Lee Seung Gi is All Branded Out Leaving Incheon Airport for Taiwan

My no longer a baby but still my boy Lee Seung Gi was what I could called “branded to fly” last week leaving Incheon airport headed to Taipei. He was head-to-tie wearing whatever conspicuous brands he was paid to hawk and lucking out that it was comfortable clothing for flying. I wouldn’t call it an unattractive outfit but it definitely was too obvious, like a website with too many ads lololol. But he’s still his charming self which I love, warm to the press and gracious to his fans.


Lee Seung Gi is All Branded Out Leaving Incheon Airport for Taiwan — 7 Comments

  1. I am not too sure about LSG outfit either but this kind of product promotion is smarter than being attached exclusively to a particular brand.

  2. Sponsors: *want Lee Seung Gi*

    LSG’s management: what should we do?

    LSG’s coordy: just say yes and we’ll figure it out

    Final product: *LSG from head to toe in a ridiculously mismatched branded outfit*

    LSG at the airport: *smile*

    Job done! Okay this was lame, sorry. Anyone watched Seung Gi’s ep on Knowing Bro? It’s hilarious and highly recommanded!

  3. I really like this guy and I’ll be crushed if he turns out to be a jerk or something. He looks good even in the ensemble.

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