Yoo Seung Ho Pulls Off a Red Turtleneck Sweater and His First Rom-com Drama Role for I am Not a Robot

Leave it to Yoo Seung Ho to look simultaneously like a cute little boy and a very accomplished young actor. It’s a testament to his depth of acting and life experience, with a full child actor resume and having completed his two years of active duty military service all before turning 23 years old. He’s now 24 years old (25 in Korean ago) and recently tried out his first classic style K-drama rom-com male lead role. I am Not a Robot in this day and age was a pretty good rom-com but honestly years ago would be considered a lackluster failure. Nowadays it garnered very low ratings but the audience that did watch seemed to enjoy it, and I certainly did for it not sucking too much and that’s not the ideal reason to like drama. I did love his chemistry with leading lady Chae Soo Bin and the narrative in his character’s personal growth, a good role for this man young still brimming with untold potential. His ability to make a red turtleneck sweater look manly is also a feat, or maybe I’m just blinded by the twinkle in his eye.


Yoo Seung Ho Pulls Off a Red Turtleneck Sweater and His First Rom-com Drama Role for I am Not a Robot — 13 Comments

  1. God he looks beautiful, this particular color and hairstyle really suits him. Ugh I’ve missed him!

    I understand why people weren’t into it but I thoroughly enjoyed I Am Not A Robot and it turned into a rather special and heartwarming drama. CSB was also phenomenal in it, I know she turned some heads in the industry. I was also really glad to hear he and the cast and crew became aware of how popular it was abroad because I know the local reception must have been discouraging. All the closet Korean fans emerged when the last episode aired though LOL.

    Anyway I hope it doesn’t make him shy away from rom-coms forever because I think it’s good for him to act in a variety of roles. This drama and his performance personally made me a BIG fan of him (it’s been awhile for me!) and I’m really looking forward to whatever he does next. He’s truly a talented actor with great potential, I’m really rooting for him.

    • I’m glad to hear Chae Soo Bin got some recognition for her performance in Korea, a double role is quite the feat to pull off. She’s definitely my favourite YSH leading lady to date, I already miss her and wish she’d get a good drama offer soon.

      I’m also with you about YSH and this drama, it reminded me why he’s such a great actor. He should definitely try romance more, with the right leading lady it’s magic.

  2. I’m Not A Robot really suffered from the huge gap in air dates between it and the previous drama, but it got a surprisingly (and as it turned out, well-deserved) positive reaction from those who did watch, and a lot of love from outside Korea.

    If it had been a bad or mediocre drama in addition to being affected by MBC strike issues, it would have ended up in the 1 percent zone like The Great Seducer. Instead, we got incredible chemistry between YSH and Chae Soo Bin, and now I’m looking forward to their next works. I really hope he tries more romcoms, seeing him in fuzzy sweetheart mode is just so adorable.

  3. I really didn’t like the first episodes of I’m Not a Robot. I couldn’t watch all the drama. The plot wasn’t interesting and even a good chemistry could save it.

    I really miss YSH in a drama that I could like.

  4. Ive always liked him in Seondal: The Man who sold the river and don’t curse me but Operation Proposal as well. He has the most gorgeous eye smile but these pictures make him look young and like a 16 year old teenager from the 70’s. Awww just too cute ❤️

  5. Ms.Ockoala must be missing him ^^. Those pictorials are from his post-drama interview in February. He collaboarated with Elle Korea for March issue afterwards. He was oozing with charisma and sensuality in the pictorials. Such a constrast with the ones above!!! I wonder why Ms. Ockoala didnt post and updates back then. I’m also in for more romance :). Unfortunately he is unlucky when it comes to dramas, hopefully the next one will be a good one. I wish he’d get a good drama offer soon. I want to see him back on my screen

  6. Thank You So Much for the article!! I really miss him and can’t wait for him to be back with a new project showing more of his talent and hidden charms!! ^__^

  7. I tried to watch IANAR but it didn’t do it for me even if he had great chemistry with chae soo bin. Hope for a better drama next time.

  8. I was mesmerized by those smiling eyes and discovered what an amazing actor he is, as well as CSB. I I like the drama , it is good enough for a rom com. I miss them both, please try another rom-com, no saeguk for me though. Lots of love here from an international kdrama fan.

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