Seo Hyun Jin Considering the Female Lead Role in K-drama Version of Body Changing Movie The Beauty Inside

This is a good choice both for the production and for K-actress Seo Hyun Jin if she ends up accepting. She’s considering the lead role in the K-drama remake of the fantasy romance Korean movie The Beauty Inside, also known as the movie with half the Korean acting population doing cameos in. The movie had the male lead wake up every morning as a different person be it man, woman, child, elderly, etc., and needing to deal with that pesky problem after falling in love with the female lead played by Han Hyo Joo. The drama turns the gender around so its the female lead that changes bodies but she doesn’t do it every morning but instead at specific times due to a trigger event. Seo Hyun Jin needs to step out of her comfort zone playing the hard working and strong female type, this should be a fun role if she takes it.


Seo Hyun Jin Considering the Female Lead Role in K-drama Version of Body Changing Movie The Beauty Inside — 15 Comments

  1. Will this cut her screentime in half if she changes to a man, child or elderly? Or will she need lots of makeup to disguise as a man, child etc… I don’t think the drama can exceed the success of the movie. I watched the movie enjoying all the cameos of many artists… I actually don’t care who are the main leads or was there one (there was no main male lead and HHJ was quite dispensable in that movie)? ?

    • SHJ will play the female. It’s the male lead who will be waking up to a different person every time.

      I watched the movie. The plot for each character change wasn’t that engaging for me. I hope they will have more interesting stories in the drama version.

      • It says in this article that the female character is changing, so I don’t understand why there is a need for a female lead. Anyhow, I think SHJ is a bit overrated, her acting was not impressive (to me) in ToL… I like the movie and I don’t feel the drama version will surpass it, the drama will most likely be draggy and lose direction coz many transformations will be involved.

      • @candycane

        I agree. I always feel that she is so overrated. I initially could’t figure out why I could not watch her dramas entirely until I recently happened to watch bits of Let’s Eat 2. It’s her voice that sounds really annoying and further worsened by her acting which is basically being recycled in every projects. I like the movie version of “Beauty Inside” but if SHJ is the lead, then this will be a pass for me.

  2. Hmm.. I found her charismatic as an antagonist but boring as a protagonist.. But well, as long as the script is good.. I’ll gonna give it a try.

  3. I guess she will most likely be using more of her voice as a POV/Narrator here instead of her physical presence since she changes appearance every now and then.
    I like her a lot and the last drama I saw her in is Romantic Doctor so I’ve be looking forward to this especially to all the cameos that will be lined up.yay!

  4. How are they going to execute this drama? Are there going to be cameo actors replacing SHJ every now and then?

    • I think she will play the role of HHJ, the girlfriend. So she will in all the episodes but with a different actor/Actress.

      • No, she won’t play the role of HHJ. The drama turns the gender around, so it’s the male lead that will be consistent.

      • Ivy> Really ? It doesn’t really have any sens. The insecurity of the female lead was the interessing part and as a man, it will be different… And why they choose the voice of the character before to say who really will be present as an actor. I don’t like the fact they changed this element of the story.

  5. I loved the movie and HHJ so keen to see how they work the drama with SHJ. However after watching 2 episodes of Temperature of Love (watched for Kim Jae Wook) I need to see her in something better so hopefully TBI might just be it!

  6. YAAASHHH i’ve been waiting for her news after the whole agency transfer stuffs. And tbh i didn’t expect anything with this drama bcs i just don’t see beauty inside going to the drama way (as much as i love the movie, i just can’t see it). But now they are changing the rules of face-changing main character AND getting seo hyunjin as lead, it might have hope. Now it just depends on the writing and a lil bit on the male lead

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