Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are Both Rough and Tumble Lawless Lawyers in New Drama Promos

I can’t wait for Lawless Lawyer, it’s criminal how awesome this drama looks and each promo makes me salivate for more. It’s a smart gimmick to combine two popular genres, the gangster story and the legal thriller, and frankly this is very homespun that only K-dramas can pull off. The latest promo shows that the lawless lawyer title belongs not just to Lee Jun Ki but also to Seo Ye Ji‘s character, she’s such a ball buster and matches Jun Ki tit-for-tat. They are going to need each other’s help to go up against the crazy scary second leads Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young, their characters look like they eat babies for breakfast and then have time to kick puppies, shivers.

New preview for Lawless Lawyer:


Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are Both Rough and Tumble Lawless Lawyers in New Drama Promos — 41 Comments

  1. Lol at your descriptions for the bad guys. No wonder Lee Jung Ki & Seo Ye Ji have to act lawless against them. Totally can’t wait for this promising drama!

  2. 21 days to go ❤️ With the BTS both L J K & S Y J do a fair amount of running and their own stunts so it’s pretty physical the amount of work they have to do. Geez I’m tired just watching them and I ain’t doing anything. Last year ‘Save Me’ was my IT drama and this year its ‘Lawless Lawyer’.

  3. The teaser is so good!
    Love Seo Ye Ji in Save Me, one of my favourite drama and looks like she is not going to disappoint in Lawless Lawyer as well. You go girl!

    • At least he brings in huge cash wether good ratings or bad. As far as I remember the only works of Lee jun ki which din’t receive huge income and critical acclaim were criminal minds and scholar. Even joseon gunman was extended and dragged because of all the praise it was getting despite controversial theme. It dint even have romance but they won couple award. You really think ratings is everything?? Check Bae yoon juns legend huge ratings but could not bring in enough income nor acclaim so declared a commercial failure. Or Lee min hos the faith decent ratings but declared commercial failure. Two not well received projects in 17 years of career is not at all bad at least no commercial failures even though 60 % of his projects are of high budget. There are many actors who have a lot of low rating but always get work? Why? Because people will watch it when they have time. It all depends on what type of audience you target. Every actor will have a bunch of not so well received projects

      • Lol, I knew there’d be an essay about ratings not being everything and how his dramas sell overseas. Good for him then. Keep up the good work in churning out lowly rated dramas one after another. Btw, there is nothing to be salty about, he’s past his prime long ago.

      • Rating is so old school. Most people these days no longer watch shows at the designated timeslot except the ajummas and ajushis who do that have work and not busy. Rating are hyped by tv stations so they could sell advertising slots more and at a better price. But for the producers, their income from one distributor (e.g.tv station) is only a portion of the total production costs esp for a big budget dramas. Though for cheaper productions, like many rom-coms, weekend family, or morning dramas, productions costs are already recoup from the first broadcaster itself however these type of dramas are made mainly for certain demographics of domestic audience and these type of dramas hardly generate subsequent revenues.

        For producers, any actors who can sell dramas even after many years of the initial broadcast are still the most sought after.

      • @Mistyeyed this high stardom equals to high no. of cfs is totally wrong and misleading. Real a-listers do not do tons of ads they do 2 or 3 adds and collect huge cash. Trendy actors do 10 to 15 adds but it lasts at most 1 year but the point is his fees is low as soon as he increases fee no of ads decrease . People don’t like actors doing too many adds they give them nicknames poster boy…so on. is his movie or drama not selling we’ll? Also IT boy?Lee jun ki was never a drama land IT BOY and he never will be

      • @xyz Essay about ratings.. take it is a lesson because that is the reality in this era of information. Rating is nothing but a promo tool but not a real indication of real viewership. Take for weekend family drama… those dramas are rating winner. How come producers of dramas in this genre are struggling to produce quality dramas? That is because even the numbers are high but real $ is not as high.

        I am surprised that there still people watching TV the traditional way these days. It is more convenient to just download the app.. and stream your desired programs at any time convenient for you. As I said before, I don’t think this type of technology is already available in developing countries.

