Han Ye Seul Posts Further Update of Terrible Scarring on Botched Surgery

A word of warning not to click to read further if you’re the easy to get quesy type, especially over wounds and injuries. K-actress Han Ye Seul posted another picture update of her recovering surgical wound and it’s even more gruesome and horrific than the first. The doctor who operated on her should be sued for straight up medical malpractice and maybe have his license stripped. A standard surgery to have a lipoma removed is now an exposed flesh wound two weeks out post-surgery, a painful occurrence for anyone but for an actress like Han Ye Seul where outward appearances are needed to do her job this must be even more emotionally traumatic. She’s brave for sharing with the public and has thanked her fans for all the supportive messages she’s been receiving/


Han Ye Seul Posts Further Update of Terrible Scarring on Botched Surgery — 10 Comments

  1. Eeeew! Not a pleasant sight! Wound healing is going to take a long time especially if it’s infected. She is going to have scars and it looks like it’s her torso that’s affected.

  2. She’s still gorgeous and as long as she rests up and heals well then that is my only hope. Plus I hope her parents go in and start throwing used bed pans around in the ward in protest of what that imbecile surgeon has done. I think that this goes to show the shoddiness of what can happen to ANYONE regardless if you are a celebrity or not. I’m so peeved off seeing HYS in this state!

    • Throw bedpans? What kind of mentality is that? You can sue the surgeon. Don’t involve the others.

      Must say though that was one funny incision for a lipoma. And geez talk about a wound breakdown. It’s going to take months to heal. And yeah the scarring will be bad.

      • Yeah it’s that type of mentality that a parent would have and react to seeing their child being stitched up looking like the scarecrow from the Wizard if Oz. And yes I do mean ‘used’ bed pans not clean ones. Then sue the surgeon. If you haven’t guessed I’m from the school of hit first cry later. ?

  3. The hospital said that Han Yeseul’s skin got burned during the surgery, which explains the injury. Anyhow they should have treated it better and should have informed her family or acquiantances about the mishap.

    • I read the lipoma was underneath her armpit. Hope she will get proper treatment this time to clear the infection and that the scarring will be minimal.

  4. If she got burned in surgery that means someone used the equipment incorrectly. And yeah, that’s a mess. Hope it finishes healing soon but that definitely looks like scarring and potential skin puckering. Sorry to see that on her!

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