Lee Min Ho Brings Personal Taste Feels Sending Coffee Truck to Son Ye Jin for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

I still vividly remember the three-way epic K-drama showdown way back in 2010, during what will now be remembered as the tail end of the Hallyu drama heydays. Three high profile prime time dramas premiered on the exact same day with Cinderella Unni, Personal Taste, and Prosecutor Princess. Each would have their strengths and weakness, and rabid fanbase, and I was hooked the most by Personal Taste during the live watch process. It started off promising and nothing worked as well as wanting the two leads Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho to burn the screen up with their chemistry. That didn’t quite happen but who can forget the “Game Over” kiss, lol. I’m so happy the two actually remained friends as 8 years later Lee Min Ho is still supporting his noona by sending her a coffee truck to the set of her currently drama Pretty Noona Buys Me Food. So sweet and apropos.


Lee Min Ho Brings Personal Taste Feels Sending Coffee Truck to Son Ye Jin for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food — 27 Comments

  1. Hmmm so.. Lee Min Ho sent a coffee truck to Son Ye Jin, his co-star from Personal Taste (which was a bad drama btw), but he never sent coffee trucks to anyone prior to that? Not Kim Hee Sun, not Park Min Young or Park Shin Hye? Well, PMY is his ex so it may be awkward. Jun Ji Hyun hasn’t had any dramas after LOTBS. Didn’t he claim, though, that PSH was like a donsaeng to him? Am I missing something? Since when does he have a good relationship withSon Ye Jin? If I were cynical (which I am), I’d say he’s doing this to stay relevant 🙂
    On the side note, Son Ye Jin’s outfit is exactly what I wear when I go to work. except that I got white Converses instead. I wish more K-actresses had normal outfits in dramas rather than those sponsored super expensive Chanel/Gucci/D&G stuff that no one wears on a regular working day.

    • I don’t disagree that sending coffee trucks keeps stars visible … but that is true for everyone. The displays are usually plastered with the sender’s image. I think this subtle noona reference is much more effective PR. In the past LMH sent food support to Choi Jin-hyuk.

    • You are a girl? I’ve always thought you were a male since you seem to dislike many male celebs hahahaha.

    • Those ladies didn’t send a food truck to him either. Anyway I don’t think he’s the type to get too chummy to his co-stars. Seolhyun said Lee Minho ignored her after filming ended, when they were pretty close during filming. Even during Heirs, you can tell that the younger group (PSH, KJW, Krystal, KMH, PHS and KWB) were closer to one another.

    • @louise I can’t deny that Son Ye Jin must be loving this popularity she’s getting lately.

      @Cherie, yeah he’s pretty weird. He was so distant to the rest of the Heirs cast now that I think of it. Like he never probably even discussed about the script with the others and stayed in his own corner. Well, seeing how he never discussed about that closet kiss scene with PSH just to get a ’natural’ reaction from her.. I guess he never did work together with the others unless it was absolutely necessary.
      He seemed the closest to Choi Jin Hyuk, seeing how in interviews, CJH said that they catch up and go for drinks. Even Kim Sung Ryung was sort of lamenting how his on-screen son changed his number and doesn’t keep contact. I’ve always thought how freaking WEIRD LMH is. The way he kept going after Suzy and even inviting her to his Gangnam Blues premier to watch his sex-violence film after which he asked her out to which Suzy strangely said yes. How romantic…

      @Jojo Why do you assume that I hate male celebs? Can you show me one comment where I say that I hate male celebs? You’re a weirdo. I don’t have any particular male faves. In fact, I like Park Hae Il and Song Kang Ho.

      • I can see how “I’ve always thought how freaking WEIRD LMH is” could be taken as a “hate” comment. LOL

    • Personal Preference was a bad drama just because you did like it? How convenient. This was probably the best drama of LMH.

      And about sending coffee truck, I wonder why the military allowed it. But anyway, if ever he would be questioned about doing this promotion, he’d probably say that his agency does it in his name.

      • Personal Taste is actually quite bad imo… but if you call this his “best”, LMH really does not have any good drama (high rating does not equal good in my book, Heirs is Terrible)… lol…

      • Actually, imo, City Hunter is the best of him. Personal Taste was actually quite badly written, full of stereotypes.. unmemorable…
        @rubyred true.. at least staff got a treat. Makes me wonder if production ever pays for their food while filming

      • I agree that personal taste is one of the best drama of lee min ho and son ye jin there both doing good in this drama.

    • i just thought the timing is really weird cos LMH is in the middle of military service, no? didn’t seem very appropriate to be doing this, since most ppl tend to keep a low profile even if they are not in camp.

    • You are a blatant LMH anti, your comments now are so predictable ?. He can send food trucks to whomever he chooses it’s his money. While he is obligated to be professional on set with other cast. That obligation ends at the completion of the project. He can choose who he wants to be closer to and whom he doesn’t. He doesn’t owe his personal relationship to anyone.

      • How can one totally misinterpret the contents of someone’s comments.

    • Well, I hope he will not dare come up with such idea, when comes to Park Shin Hye! I will find him and swallow him , whole him, like whale swallow fishes, boats, including MYM entertainment! Lol! ?

      PS=Sorry, no space for his fans! Lol!?

  2. How lovely and considerate of him. SYJ had a food truck from So Ji Sub as well. Now I’m waiting for Kim Nam Gil to gift her one too. I’m glad she is being showered with so much affection. ?

  3. I miss LMH, he’s so good looking. I can’t wait for him to finish his 2 year military/civilian service and return with a good drama.

    I was a little late jumping on the LMH bandwagon. But from the subbed interviews I’ve seen of him. He had always appeared so friendly, happy and very boyish.

    They are/their image is so well controlled by their management. I suppose we’ll never know what their true personality is like.

    However, I could believe there is an element of arrogance there. Considering BOF became such a hit and he was so popular in the Heirs.
    But then again, it could have been going on set to him was going to work. Do his bit and leave. Can imagine, he would be quite busy.

    IMO most celebrities are very self absorbed. Considering they have everyone fans /management telling them how wonderful and gorgeous they are.

    Ahhhhh, having said all of that. I really miss LMH and looking forward to seeing him again.

  4. A good deed is a ‘good deed’ even if it’s to promote oneself versus someone who judge others but does nothing.

  5. That 3 big dramas , i dont like personal taste it bitter in my mouth , the only kdrama of lee minho i really dont like. Persecutor princess i love so munch , the cinderella unni, no reaction coz i didnt watch

    • Son ye jin very good in movie and have box office but doesn’t have luck with drama just like song hye kyo all of her movie failed in box office but very good to pick drama

    • True.But he rarely has chemistry with any of them.He has worked with Goo Hye Sun, Son Ye Jin, Park Min Young, Kim Hee Sun, Park Shin Hye, and Jun Ji Hyun.The only one out of all these women who he had something resembling chemistry was Park Min Young in City Hunter.Maybe when he comes back they shouldnt pair him with noonas anymore.Or better still he should try non-romantic thriller dramas.It could challenge his acting skills a bit.

  6. Many years ago, I read a news article when Personal Taste was launched.
    The production used Son Ye Jin for Lee Min Ho to piggy back to greater heights.
    At that time, Son Ye Jin was already famous among the young and old.
    She said ok to it as she had not done dramas for a long time then.
    She was also open to having Lee Min Ho as partner.

    So I think this is a way Lee Min Ho show appreciation and a reminder
    to Son Ye Jin that he still remembers her help back in the those days.

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