Jung Hae In Lambasted by Netizens For Standing Front Center in Baeksang Winners Photo

This is such a controversy that can only happen in seniority conscious Korea but it’s happened and now rising young actor Jung Hae In will have to deal with the consequences. What was a great night for Jung Hae In at the 2018 Baeksang Awards where he took home the male television star Popularity Award has turned into a netizen fueled excoriation of his lack of manners and/or self-promotion. The winners picture taken after the ceremony showed Jung Hae In in the front row center, a spot normally occupied by the most senior actor/actress or the winner of the Daesang award.

Last year screenwriter Kim Eun Sook was center flaked by the winners of the Best Actor and Best Actress awards for film and then drama. Jung Hae In’s camp is saying that he was told to stand there by the organizers, whereas there’s conflicting report that he planted himself in the center and wouldn’t move even when asked to. Gosh darn, as my mom always says just don’t draw attention to oneself and many of the problems in life will simply miss you because you’re not a prominent target.


Jung Hae In Lambasted by Netizens For Standing Front Center in Baeksang Winners Photo — 109 Comments

  1. Oh dear, not good news for JHI. I will choose to believe he was asked to stand there. I really hope some one will come out and clarify exactly what had happened on the night. Let’s hope JHI was told to stand there as opposed to the other.

    But yes, I can see why people are upset by this. It would be like seeing a picture of the Oscars. With Merryl Streep on one side and Tom Hanks on the other and a new come upper who’s just won the popularity award in between them. Hhhmmm, it would look a little out of place.

    • I watched the video screencapped in the post (I can’t paste on here so can’t link it) and almost everyone around him was glancing at him from time to time and you see Jo Seung Woo looking and pointing at him to Kim Nam Joo who reacts…the whole time you can tell he’s aware of how awkwardly everyone is acting around him but he tries to ignore it. I’m the type of person that focuses closely on nonverbal communication and the whole vibe was sort of off. This is just my perception though.

      Even if JHI was told to stay in the middle by staff, he should have at least realized it was somewhat disrespectful based on seniority and knowing the Daesang winner usually stands in the middle. He’s a born and raised korean who has been in the industry for years and he’s a grown man so he knows what’s up, he should have just moved if not for manners but at least to avoid this sort of controversy that many koreans don’t play with. I doubt he would have got in trouble with staff or anyone else for doing that. I say all this as a JHI fan, I’m not happy to see him dealing with this sort of controversy just when he’s getting some real shine but he kind of messed up.

      It’s pretty dumb that he hasn’t apologized yet either, whether he thinks he was right or not, he and his agency need to think about their audience that can have an influence on his career. This is PR 101.

      • what a bummer! a very short lived career.He was drown with too much camera flashes and media attention.Now back to reality JHI.

      • Damn his agency not doing the job!

        From a clip I could see even senior Kim Nam Joo moved to the side away from the centre…Also saw another clip when senior actors were standing together Kim Soo Hyun gingerly slide to the side. I think its something that’s ingrained in the k-culture.

        Hopefully JHI can get out of this with not much harm.

      • I totally agree with you; So well observed and expressed. I was shocked from it. As you said, he was born and raised there, and not new to the industry.
        Shocking too – that he has not apologized yet.

    • Wow…all these negative comments can make an ordinary person miserable, not to mention a person in spotlight. No wonder why we have more celebrities committed suicide these days. It’s really sad for our society only pays attention at negativity and not positivity. One short video clip wouldn’t possibly tell the whole story. It can be edited in many ways, good or bad, depending on What story a person wants to tell. Please do not assume, unless you were there on the stage with JHI. The latest article stated that the Baeksang Award ceremony officials actually assigned him there. He followed their instructions.

  2. No koala sis.Many koreaboos are saying what you are saying.Maybe it would not blow up as it has elsewhere, but if such a thing happen at a wedding anywhere in the world or at olympics or any major conpetition.It would set tongues wagging too.

