K-actress Ham So Won Marries Aspiring C-idol 18 Years Her Junior After 6 Months Dating

Hoo boy is this an awkward wedding to cover, and honestly both of them seen like total attention lovers so this may be just what they were aiming for. That, and the usual we’re so in love speech, of course. Former Miss Korea 1997 contestant turned aspiring actress Ham So Won is making what may be her biggest news moment in K-ent this week with the reveal that she has registered marriage with her much younger boyfriend of just six months. The groom is Chinese idol-turned-weibo star Chen Hua (Jin Hua in Korean) who is just 23 years old to Ham So Won’s 42 years old, and his family has reportedly cut all ties and disowned him for marrying her, and her own mother told her to “stop it” but she went ahead with the wedding. Chen Hua also revealed that he gets a spending money stipend of almost $1000 US dollars a month from his wife and loves spending time with her. Ahahaha I can’t even, and on top of all this are the hella awkward wedding pictures to boot.


K-actress Ham So Won Marries Aspiring C-idol 18 Years Her Junior After 6 Months Dating — 32 Comments

  1. SO SO SO many man merry 18 years younger women and nobody comments. But when woman does it then we “can’t even”…

    • Yes you are right, there are double standards in our society and generally older women /younger men pairings are frowned upon. Which of course is not always fair. Love is love.

      However, in this case I think the issue for me is that they’ve registered their marriage after 6 months of being together. How well do they really know each other?

      He’s also admitted to receiving $1000.00 per month from her. I’m not sure if she’s wealthy or has high earning capacity, as I’ve never seen either of them. But that does not sit well with me.

      Based on the above 2 points. Even if the situation were reversed and it was an older man and a younger woman and even if they were of a different more open culture. The relationship would still be questionable for me.

      But having said all of that. People do all kinds of things now adays for publicity and fame. Just look at KK/Jenner clan. So who knows…The photos turned out well though.

    • This is so true. No one here complaining about HXM & Angelababy, Jay Chou & Hannah, LSS and Nicky Wu or even Grace Chan & Kevin Cheng (this one is a 22 years age gap).
      Imo the pictures look great, and his family owns a large farming business in China and they didn’t disown him, they’re just reluctant to the marriage due to the age gap. He also owns a clothing business as well, so I don’t understand the issue here.

      • I was doubtful about the family disowning him…China has the 1 child policy at least when his parents have him. He IS a boy after all, his parents will not disown him at all. Maybe a bit upset on the age of the wife, but as long as she have provides a grand child all will be forgiven by the Groom’s parents. This is the Chinese way, especially when the parents are older they are going to want Grandchildren soon.

    • When I went through doctoral program my husband who is the same age as me gave me double that amount so I didn’t have to work. That was fifteen years ago. Few years into my doctoral program he was diagnosed with terminal illness and given five years to live. I found him doctors on another continent and we moved there for a year for his treatments. He is still with me today and I am grateful for every kindness we exchange. We have no idea what money represents in another couples lives.And what couples are ready to do for each other.

  2. Double standards ugh
    Of course, a man can only be with an older woman for her money.
    When the man is older no one gives a shit, like lee byung hun, lee dong wook, song seung hun, bae young joon…
    So what if she gives him money, in a couple it is not rare that one helps the other when the other is still in studies or doesn’t have a stable situation. People are so judgmental it’s childish.
    Happy for the new couple, wish them happiness.

  3. $1000 a month to do what? not to bash but He doesn’t look to happy in any pics or the video. Me thinks he is gay.

    • Your comment is basically everything that is evil and bad about the internet.
      You know next to nothing about those two, but you write such a nasty post just assuming stuff.
      It truly is the age of fake news and losing every last bit of respect towards other people. Shame on you!

    • @sasha clark – I didn’t know there is a certain look for gay. This makes me wanting to see your picture now. Show us your face… LOL…

    • I am not commenting on the marriage news. But on your comment about anyone’s looks making them gay. As if it is there is a look. That’s not very nice to label anyone and I hope you treat everyone gay or not with respect.

      Gosh the Internet. And some of this blog’s readers.

  4. Well, love is love Age doesn’t matter..older woman younger man OTPs are popular among Korean viewers I thought …so this shouldn’t be a big issue.

  5. It is actually none of our business is it. Older men, many times date very young women. Heck there are several dramas, right now out, about this very subject. Actually, there are medical studies which have stated, “having a child with an older man is not desirable for the child.” Go look it up, for more info.

  6. Love is love and I have no problem if someone finds what we all desperately look for. Age is not important but love is and I can only wish them well and eternal happiness.. Congratulations to them both.

  7. Yeah I seconded that why should people critics when younger man married with older women. Matured women also deserves for a young man. By the way, they do look together and she doesn’t even look old besides him. Congrats to the brave couple! Show it to the whole.

  8. They’re actually two consenting adults so I have no problems with it or them plus it’s also none of my business. Wishing them happiness and prosperity!

  9. After reading the post, I was doubtful as well but looking at their photos and their body language, I think they do care abt each other a lot. Even in photos where they weren’t looking at each other, a part of their body is always oriented towards the other. In the photo where she’s sitting and one with her in red dress, I like how he’s looking at her.
    And that last one in their hanboks and walking, not looking at the camera, even if they’re not touching but they were both paying attention to the other and they both had huge smiles on.
    After reading the comments, some said he came from a rich background so money isn’t an issue. I think the allowance is just a way to learn or help to manage money responsibly. I’d look at it as the older partner kinda putting limits esp since a young guy that age probably does need the limits set.
    After dating 6 months, might be enough time to know if the person is the “one” or at least one you can be willing to commit to.
    The marriage this soon probably is due to her age of 42, they might want kids and they need to get started on it, biological clocks wait for no one.
    It’s shallow, I know, LOL, but after looking at these photos and knowing nothing more than what was written here, I’d guess they’re the real thing and so good luck to both of them.
    Last, she’s only a bit younger, heck! I wish I looked even half as good as she does at 42!!

  10. If they are truly in love and want to be together then all the best wishes of happiness and congratulations to them both.

  11. Good on them as long as they are happy, in love and content that is all that really matters. Look at Bada and her husband (10 years difference) and Baek Jin Young (9 years difference). I’m not fazed by the age difference at all. Peace and love all ?

  12. As long as they love each other. Kudos to her that she can attract a cute young guy.
    Don’t know who they are but congrats to their marriage.

  13. Honestly, I am not the kind of reader to be ungrateful because I think you are a great writer and all but for this article, I am kind of disappointed because there are so many wrong infos and quite a few “offensive” comments You make it seem that the woman is desperate and the man is a golddigger whereas after researching about them, you found out that his family owns a wealthy farm and that by being the CEO of an online clothing mall, he might be richer than her. And he was a trainee for such a short period of time too so it doesn’t matter.
    Moreover, his family didn’t disown him, they were reluctant at first but they totally accepted her as their daughter-in-law if you watched some of their videos.
    I know celebrities are all about image but I seriously think they are really in love with each other and I am kinda sick of this double standard where it is OK for a man to be much older than his spouse but God forbids if a woman tries to do the same –‘

    Anyway, I will stop ranting and just recommand people to watch some videos of them because they are really cute together and although they aren’t your typical couple, they deserve to be happy like anybody else without being judged unfairly by people.

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