Drama Posters and New Preview for Wok of Love Bring More Food and Rom-com Goodness

There’s a one week gap on SBS Mon-Tues with the end of Shall We Kiss First and the start of Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) to be filled by a 2-episode short drama Exit. That means the Chinese food porn crossed with K-drama rom-com Wok of Love doesn’t premiere until May 7th, and until then I’ll just snack some more on the cute official posters and new teaser released this week. Leads Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won, and Junho make an interesting love triangle, the top chef, the horseback riding socialite, and the gruff gangster. I love the onscreen chemistry and different vibes from the leads though I’m forever a Jang Hyuk fangirl that I hope he gets the girl in the end.

Third preview for Wok of Love:


Drama Posters and New Preview for Wok of Love Bring More Food and Rom-com Goodness — 12 Comments

    • I think it’s because Seo Poong is the central character (looking at the plot). Its like Jang Geurae in Misaeng. Im Siwan also got first billing despite being a rookie at that time.

  1. Okay before all hell breaks loose please note as per the write up Koala has kindly detailed above it is a love triangle and as such each are leads regardless of first, second or third billing. Let’s not get territorial over why the storyline will focus primarily on Junho’s character whilst Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won’s characters are on the periphery. I think it’s not the writer’s intention; it’s just fans jumping to conclusions and rightfully so Jang Hyuk should never second lead but this story is not geared that way. It’s just a misinterpretation. And plus our Jang Hyuk will just shine in whatever he’s in so see you all on May 7th or May 8th when the English subs hit ❤️

  2. Maybe Jang Hyuk was missing to practice and display his martial arts skills, so he decided to take the role. I don’t mind if he does not get the girl, I’m just happy to see that he’s looking great and hope that the series is a success. Hopefully it will be fun.
    The other actors are nice too, so I will give it a try.

    • I think he took the role because it’s a comedy. He mostly gets offer for serious roles.
      His upcoming movie is already action themed and he needs to promote it soon. So he practically doesn’t have much time to be a lead. His last drama only finished two months ago so he must be tired too.
      The way he spoke it looks like he decided to be part of the drama hastily. Whatever in the end he is the one who knows what is best for him.

  3. Nothing in this drama really attracts me… The casting (I’m not a big fan of them even if I liked them in some dramas)or the story.

    I’m curious about the 2PM members, I thought they wanted to go in army in the same time…

    • Obviously its all talk but no action. I think only so far TVXQ (maybe cos they are only two people) and Big Bang managing to do so.

    • Never read that 2pm members wanted to go in army at the same time…
      Supposedly Jun K should go first but he was injured. TY is doing well as a military instructor. Nichkhun is not Korean. Chansung is the youngest so he still has time before needing to enlist. Glad to see Junho excelling in acting ?

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