    Here is the deal, look at it this way, where have you seen a gold medal winner standing in the side and the bronze medalist standing in the middle in a group photo or where do you see the bridemaid standing in the middle with bride and groom at the back or in the sides.Or birthday girl/boy somewhere in the background on his birthday.Its the same concept.Its awkward and takes the spotlight off the one who is meant to be the highlight of the event.Its just common sense really.He won a fan voted award while the Daesang Winner was awarded by a panel of judges.If anyone who didnt watch the show or doesnt know the names of the winners..you would think he is the one who won the daesang just by looking at the picture.

    Dude is 31, not a rookie actor(he been acting for six years) just that popularity has found him late, and has already been in the military so he should be aware of these things without being told.That excuse that he was told to stand there doesnt hold water because Kim Soo Hyun was told the same thing back in 2014(when he won a similar award) but when it came for the photo session.He moved to the side to allow the spotlight to be on the one who won the more prestigious award.I dont hate the guy, and it will taint his image a bit, so I hope his agency’s PR fix this instead of giving unnecessary excuses.He is lucky he is oppar, if he was a female idol or actress he would have been buried by now.

    • From what I read, his agency is not helping at all by saying “he was told by staff to stand there” or “the controversy is caused by the burden of being a top star”. I’m laughing hard at the second excuse, since when has he become a top star!?

    • Exactly this has nothing to do with seniority or with Korea. A gold medal winner is supposed to be in the center. It’s as simple as that.

    • Agree. He was born and bred in Korea and there is no reason for him to be unaware of cultural sensitivity. And putting aside the cultural thing, this is pure common sense.

    • Yes, he is 31 and by SK entertainment norms that is reaching seniority age. Most previous breakout IT boys were famous by 24-25 years old. That’s why I hear many comments that he is desperate to be the top star. His agency is known for media play though and that’s not helping.

  3. He must admit that he made a mistake and apologize. Then move on, let his PR team do the rest.
    He stood in the center were strange, not only by korean standart. He won popularity award, not the most prestigious award that night. Its common sense that the winner of most prestigious award get the center spot. And that unwritten rule for every photo-op in any event. The most important person, standing at the center, and the rest get position accordingly

  4. Oh wow! Do this people know that photoshoots at events are directed? People are getting dumber. Hate makes people not only to become lonely but dumber as well.

    • I dont think who ever directed him..(if at all thats true) would have had it against him if he made way for the person who is supposed to be there.He was wrong.Full Stop.Even his fellow recipient of the same award Suzy(who is way more popular and has more mega star power than he does) stood at the back.Just acknowledging his mistake is all he needs to do.Over the years following k-ent , I have seen many careers go down the drain due to arrogance and poor PR.The ones who apologise after a controversy(when they are clearly in the wrong) dont do it becaise they are lacking pride or stupid or afraid of nets, but its PR 101 to try to diffuse a controversy as fast as possible instead of letting it hang for too long.

      • Oh Yah over a photoshoot. Just for the spirit if hate. Go on! I wonder how old are you guys are. ?

        This scandal is so dumb. Too much for heirarchy and whoever are more influential should be at the front blah blah…

        I only know JHI a week ago because of some people spreading hate which is beyond my understanding. I think in Korea and anywhere, jealousy is serious disease. Whoever gets a little success, some losers will try to put the person down. ?

      • Jung Haein didn’t commit a crime. A traditional positioning of winners was broken in a photo opp that’s all. In fact, it is a nice change. All these reactions of condemnation is excessive.

  5. And, people are being his agency to stoop down at people’s childish and dumb antics. Geez double face palm. tsk tsk… How old are these kids spreading this controversy? 12, 14 and I wonder how old are those people buying this so-called controversy? If they are mature beings, I can’t imagine how lonely are they.

    • nope. I doubt the one who think that it wasnt appropriate for him to take the center position were kid or lonely people 🙂 Let be real here, he did something wrong. if you watch the video, you’ll understand why netizen roasted him. his agency’s “staff told him” already debunked. the staff said they didnt ask him to.
      I dont think this will ruin his career, he’s a man after all. But he’s better apologize than denied ..

      • The person writing is not even attempting to understand the situation. Even I understand hierarchy. There is practically no reason he can stand there. The accepted thing if directed to is to decline, act humble and give way to the seniors.

