Kim Bum to Enlist for Mandatory Service as a Public Servant End of April 2018

The news with respect to K-actor Kim Bum has been so unexpectedly lately. First was his dating confirmation with actress Oh Yeon Seo a few weeks ago, and now comes news that he’s enlisting at the end of April to complete his mandatory service in the public services bureau. He was exempt from active duty due to not passing his physical exam for a hereditary disease according to his agency. He’ll still have to serve but just a desk job. With news of a Hana Yori Dango dorama sequel in Japan and China/Taiwan jointly producing a modern 2018 adaptation with Meteor Garden, it’s sad to see that Boys Before Flowers may have been the biggest hit the year it aired in terms of buzz along with sky high ratings, but sadly the entire cast other than Lee Min Ho has faltered in their entertainment careers. Kim Bum I still have hopes for that maybe he can one day achieve once he’s back from the military in 2020.


Kim Bum to Enlist for Mandatory Service as a Public Servant End of April 2018 — 14 Comments

    • Who were the other actors who were offered the parts/auditioned?

      I know Jang Geun Suk was offered the Doumyoji role but turned the production down because he wanted to play Rui instead and they refused (this is believable, young JGS had a similar look to Matsujun), but no idea about anyone else.

      • Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Joon auditioned. Park Shin Hye was also linked with the drama but I’m not sure whether she auditioned.

  1. Hope he has a better career when he comes back. His storyline with Kim So Eun in that drama was the only thing the kdrama did better than the manga/t/jdramas.

  2. Isn’t he dating with Oh Yeon Soo? I know he’s in public service which is like nine to five office work without all the after work gatherings and sucking up to the clients and bosses. But if Suzy dumped Lee Min Hoo (or they mutually decided to go in separate ways), even though Lee Min Hoo had so much leisure time compared to his active days in the entertainment field, Then how probable is it that Oh Yeon Soo and Kim Bum will stick together? I thought Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young were pretty serious with each other when they left for a month long Europe trip.. Kim Bum must have some serious charms and a predilection for noonas to land himself with yet another 87 born actress

      • For a celebrity like MGY, admitting a relationship to the public (which she has not done before), travelling Europe for one month, holding hands while traveling as caught in photos, I thought she was pretty serious…. not sure about Kim Bum though, he might be the one playing the field with even some gains in publicity…. I wouldn’t travel with a guy for a month holding hands in a foreign country if I am not pretty serious… most girls won’t do it I hope…. just saying…

  3. I swear I thought he’d already finished his service. I can’t keep track. I didn’t stick with his last action drama but he was solid in the episodes I watched. Just not my cup of tea. Wish him the best.

  4. A normal job may bring him up to speed maturity wise…Actors and celebrities don’t always fare well on that level due to being a bit too separated from the normal true to life world we all experience.Wont do him any harm working 9 to 5 all everyday like everyone else…Wish him well.

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