First Stills for K-drama Rich Man with Suho, Ha Yeon Seo, and Oh Chang Suk

The first stills are out for the K-drama adaptation of one of my favorite J-doramas of all time Rich Man, Poor Woman. The K-version is simply called Rich Man, maybe because the Poor Woman part is condescending but without it the whole obvious yet subtly executed dichotomy is less overt. Not to mention the Poor Woman is my favorite character of the show, her smarts and big heart play well with her insecurity, and in the first stills Ha Yeon Seo really captures that gung ho attitude perfectly. The two male leads Suho and Oh Chang Suk also look dapper in their smart suits, though less start up tech company founders and more investment banker styles. The drama will air in May on smaller cable network MBN and I’m also keeping my expectations low for a different walk down the same memory lane.


First Stills for K-drama Rich Man with Suho, Ha Yeon Seo, and Oh Chang Suk — 9 Comments

  1. K-remake of a popular J-drama does not interest me anymore especially when I do not think Suho can excel over Shun Oguri. I will wait for its review first…

  2. They looks very young and plain. Oguri Shun has so much charisma on screen and his character is the nerd of the team, he didn’t really wear suits and be classy.

    Ha Yeon So looks so young but I think she can play this role.

    Honestly, for me, it still seems a very bad idea…

  3. I agree with you Koala. Although Oguri Shun is a good actor and played his role well. My favourite in the drama was Ishihara Satomi’s Makoto. I still remembered one of the few first scenes of her when she fell asleep while typing on the keyboard so her fingers were still pressing on the keys. Haha. I wonder how much of the scenes from the original they will keep.

    I also really like their business cards of this IT company. They were really cute.

  4. the stills are pretty. They look good and young 🙂
    anyway, since when Hyuga likes wearing suit and neat hair??
    where is our nerdy genius with birdnest like hair ??
    I wonder what kind of company Next Innovation in this version..

  5. I just dont feel Ha Yeon Seo. Hope she proves me wrong. I am gonna watch it for sure though for Suho. He is a favorite exo member.

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