        I am not even taking the Netizen side. I am saying as another Asian who understand about hierarchy. And tbis was an industry event. If he doesn’t understand the concept of sunbae and hoobae he would have been living under a rock.

        I am slightly shocked myself he sidelined JSW. Like ” wow ” way to go making your seniors notice you for the wrong reason.

  6. Wethner he was distracted or he did it on purpose, it’s a very dumb thing to do. Koreans pay a lot ot attention to levels and seniority, how did he miss this? Though I don’t think it’s just his fault, the staff should have insisted that he move, it is their job to make sure people are in their positions. Last year photo does seem generally better organized, with everyone already holding their awards, too. I think this year they tried not to have all the women on one side and the men on the other, and it became messy for them.

  7. Maybe they should have coordinated in height all the shorties in the front and the tall ones at the back. Or how about colour coordinated? Black on the left add the coloured dressed in the middle and those in white on the side. Or in alphabetical name order? See where Im going with this? What a great awards night to be marred by who was standing where. Seriously how pedantic. But I guess it’s enough to rarck up a frenzy in Korea and I hope no one is losing sleep over this.

    • Great idea, you should suggest this next time you take pictures with your company’s senior executives or at your friend’s wedding.

      I’m sure at least ONE person in Korea is losing sleep over this, lol.

      • Really? *genuinely curious* It’s ok in NZ for guests to be in the center front of photos while the bride and groom stand off to the side? Or the new employee takes the center spot in a company group photo and the CEO stands in the back?

        I thought common courtesy is an universal concept.

      • And guess what? Goes to show that he would of been directed to stand there by the producer of the show for the group photo. If the fellow awardees had an issue at the time umm I’m sure they would not hesitate in reminding him that he was stepping on their toes or raining on their parade so to speak? For JHI I guess it’s common sense to oblige if you’re told to do something. Now that you mentioned it and you’ve kindly reminded me of what would we do here in NZ; is that I can honestly tell you hand on my heart when a photo is taken it is the photographer who will direct everyone into a position. We’re kinda like our sheep you know and the farmer whistles to the sheep dog to guide us. I guess it’s universal; same thing must have happened at the group photo shoot for this? And don’t misconstrue that Im referring to the awardeees as sheep. I used it as an analogy. Furthermore we’re pretty laxed down under must be all that fresh country air tinged with the sweet smell of cow gas! ?

    • Its the cultural sensitivity here and we have to respect that. And ofc, a little use of common sense on Jung Hae In’s part would save him from a lot of troubles.

  8. LOL at least each year there is still one person who wears bright colors. Last year it was that young lady in lovely fuschia dress, this year was that cute little girl in red dress

    • OMG I didnt notice that.so cute.These people need to understand that there are muted colours like dark blue, purple, wine red.If they dont want too much distraction and colour clashing.It still works.you know bring on those spring colours to reflect the season.They dont even need to have prints or patterns on them.Just add some flash of colour than just standard black and white.But they are pretty people so they can get away with the boring dress code.

      • The little girl brighten up that gloomy picture. They should’ve put her in the middle, nobody would’ve mind

  9. He won popularity award, he should’ve stand right beside suzy as they won the same category, but oooohhhh boyyyyyyyy

  10. Nope, while they were trying to set up for photos, he should have ignored what was said and fumbled around creating chaos by trying to determine just what his place should be. Does he go by rank, age, gender, experience? This is NOT a bride and groom shot but a group photo!Yep, I am being sarcastic because at times like this you stand where you are told to. Btw, I am always in the front row because I’m a shorty. Does that make me disrespectful to those behind me? Non verbal cues in a milling group are likely to be missed so I’m inclined to cut him some slack on this one.

    • Fancams show he was being gestured to move around but ge didn’t budge. Korean culture is also about saving face so of course people won’t go tell it to his face that he needs to move and give his place to the daesang winner. It’s common sense. He grew up in Korea and has been in the industry for 6 yrs already. He should have known

    • he’s the tallest though. if this picture displays all shorty at front line while the tall ones at the back, irrespective of age or seniority then no one will bother.

