Lee Min Ki in Talks to Join Seo Hyun Jin for K-drama Remake of Beauty Inside

Looks like two popular cable network drama actors are pairing up for another quirky drama romance. Lee Min Ki has been offered the male lead role in the upcoming jTBC drama remake of the Korean movie Beauty Inside. If he accepts he will be joining Seo Hyun Jin who has carved our a niche as the strong willed drama leading lady in many recent romance hits including Temperature of Love and Another Oh Hae Young. Lee Min Ki is coming off a 2017 romance drama hit with This Life is Our First and I could totally see him playing the straight man to Seo Hyun Jin’s body morphing female lead.


Lee Min Ki in Talks to Join Seo Hyun Jin for K-drama Remake of Beauty Inside — 24 Comments

  1. They both get good reviews for their acting.Koreans like Seo Hyun Jin.But I just cant warm up to her.I have seen her in Oh Hae Young and a little in Temperature of Love.Is there a work aside from those two that her fans could recommend so I can be converted?

    • I liked her best as the Crown Princess in Three Musketeers. That’s where I first saw her. She’s been playing the same character type since Oh Haeyoung, and I disliked Oh Haeyoung (both the character and the drama) so I haven’t liked her in her recent roles.

      I haven’t seen Let’s Eat 2 but she got a lot of love from that.

      • Me too.. I hate ohy, both drama and character lol. Glad that i found someone who also dislike ohy cuz most of ppl around me like her. Sigh. I liked her in 3 musketeers and in dr. Kim which is she wasnt really the heart of the show, sooo.. But i personally liked her more as an antagonist.. Forget the title of that drama.

    • @RubyRed – I really liked her in Let’s Eat 2 but if you don’t like the type of characters she plays in OHYA and TOL then this might not be for you.

      But she is a really good sageuk actress, I recommend checking out Three Musketeers. She played the Crown Prince’s wife there and I started off really indifferent to her but was totally won over by her chemistry with Lee Jin Wook. It’s not a long drama either, only like 10 episodes?

      There’s also King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang but that’s a much longer drama so I think you should try Three Musketeers, even without her it’s a lot of fun.

    • I’ve watched her before in the three musketeers, an mbc special drama (which I don’t remember it’s name), AOHY & TOL.

      for the three musketeers & that mbc special drama, where she played ladylike roles, she’s watchable in my opinion.

      For aohy & tol however, she somehow has this ability to make a strong female character becomes annoying?

      so my suggestion is watch a drama where she plays a ladylike character, like the three musketeers (but it has jung yong hwa in there :D) or that mbc(?) special drama because she’s only a cameo there.

      • She suits sageuks very well, she has the ladylike look down pat even if her characters don’t always behave that way lol. And her speech is nice and clear.

  2. Lee Min Ki is so waste in BTIOF That drama is not challenging him enough as an actor whatsever.hope his char in here won’t be as plain as in BTIOF

    • Huh what? That drama made LMK a whole new lot of fans who rediscovered him as a romantic lead. And his character there was far from plain, if anything he was really quirky in that unemotional way.

  3. I wonder how the drama will turn out. The movie was really interesting and occasionally humorous in its low-key way, I have no idea if a drama can keep that vibe.

      • That would be sad, they’ll lose what made it so appealing in the first place.

        I liked the string of star cameos who played his ‘temporary appearance’ too, it’s one of the more surprising entries in Park Shin Hye’s filmography.

  4. Unpopular opinion, but I don’t find Lee Min Ki a good actor. I kept looking at him in BTMFL and I kept thinking how a different actor could have done a better job.

  5. pass… i think i should rewatch the movie again. handsome PSJ is in the movie. i never like LMK’s look… I watched BTMFL because of JSM only 🙂

  6. I hope the drama of TBL doesn’t end up like how the CITT movie went South …lacklustre and forgettable (disclaimer I haven’t seen it I’m going on reviews) and I still prefer the CITT drama by a country mile. Are Korean scriptwriters hard pressed for ideas they’re starting to adapt films into dramas and vice versa? Looking to J dramas to adapt as well. What they need to do is open it up ‘internationally’ and have storyline ideas submitted or scripts to first drafts to production houses and select from what is pitched. That will break their drought. That’s my 5 cents worth of contribution. I know that those here on Koala’s site could have a few ideas on the boil. Food for thought. ?

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