        TV viewing these days is already interactive. Only a little % of the audience who are stuck to watching shows on its original broadcast.

    • Have to agree the last teaser looked like a cheap iteration of the Good Wife with gangster/action elements in the mix. The guy is goofy, the girl is poker faced and brutal and they’re a dynamic duo. Only saw that a thousand times. I was hoping for more psychological depth and noir elements, so hopefully this is just a sample. Or maybe they’re going for some sort of parody/humorous thing? I’m not sure what Lee Jun-ki is trying to prove at this point, it’s like he’s just happy to cosplay characters and not bothering too much for the rest.

      • Keep the negativity going. This section will go to more than 100 comments.lol

        Sometimes it’s better to shut up and keep nonsense comments to yourself than to sound dumb just to spread negativity. 🙂

        You may think you sound intelligent but really just a gullible with lots of free time. The drama has not even started yet. 🙂

      • @mistyeyed …says the person who is camping on this thread lashing out at people who dare say one teaser does not look like the Second Coming of Christ. Side note: using emojis at the end of aggressive/judgemental sentences does not magically make them positive. Sigh.
        I saw the pictorial in Marie Claire which looks beautiful and the previous teasers looked fine. This however blurs the lines as the what type of final product we can expect and looked dated and deja vu to me, if you can bear it. I love LKJ. A lot. I don’t need to love everything about him or his choices to keep loving him. He is a household name and he has a big enough fandom to support him wherever he goes but his superstardom days are behind for now. He still is able to sell a drama internationally as is my forever bias Yunho who also happens to a terrible actor with a number of drama flops. And it’s fine.
        Also, not sure what people want to suggest with the “ratings are so old school” line of thinking. Ratings ARE everything as they secure advertisement, advertisement contracts for actors which is their lifeline to wealth and puts them on the map. Nothing beats money, ever. Except LJK is going to be fine anyway because he has a super stable fandom, which is not the case for other actors there. Not that i’m wishing on a flop.

      • That traditional rating measurement is the thing of the past. Everyone knows that? Ratings are used solely to hype as a promotion hoping that the station can generate better revenue from advertisers and producers can sell the drama to overseas broadcasters and online streams. It’s solely for promo purposes. Gone were the days when viewers really watch on the designated timeslot of the show. TV viewing these days are already interactive. You can view shows from he apps of your phone.

        Though many developing countries don’t have the same technology as South Korea and these countries still stuck in the past. So really it boils down on which country you live.

      • Superstardom is a matter of perception. And there are two types of stardom the superficial one and the real one. Actor with one super hit drama, CF left and right yet no acting projects lucky if there’s one movie—- this is superficial stardom as it’s not going to last it’s just a hype.

        Then there is another stardom of actors with consistent acting drama projects, enjoys good royalty packages with dramas that continue to sell even after many years of initial broadcast, having shows being broadcasted overseas while continue to live in Korea. Lee Joon Gi has maintained his superstardom as actor whether you like it or. I find it funny that some of his fans wants him to be in a cheesy rom-com to get that superficial high rating. Sorry but that is a foolish and misguided thought for a fan. Do you think Lee Joon Gi is a newbie? Though a high quality rom-com script will not hurt if ever he is offered one.

        I watch Lee Joon Gi’s dramas as he is a phenomenal actor and the way he interprets character has so much depth. He is one of the few actors that I admire in regards to acting ability. Jang Hyuk is one among others.

        PS There is this on going perception having many CF =superstardom. Is Seolhyun Superstar then? So I really don’t understand the though process of the fans. In fact, usually artists or celebs with stable influence don’t endorse just any products as it may ruin their reputation and credibility. Example – in the case of Nike and many other brands having issues that their products are produced in sweatshop in Bangladesh and other third world countries. So any lawsuits or controveries of the company/products they are endorsing will affect their reputation. Another example- there are many Korean cosmetic brands with high level of toxic ingredients in their products — of course it will damage the reputation of actors. So I don’t understand this concept of having too many CF=stardom.