  11. this is so funny… If JHI is arrogant, he will pay the price of losing some future drama/movie offers. No producer will want to work with arrogant actor who is not even a “star” yet…

  12. There is a good reason why he didn’t hit it big before so this must be it. How painfully awkward it must have been for the senior actors trying to non-verbally suggest him to go to his place and let the daesang winner in the middle but he wasn’t budging. All this while FNC mediaplayed the hell out of him despite the fact he was only a third lead in an average 8% rated drama. Well, that’s the company MO. Too bad that it backfired now. JHI seems clueless. Maybe he can’t handle all this popularity and piss is traveling his head.

    • You’re probably right about him not handling the popularity. I read from an interview from him that the fame he is getting is making him want to run away. He said his weakness is being an introvert and socially awkward. This incident apparently shows that.

    • Yo pretty autumn. He may be 30 yo but he didn’t debut until he was 26. He went to the army first. That’s why he hasn’t been popular until now. No need to assume…Also 8% is a pretty big deal for jtbc, a cable drama. It’s all about relative comparison.

      • I think she meant the WYWS one.The one he did before this one.The jtbc one(pretty noona) is averaging at 5% which is still successful on cable standard and its airing late too.But the ratings have been droping consecutively for the past four weeks including this past friday and saturday.But that has nothing to do with this issue.But more like they are complaining that the plot has gone bananas.

  13. Too early for the so called new hit boy to be having this controversies. He articles on never are blowing up with almost 9k upvotes talking bad abt him.

  14. Funny how is agency is saying he is being targeted because he is hot right now lol they just made it worse

  15. I guess folks just have nothing better to do than start drama over something so mundane and unimportant in the scheme of life. Go help feed some starving people, adopt some children, etc. This is not serious enough for “controversy” and “scandal”. And yes, I am rolling my eyes.

    • I just wish people will stop saying negative things about JHI. Why are they blowing things out of proportion?They are so over exaggerating! I dont see JHI as arrogant nor disrespectful. So people who have nothing better to do than to talk maliciously about somebody, I advise you all to just quit coz I believe you have other much more important things to do than to talk ill about others! Get a life guys!

      • Hahaha…. don’t you find these comments entertaining? If you have other much more important things to do then go do it, why leave a comment? I don’t think this is talking “ill” about others, this is just random analysis of an action that seemed quite odd ? Everyone has a life, we don’t need you to tell us to get one ?

  16. Would this controversy blown way out of proportion if JHI is not the current IT boy? I say his agency’s plan to promote him backfired. If they had done just the right amount and not overpromoted him, it would not have gone this far. People are started to get tired of his overexposure and that’s when people started nitpicking and its a coincidence that he was unsensitive with the culture and rank and lack the common sense to act that way, thus giving room for people to blast him. Even when I was neutral of him back then, I myself also feeling annoyed seeing him and SYJ everywhere esp with that over the top gesture of “shoving it on our face” of their so-called explosive chemistry. At times, “less is more”.

  17. Unless, Baeksang Award staff come up to testify that they forced him to stand there, he’s really in hot waters right now.

  18. Hope this is a lesson for him. I like him as an actor. We dont even know if actors are nice people or fakers when we see them during award sessions.

    • probably not now… but it will certainly affect who wants to work with him in the future (ie senior actors)…

    • Not enough to prevent drama and movie offers from coming through which is why FNC is continuing to be stubborn.But he cant use the “goody two shoes personality” image anymore to promote or sell himself or mediaplay with this incident.He will have to rely on his looks and acting skills to get to the top and stay at the top.The other option is to move to a real acting agency that will actually promote his skills and help him better his reputation than this one which is continuing to run his reputation and popularity to the ground.

  19. It is very difficult to say what happened there. But common sense says that in a professional group photoshoot, you place yourself where you are told to stand. I might have stayed as well if the organizers told me to pose there. If he is somewhat a shy or introvert person, I can see more the reason why he would feel more uncomfortable reacting and choosing a place to stay himself. I don’t think anyone deserves to be judged by a situation like this, which can be tricky.

