The Leads of Wok of Love Stir Up Laughter with Plenty of Swagger

I can’t wait for the next SBS Mon-Tues drama Wok of Love (Greasy Melo), taking over the first week of May after Shall We Kiss First. It’s the return of Jang Hyuk to the fun role with a side of romance dished up with tasty Chinese cooking. He’s joined by leads Jung Ryeo Won and Junho as the trio hang around a neighborhood Chinese restaurant joint with their unique drama written characters. Jang Hyuk is a gangster who owns the building the restaurant is in, Jung Ryeo Won a rich girl who loves horseback riding, and Junho a former top chef now resorting to cooking in this small town joint. The teasers below are charming and mores to the point make me smile in anticipation of a fun spring K-drama to watch.

Teasers for Wok of Love:


The Leads of Wok of Love Stir Up Laughter with Plenty of Swagger — 9 Comments

  1. This is my most looked forward to drama this year. I just hope Juhno’s character isn’t super uptight and sulky because he got downgraded, but his character sounds like it would fit into that mold. :/

  2. Oh my GOD. OK, I’ll try to keep as cool as I can and will just say Jang Hyuk looks so. good. especially with facial hair. Ugh he’s so f-o-i-n-e…I could say so much more but I must stop here.

    Ah damn I’m so excited for this!

    • He looks like a different person after having facial hair. When he is clean shaven his facial features look dainty and after having facial hair he looks tough.

  3. JH n JRW r a good combination. Can imagine JH would be supercool even in comedy. JRW shows her powerless in Witchas Court. The storyline is very enticing too. It would be one of my most anticipated drama to come. Btw, how does JRW manages to look younger n prettier than she was 6 yeArs ago? Youth elixir?

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