      • @mistyeyed : …You do know consolidated ratings are a thing, yes? I can guarantee you that producers in Korea do, and they did not wait for you to assess how their products fare on ALL screens.
        Also, you do realise that daytime.family soaps/telenovelas are a darling of TV everywhere in the world because they are cheap to produce (assuming the audience does not have the same level of expectation as prime time) and have a great ROI. Producing higher quality is like, not the point.
        Finally, forgetting that your rambling on many CFs versus few CFs is a debate you created on your own, but I’m starting to find the Seolhyun point tiring and frankly misogynistic. Everyone said she would be done in 6 weeks and she is still going strong. The condescension towards her is getting annoying at this point.

      • @vassi You can choose to be salty as you can be.

        Consolidated rating? Obviously, you didn’t mean it in your prior posts and there is no existing stardard measurement of such. I will you again ‘rating’ mean nothing in the real context. It does not indicate real viewership as people don’t watch tv as they used to be. Dramas are watched in other medium eg streaming. Thus the hype on tv rating is nothing but promotion.

        ‘I was hoping for psychological depth’ – Girl the drama has not started yet.

        Daytime drama has high ROI. Which perspective? The drama producers or tv station. TV stations have to produced these type of dramas themselves and hire less known actors which I think is the case as this type of content don’t have market anywhere else.

        Good luck for being salty if that is the source of your happiness. ? I’ll move on to the next post. I am sure I will find another salty comments over there.

    • Also Lee jun ki dint do something cheesy in a long long while 12 years? So let him be and it does seem like too much cheese is not seo ye jis style I don’t think she would pick up a cheesy project .That girl is very smart in role selection and she is creating a wonderful image for herself which I doubt she will ruin with cheese at anycost

    • But he didn’t have a flop dramas post military though. Yes, ratings were not as hyped as some wanted but it’s far from flop.

      That comment is very salty and unnecessary. What a muffet!

    • @xyz honey.All these flavours and you choose to be salty.You could have limited your critique to the teaser or their acting.You find the teaser cheesy? Thats fine.Its your opinion amd you have right to express it.But its like you have a personal grudge against Lee Jun Ki or something.Did he hurt you?Its like you are willing the drama to flop or some shit.This was rude and unnecessary.If you dont like the guy thats fine.But have the decency to ignore the post and support an artist you like instead of writing rubbish.

    • @xyz 20 days to go and please don’t jinx the drama when it hasn’t even started. You hurt my feelings…not. Okay if you’re miffed about not having Moonlovers season 2 then that’s understandable. You and maybe 10 others need to let it go. But please remember when you make snarky remarks against an actor who you know is well loved and revered on this site then I guess you’re doing yourself no favours when you get the replies. I see you use cheesy and flop in the same sentence so wow hold your horses you’ve just shown that you actually ‘dislike’ LJK so best you go elsewhere and post your remarks because you’ll find zero tolerance here. I’m wide awake now and have just seen the preview of the Marie Claire photo shoot with SYJ and LJK. That’s it game over for me I need to go A & E to zap my heart back into rhythm. I’m not coping too well right now after seeing those pictures. It’s just insane. Hurry up May 12th where are you???

    • Why are you so bloody nasty to such a lovely guy who has done nothing to you if you do not like then just keep out of it. Get a life babe, he dont even know about your irrelevant existence.

    • Omg..Your small comment stinks of hatered and grudge you have for Jun Gi. Wish you a very slow recovery while JG grill you more and more with his flop dramas?

      • If the definition of flop is having yearly projects in Korea, Japan and other overseas productions then that is fine. If the definition of flop is to have dramas with reasonable and decent ratings for more than 15 years and have remained popular throughout the years then let it be. If flop having dramas of even Time Between Dog and Wolf which from 2007, Iljimae from 2008 and his succeeding drama continued to sell to this then I would be loving this so-called flop. Flop is better than having a one-hit wonder. ?

    • I don’t get it why people surrounded their self with hate? I know he is not your fave but it’s not hard to just ignore? People like you need to get better life others than messing with someone life!

  4. All four look charismatic.This is a prerequisite foe these kinds of dramas.I have yet to watch Seo Ye Ji in action.But I ve been following the promos I have got to say am already impressed.She is holding her own well against her seniors.I am optimistic she will rock her well.I am rooting for all of them.Fighting Y’all.