    • i am not judging him coz i don’t know him personally… but “socially awkward” is probably the best term to describe him. Even if I were told to stand there, as a junior, I would be inclined to move to the back row… Sometimes advice may not be the best (never trust anyone as it may trick you) if you know clearly where you belong… just saying… Now he has committed what 99% of junior artists wouldn’t do, that’s why all the arrows are pointing at him. It is just odd. Not a big deal, but it will put a mark on his career.

  20. Hahaha, JHI probably misunderstood something. He thinks someone telling him to stay there means to stay in one spot only and never move. He doesn’t know the meaning of staying somewhere near that spot except the centre???

  21. A loss of face amongst his pears….If you are born in Asian culture than you understand things which are not acceptable especially related to age and where you are in the pecking order in life…A big thing is respect in Korean culture and this is a huge and not negotiable folks

  22. last year photo caught my eyes instead. pretty yoo jung and bogum right in the middle centre, but second row. nicely placed with man on the left, woman on the right.

  23. They can simply say sorry. All the media play is not helping him at all. Its a simple mistake. JHI is not an IT boy yet, he is the new rising star. People still know nothing about his personality. Base on the photo I dont think he has great body proportion either. Personality is the key to longevity, popularity usually dont last long.

  24. Saw the clip and I must say, he doesn’t do the bowing thing to anyone, be it more senior , more experienced etc….maybe not his thing? just nodded his head. And for those who does, they give me a reason to like them better. Good manners make one more beautiful. See clips of Kim Soo Hyun, Park Shin Hye to name just a few, doing the full 90 degree bows….. to the audience and to each other, makes me go awwwww…….because let’s face it , it’s all perception. Now, to this actor this incident will forever be remembered by the audience.

    • It is just a picture, but you know in some culture just a picture can bring harsh consequences. We can’t force our culture on other. Respect is a big thing is some Asian culture.

      • Narrowmindedness is not a culture. Just because some jealous slobs interprets a photo negatively, does not mean we have to believe and condone as well.

  25. He should apologize not long after the controversy blew up but he didn’t so this make the scandal bigger. His agency didn’t help either. I’m not suzy fans but i feel she’s very humble to always stand on the side in the pictures.

  26. People are getting over sensitive with time and I really hate it you all forget the more important things that’s happening in the world which deserve to make people aware of and make such a big deal of stupid things like this. He didn’t kill or hurt anyone and it’s not a sin so I don’t see why you’re all criticizing him go and criticize the people who really deserve to be criticized not someone who just stood in the middle how idiot ?

    • And don’t come at me saying it’s a cultural thing from what I see it knetz starts hating on people for whatever reason it is and just love to put celebrities and idols uder pressure they need to understand celebrities are humans too and they can make mistakes

      • It’s called Jealousy. It’s a chronic disease and very toxic. ? Not only Knets have this disease some I-fans too.

      • @MistyEyed, what is there to be jealous of? It’s not like he’s a threat to anyone.

      • Jealous people generally don’t have reasons but be jealous. It’s disease and a toxic one.

        But some fans of current IT actors are threatened that a new IT actor is starting to shine that overshadows their oppa. Either thier oppas are in the military or in long hiatus and have difficult getting acting projects.

    • Ummm…. I think you are in the wrong blog if you want to talk about issues like politics, environment, world poverty etc… And this is not a discussion forum for knetz… I dont think knetz care about what you are complaining really!! We are mostly ifans who enjoy some korean entertainment. You are barking up the wrong tree here ?

      • I don’t call it enjoyment when people are playing with others careers and life and judge them for one act. You may see it as fun and enjoyable but the one who’s being bashed doesn’t and is put under so much stress because of people like you who makes small mistakes that any normal person may do a big deal

      • Oh come on… Who are playing with others life now? You are totally exaggerating & taking things out of context here! I can speak directly with the one who’s being bashed. He should be stressed for standing in that spot!! Who are you who think can speak for him now? Are you his mom?? Go home & teach him better then ? People like you who makes random comments a big deal is stupid. Do you think he would read your dumb remarks seriously? If so, tell him to write me a reply here ?

