Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung Exchange Looks in First Preview of tvN Drama About Time

I feel like tvN has a solid track record with the modern feel romance dramas, delivering hits that nicely capture the current tableau of what viewers think portrays love in this day and age. There’s a wistful longing air coupled with snappy dialogue, and of course the usual smart handsome man but now smart women who aren’t as shrewish as the prior stereotypes. Upcoming Mon-Tues fantasy romance About Time dropped the first teaser that focused on leads Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung‘s reactions to the other person. There’s interest and awkwardness and more interest, nicely essaying the visual connection that indicates something bubbling under the surface. Both say a lot with their eyes and facial cues, not to mention they look very compatible sharing the same frame.

First teaser for About Time:


Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung Exchange Looks in First Preview of tvN Drama About Time — 25 Comments

  1. Unpopular opinion but i find LSK’ acting so unnatural. She tries too hard to keep it cool even when she’s acting that bothers me. I-fans ador her thou.

    • Not unpopular though. Koreans think she’s pretty, but only so-so at acting. It’s only the i-fans who think she’s an acting virtuoso because of that Weightlifting drama ’Do you like Messi’, specifically Filipino, Malaysian and Indonesian fans who can’t stop gushing about LSK because of that drama.

      • @OMG Yeah, in SG they are gushing about her too. My cousin is one of them..

      • I think that’s mostly because her Weightlifting Fairy role was so different from her roles in Doctors and Cheese in the Trap (where I thought she was OTT but suddenly became quite good in the second half once the PD stopped making her overact).

        Ifans defend way worse acting than hers and I think she actually shows potential to become a decent actress so I’m ok with her. Basically her acting skills are about on par with many Hallyu oppas’ early days.

      • @prettyautumn Lol koala stop giving your opinions after posting your article. It will be easier if you just input it on your article. Such an effort koala. Lol.

  2. both of them has no shine,
    LSY is too overpowered by everyone in his drama, it’s not like his bad but he is not lead man charisma

    LSK is overacted to get attention and look acting, hardly any sincerity so such a pair, maybe this way LSY will get some shine and LSK learn to act,

    I can hear the fans reply this with : go watch weightlifting fairy and twenty again, and ywah that drama was my example

  3. I like both actors don’t get me wrong. However for me I want to know who thought it would be a good idea to pair them together? It’s not happening for me in terms of their chemistry or rather their lack of it. Like it’s almost showing ‘Yep I’m cast in this drama I’ve got to act; do my scene etc…go home wait for tomorrow another day’ No energy or vibe so how do they expect us the audience to get excited when they can’t even pretend to act it out! And they tag this as a romantic drama? Next….on to the next one.

    • @pretty autumn lol I was trying to avoid writing how ‘mature looking’ LSY was against LSK and I guess after enjoying his performances with Lee Bo Young and Kim Ha Neul it’s kinda bizarre having the LSK pairing. Okay I’ll be honest I’m still not over her parting with Nam Joo Hyuk ?

      • ?? Even the ever young Goo Hye Sun looked mature next to LSY. LSK is tall and already 28, but she still looks too young next to LSY because he looks so mature and he acted with older actresses before

    • Ok I’ve convinced myself after writing my posts that I am in fact gonna watch this drama. I guess its reverse psychology and I’m intrigued by the storyline the more I read in to it. And knowing my luck I’ll be gushing about it on here again saying it is the ROMANTIC drama of the year and LSY and LSK are the best OTP ever!

  4. Perhaps this is just the close up of the photo and teaser, but both of their faces look unnaturally long to me. It kind of pulls me from the fantasy. Hopefully that is just a treatment to the video and shots and won’t be prevalent in the actual show.

    I enjoyed LSK’s acting in the teaser. I liked the unsure eye flutter she gave LSY, I could completely feel that. He looked a bit dry to me, but perhaps that is how his character actually is in the drama? I am not familiar with him so I don’t know for sure.

    So far this teaser if giving me Tomorrow With You vibes which is not a good thing. I was looking forward to that show, but it literally bored me to sleep when I tried to watch it.

  5. Agree with some comments above.
    1. LSY always got overpowered by other actors.
    2. LSK isnt the best actress.


    Let’s we talk again after 1st episode hm? I have almost zero expectation. Some good trailers end up failed both in rating and critics.

    This trailer was probably taken on their first shooting. So, no chemistry yet.

    Just dont be like tomorrow with you. Worst than ever!

  6. Otoh I don’t think the chemistry is good either, that kind of thing is usually apparent right from the time two characters interact so I doubt it’s going to get any better in the actual drama if it looks like this in trailers.

  7. So what is the age difference between these two? By the way, she is a cutie pie but lacks acting ability. She is in the same category as Suzy, Yoona, IU, and others.

      • Lols, that’s worst. I think, she’s on the same line with yoona. Some characters suit them, but sometimes they lack to deliver important messages. Give LSK a baddie character, she kills it. While suzy.. Sigh. IU is getting better.

        Joy and hyeri lmao… They better to stop acting!

    • IU’s acting is actually decent and does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the other three. Same goes for LSK. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

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