    I gotta ask though, where are my sageuk dramas this year?We got alot of thrillers coming out and a sprinkling of romance dramas.That Yoon Shi Ýoon sageuk has an actress whose acting I dont like.So I cancelled it.The one starring Nam Ji Hyun and D.O is not drawing me either.Does anyone know any other upcoming sageuk?

    • @ruby red – I checked on Asianwiki and there is nothing listed in the upcoming months except the one you mentioned above with DO. My guess is that Sageuks are not rating winners so they’re not being currently made? I dunno why but I would like to see one this year and I’m with you on the current one ‘Grand Prince’ I’m not watching that and there is no real reason as to why. However the movie Ansi Fortress is suppose to drop later on this year with Jo In Sung. I am hanging out for that one because it’s Jo In Sung.❤️

  5. I like the injection of some humours and fun because LJK been doing heavy genre dramas all the time, so this is something very welcoming. Couldn’t care less if the drama will have great ratings or what, all I want is an good product that justify the talents. Dramas like “Save Me”, “Circle” didn’t have high ratings but were critically lauded. I wish the same for LL especially for the sake of my beloved LJK.

  6. Btw, I am not a so-called avid fan. I just don’t understand the nonsensible negative comments not only in this topic but in other topics in this website. Just for heck of giving useless opinion even without basis and geez not even half truth.

    I think dramabeans gals have gone back to their day jobs as articles in that site is getting less and less. So I think the naysayers with lots of free time in that site have shifted in here. ?

  7. Vassi we can agree to disagree then. you are comparing a professional singer to professional actor. Yunho acting projects are not critically acclaimed nor sold at prices of that at which actors like Lee jun ki sell them wether they are in prime or not nor yunho has decade old dramas still aired and the dvd sets still produced even after 10 years . High Ratings are useful in creating the hype and gathering investors and they use that to sell the drama overseas which people like jun ki already do with out ratings. Ratings sure an actor needs good ratings once in a while but ratings don’t give the success of drama never ever. Manytimes dramas with low ratings but good review get high adverts on second or third airing and dramas with total hype and high ratings dont bring in good offers on second airing.Jun ki was never drama land IT BOY if I remember right. Was he? By the way the it boys loved by entire korea gets desangs after desangs but can’t manage to bring decent audience to theatres?? Shouldn’t the Koreans be crazy about those it boys? Adds are the source of richness of actors? Sure ads bring revenue but royalities bring even more revenue. Have you seen real a-listers of korea do 10 to 15 adds??. They do just 2 or 3 and collect huge cash. Normal trendy actors do 10 to 12 adds. lower your price more adds You get. As soon as You increase your price your name on list of most no of adds will fall down.You think a 3 or 4 rating hit dramas will make you a lister? No way. A listers are those people who can guarantee the producers profits on any project. Drama land and kpop land are different. Where a songs success is determined as soon as it’s released dramas take at least two years to determine real success that’s why more cash flow in dramas and also more blackmoney. He was never a Drama land it boy why do you want him to be? Lee jun Kis fees for adds are sky high. He does enough adds and is confidential spokesperson for Hyundai and some other brands? You want him to lower his price to see him in every other add?. It’s not just about Lee jun ki you can never say a drama is flop for any actor just based on ratings. If you don’t believe it well you can be firm with what you like to believe and we will continue with our belief

    • Never meant to compare LJK and Yunho as professionals but as people I like who have the ability to sell dramas or other formats globally based on their star power.