  27. I sometimes truly wonder what goes inside a dumb i-fans head. If a damn Selena Gomez was pushing Beyoncé out of the way to the far corner and she was at the center with a popularity award in the Grammys, I bet your ass there’d be an uproar and twitter roasting Selenar’s ass! So you’re right. It’s not a culture thing. It’s a ccommon sense thing, which Jung Hae In seemed to lack with manners too. He didn’t even do the 90 degree bow, just cocked his head. What a dumb ‘newbie’. Already 6 yrs in the industry and doesn’t even know basics…

  28. I have no idea who he is. But if he deliberately flaunted Korea’s absurd social mores then all the power to him.

    • Yeah, let a random dude stand in the middle of your wedding pic next to your husband while you get pushed back to a corner. Better yet, when you win a gold medal, let a last tier stand in the middle while you’re in the back. Go to a company photograph session and push your boss to the back, while, you a newbie, gets to stand in the front. Let’s see how long you can keep your job. Dumbass

      • Yes, these examples compare to a case of upholding a social hierarchy based on age.

        Commenting on things you don’t fully understand, and calling other people dumb at the same time, is eminently self-refuting.

      • Oh look how edgy you are. Your comment proves my point. The social hierarchy here is not based on age, smarty pants. Had JHI won a daesang, he’d rightfully be in the center. But that was not the case. In order for this society to function, you have to abide by the rules. You can’t put a nobody in the center and make the commander in chief stand in back. You can’t put a bronze medalist in a higher pedestal than a gold medalist. If anarchy and social entropy is your thing, then sure go ahead. But majority still has common sense left. It’s not like JHI is a small child. He’s 31 and he’s been in the industry for 6 years. He should have known better. he made himself look like an uncultured fool. Seems like you’re commenting on things you don’t fully understand. Aside from disrespecting other peoples’ cultural values.

      • “Social anarchy.”

        Reductio ad absurdum arguments are the fool’s last resort.

      • Lol can you read? Point me where I wrote ’’social anarchy’’. You seem illiterate too, and you using latin phrases doesn’t impress anyone. I literally studied latin and sanskrit in my youth, so to piss your anarchist ass off: ’’vivat et res republica, mecenatum caritas, quae nos hic protegit!”

      • “If anarchy and social entropy is your thing.” Implying that the alternative to the strict social structure of Korean society is anarchy. Thus, misattributing an absurd position to me. Which, again, is the definition of a logical fallacy called “reductio ad absurdum”.

        Also, trust me: people will respect your opinions more if you tone down the invectives. Just a friendly advice.

      • I wrote quite accurate analogies here, however, all you managed to write up is how deplorable Korean culture is. Respecting the protocol in ANY culture is a sign of good social conduct, good behaviour and civil manners. Obviously, internet slang is going to look and sound different, even brutish, but I’m done with writing academic papers. If I go on with analogies to drill it into more simpler minds, I’d end up sounding tautological. Anyway; if Selena Gomez hypothetically won a popularity award and Beyoncé won a ’’artist of the year’’ award and then all the award winners had to take a group photo together, and Selena was standing in the middle while Beyoncé was made to stand in the back, I highly doubt even Americans would tolerate that. But since you love to oppose the Terrible Korean Culture, go off I guess..

      • When you wrote these “academic papers” your professors should really have explained to you the meaning of the word tautological.

    • I know perfectly well what tautology is. Both in mathematics and language. All these analogies I’ve made ARE tautological, comes from the greek words tautos = the same and logos = word/rule. Maybe you shouldn’t play a smart ass with me 🙂

  29. Excessive condemnation over a photo opp…What crime did he commit??? Change is ideal too to create an impact to the world. So give Jung Haein a break. You are all winners anyways.

    • There is a difference in daesang winner and a popularity award winner. Would you put a People’s Choice award winner in the front while an Oscar winner gets shoved to the back= Think, please.

  30. To those who defend his “cluelessness” during the group photo, go watch clips of his behavior on the red carpet. He is nothing but a calculative attention seeker. I can’t believe he actually shoved himself in Son Ye Jin’s photo time and grabbed her hand for couple shots. They were not there to represent the same work and organizers did not plan for them to appear on the red carpet together. Even Son Ye Jin was surprised he showed up again on the red carpet. After he left, photographers had to gesture to Son Ye Jin to stay back and continue her individual shots because this idiot jumped in from nowhere.

