Are You Human Too, Partners for Justice, and Greasy Melo Collectively Bring in Low Mon-Tues Ratings

With this week’s premiere of a new Mon-Tues drama, the gang is set for the coming few weeks in terms of dramas airing and with it comes a sense of ennui and low ratings. I’ll call it the 7-6-5 group as Partners for Justice is averaging 7%, Greasy Melo (Wok of Love) rose a bit this week to 6%, and newcomer Are You Human Too takes up the rear averaging around 5% in its premiere week. This 7-6-5 prime time drama combo is way depressing but understandable since the one drama I wanted to watch turned out a wok of weirdness and I’m even interested in the other two. The comparative successes are on the cable networks with tvN‘s About Time steady at around 1.5% and Miss Hammurabi¬†on jTBC winning with 5% ratings. No wonder Hallyu and K-drama interest is down, this slow decline feels so notable now more than ever. Continue reading