      I am not sure what your deal is with ratings tbvh. You only need to read what actors or idols says about CF being the Holy Grail because their activities are underpaid. And I love to see my faves get good ratings for whatever show/drama they are in because it means they can potentially be compensated for the infamous horrible working conditions. Then again, as you and I agree on, LJK can spare himself the trouble since his popularity overseas gives him an edge. Which also may explain why he is not in a hurry to make a living. Good for him.
      For the rest, you pretty much lost me. Not sure why you’re equating hype, with investors and ads, that does not seem to be the right order. Or why you seem to believe that I don’t think dramas can get good second runs (although cult status is never going to as good as finding success from the get go). Or why you seem to believe that all dramas who do well quickly are vanilla, stupid crowd pleasers. Hello, Misaeng. I personally don’t need high ratings to validate my biases, nor do I need to say they’ don’t matter. They define the career of people who have not struck gold yet with the public. LJK is out of the equation, then.
      Not sure also why you’re saying A-listers don’t need to shoot as much ads as others because their asking price is higher? Is that fact ever disputed? Also reaaally not sure why you are getting off at me suggesting I would like to see LJK whore himself out for a bigger number of cheaper CF’s, like does that even make sense and where does that come from. LJK is extremely talented, insanely handsome and also likeable. He is a definite it boy for me, it’s rare to have all that. In other words, he sells products for brands because people have a thing for him. An he does while having to do less compromises than others, including not having his eyes glued on ratings. All I can say is that I’m happy for him.

      • I dint say a listers don’t need to do much cfs. I meant a listers voluntarily choose to do less cfs. One thing is because morally they feel it’s right for other models to get the opportunity. Second is less cfs less restrictions and less conditions in private life. 90% of a listers stop with 2 or 3.

      • Also my point was at people here saying Lee jun ki is not the drama land IT BOY nowadays. Well Lee jun ki was never an drama land IT BOY.so why people are saying saying that . I have never seen k people being crazy for his dramas. And with his choice of projects i dont think the korean fan girls will ever be crazy about them. His crazy fandom all belongs in movie world in which he is absent for more than a decade obviously he will be blurred in their memory.I don’t think he will ever become a drama land IT boy in korea he just doesn’t have that. My only point with you was “ratings are everything” my argument was ratings are not everything. You said cf are livelyhood and source of income of actors. Well that is limited to idols as they have huge depts and general actors who don’t get royalties.

      • Lol, it’s limited to basically everyone then? Reminding you that you said ratings account for little to nothing in terms of real success. “Ratings don’t give success of drama never ever”. That’s really audacious. Wonder why you, actors who promise free hugs if they reach 5% on cable dramas, broadcasting stations, advertisers and their mother are so obsessed with them then. Must be something in the water. Except for, again, people who have the utmost luxury to bother less. Which is, would you know that, a minority of lucky fews.

    • @vassi A-listers actors never rely on CF as royalties they receive from their acting projects are more than enough for their livelihood. Though it’s not a quarantee that their acting projects will continue to sell this they always have acting projects every year. Movies don’t have quaranteed income which is unlike in dramas thus of most of these actors do 2-3 movies a year. Then probably they have few CF but may be for products that they are sure of the reputation and have less likeability to give them adverse effect in their career and their reputation. Some high level celebs endorse products if they have significant stake in the product and the company.

      Btw, Seoulhyun is far from superstar. She has many CF because is cheap. I don’t think she has other significant source of income other than CF.

    • @vassi I don’t mean high rating is not a good thing because but it’s not as significant as it used to be back in the day. You have to factor all sources of income.

      Ex. That Jaejoong drama was getting 2% rating but how come it was not cut off to lesser episodes? And why Jang Hyuk’s Beautiful mind which was getting the same rating was cut by 4 episodes? Jang Hyuk is Jang Hyuk… regardless of the rating he can always get projects in less than a year and make a rebound.

      Btw, I am not talking about for LJG alone but in general. Anyway LJG is LJG. He has the talent and the fandom. He is hardworking too.

      Misaeng is one of the few lucky ones but I’d like to know if it’s still selling up to these days.

      • Ok, so in short, ratings matter, CFs matters, except for the people they don’t matter for, which is (almost) no one. Please have a look at how ratings work for real before writing a phd on nonsense. As if they aren’t professionals who had not carefully thought that up, especially in Korea. But hot damn each post seems to take you 6 hours in research to excavate examples. And I am the negative person.
        Also back to my original point: I did not love this particular teaser, thought it was cliché. I hope the rest of the drama is fine. Boo. Shoot me.

  8. Does anyone know how international fans can order a copy of May’s Korea’s Edition of Marie Claire with SYJ and LJK? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ❤️

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