Shin Se Kyung Gets a Head Start on Summer 2018 in Nylon Korea Pictorial

Pretty is undeniable when it comes to K-actress Shin Se Kyung. She has that combination of innocent and sexy in a balance that Koreans seem to prize, too innocent gets lolita vibes and too sexy crosses into smutty. She’s been a busy bee the last two years with drama after drama but currently nothing is on her plate after finishing up Black Knight with Kim Rae Won. After wrapping the drama she jetted off to the tropics for a Nylon Korea pictorial that’s so enviable to behold, I want all the outfits she’s wearing and be where she’s at, and maybe hang some colored glass ceiling hangings in my house too.



Shin Se Kyung Gets a Head Start on Summer 2018 in Nylon Korea Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. Nice pics but does this woman ever smile? Any photos showing teeth? I mean she’s absolutely gorgeous and pretty but has the same look in all her shots. And yes I can see her part of her incisors showing on the cover and second photo.

    • I remembered she was on running man. She was competitive, bright and smiley .. so beautifull.
      I think she just maintain her actress persona with all these serious look no smile pose.

  2. hahaha… she looks drugged or drunk most of the time in pictorials and in dramas… photos #3 to #5 especially… LOL…

  3. At least she closes her mouth most of the time.. i find it off when model always pictured mouth open and we can see their front teeth … all the time..hehehehhe

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