even if I prefer historical drama. But…. he should gain a bit weight, he really looks too skinny

  14. I have literaaly watched everything Lee Joon Gi/Ki has done including his music videos. I’m a fan for life. I hope he still gets the opportunity to make a romantic comedy like he wants to.

    • Maybe he will do one day once he’s not receiving interesting scripts anymore then he will be forced to do rom-com or unless if he receives really interesting rom-com which is very rare to come by. Rom-com scripts are recycled – and all the same.

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