      • Of course it was and that’s why it’s a calculated move. He was seizing the opportunity to promote himself and his drama when Pretty Noona has nothing to do with the Baeksang this year. There’s a time and place for everything and it was extremely rude and butthead of him to cut into someone else’s photo time. Sure, no harm was done as SYJ didn’t seem bothered and fans are happy, but his behavior just shows how much of a thick skinned opportunist he is.

    • Keep your narrow-minded. All actors want to please their fans. It’s a must to keep you in acting business. It’s not calculated the way you think. Put yourself in that situation. If they don’t come together hand in hand on red carpet, it would be very disappointed to their fans. Of course, this is planned ahead but it had to be approved by Baeksand Awards officials. Not that I want to make you mad, but the way you think of other people’s action is a bit crooked.

      • Like I said, there’s a time and place for everything. Him butting in on her time was just plain rude. How about waiting for her to finish her photos and walking into the hall together? How is it that a 31 year old does not even know basic manners and etiquette? He is just too full of himself and desperate to get into the spotlight. Shameless!

  31. honestly i am really dissapointed with jung hae in. he is already 30 years old.. oh my god please…you already in the enough age to think and act wiser.. how can he turn acting like this? and make akward and introvert or staff as reason and excuse for him to stand over there… how can he doesnt know about his culture? did he pretend to forget? or pretend to act stupid? …oh my god jung hae in.. i even know that his position is wrong.. suzy even has the same win category with him who is more younger than him know where must to stand… jung hae in you do the bad manner just apologize.. not a crime but it was really bad for you and the others too..

  32. I am not one to follow every single rules because society says so, however in this case basing it on all the behaviours he exhibited he sort of went off the rails. People that say no big deal or its being blown out of proportion well I could imagine you’d be pissed if it was your party and someone else cut the cake. In any case it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if he had just said sorry now it would seem calculated. He is 30 not 3. We teach kids to eat with their mouths closed and excuse themselves from the table, he would have learnt proper etiquette in these formal occasions. He just behaved badly own it and move on voila can’t be that complicated.

  33. Hi Koala & everyone,

    Do you guys know why there is no article about him on sites like Allkpop and Koreaboo. Allkpop has one article hiding somewhere. Dose his agency have a pull on those sites? Or the writer are his fans?

    What is the update in South Korea? An apology from him?

  34. Although what he has done might be ‘just a little thing that should be ignored’ for others, I think those little things are the most important when it comes to seeing the true face of actors/actresses. Watching the video, he clearly isn’t showing the right form of respects to the seniors and seems to even seek attention especially with the red carpet with SYJ.
    My best friend is half-Korean and she said that the wrong he did was so ‘common sense’ and he shouldn’t have done that especially being from a country that regards seniority as a very important thing. Not to mention that the said event is Baeksang which is like the Golden Globe of Korea. A very important event in the entertainment industry.
    I don’t know much about this man but if he lacks good manners, even if he didn’t know what to do, that shows his level of ignorance and it is such a letdown.

  35. I guess it’s all about having a thick face. I can’t believe for one second that he was oblivious to the whole thing. He’s got balls. He does look like a dipstick.

  36. Okay lol. People need to calm the f down. If he made a mistake, fine. Life happens. If he didn’t, hopefully this has taught him a valuable lesson and he becomes more humble. I don’t know who the heck the actors all around him are, but jeez one flimsy picture isn’t that important. There’s plenty of photo moments in their careers. Let’s not assume we know all the facts and bash JHI. Let’s be mature, KIND, human beings here and MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES.

    • If you are so invested in JHI’s wellbeing, you can at least research on those “who the heck” seniors whom he has displaced out of the centre spot. Everyone moves on every second of our lives, we don’t need you to tell us. And oh, please keep the f word to yourself, we are civilized people here ?

  37. I will love to say that, everyone there have no intention to tell him about what right to do, yes he is Korean and know the how to ‘polite’ but sometimes you does make mistakes, the senior does have the responsibility to tell him,(just if you care)

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