Jung Hae In Thanks Fans in First Statement After Baeksang Center of Photo Furor

I’m of two minds about the Jung Hae In controversy stemming from his center of photo position in the official winners picture. On one hand it’s not the biggest of deals even if he intentionally planted himself in the middle spot to milk his current It Boy fame. But it does color my impression of him and that’s hard to fully erase going forward, being thirsty for fame to the point of ignoring social protocol that is highly important in Korean culture makes him come off as arrogant and self-absorbed. His agency continues to stick with the story that Jung Hae In was directed to stand in the middle by the staff organizing the picture, which could be true except there are tons of instances with younger rising stars intentionally move away from the spotlight to defer to more senior stars.

In this case it wasn’t just Jung Hae In’s age it was also that he won the popularity award which is just a side thing compared to the winners of the best acting trophies. He’s certainly not doing himself any favors by not apologizing, sometimes just saying sorry goes a long way in smoothing things over even if one didn’t do the faux pas intentionally. This week Jung Hae In updated his SNS to share that he just finished the final filming for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, thanking his fans for supporting him, and promising to walk his given path. I think he’s shooting himself in the foot in the long run with this ignore the controversy approach but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Jung Hae In Thanks Fans in First Statement After Baeksang Center of Photo Furor — 53 Comments

    • I don’t know, being known for bad manners and disrespectful on the professional front can be more of a career killer than those who have messy, scandalous private lives. No one likes working with conceited, attention hog types.

      • clearly k-netizens have nothing better in life to do.
        they should actually focus on living a better life for themselves.

  1. If it was directed by staff then suzy should also have been in the middle, but that wasn’t the case. And the fact that he still hasnt apologize is he wants to be in limelight either good or bad way.
    Its just my POV.

    • So true…that’s why I find it hard to remember names because there’s always someone new. I grew up watching the likes of Zo In Sung, Kang Dong Won (yep, I managed to watch his last tv drama), So Ji Sub, and Hyun Bin and even though they are not as active on TV after their military service, everyone still know names.

  2. He is a grown man of 30 and should know the korean culture well enough not to court such controversy when his star is shining.

    Well with his popularity and good looks he may get away with it.

    Disappointed that he hasn’t apologize for his lack of manners and his careless agency.

    • for crying out loud, it is just a picture, and their awards are not even relevant, just popularity awards voted by fanatics who have no life to live. just give them some slack, the world is not in dictatorship, or did South Korea already change their leadership to Kim Jong Un, but even that guy is moving forward to Liberal ship.

      • That’s why some people are aggrevated by the picture, he just won a Popularity Award, yet he’s in the middle as if he won a Daesang.

  3. Did you guys even consider that the organizers may have set this picture up depending on how everyone was dressed? Those with nicer suit and dresses up front and so on?

    • Maybe it’s true but like many pointed out, there were many IT actors prior to him like KSH, PBG who won the award and were probably instructed the same but they knew their place and moved away to give the positions to the deserving ones. It’s not like the organizer would screamed at him for moving away. He should know better. Is he so unaware of the mannerism and cultural sensitivity despite growing up in Korea? Or perhaps, can’t he just exercise a little bit of common sense? Maybe this whole thing is ok with us but not ok for koreans and we can’t expect them to view the issue the same way that we do since we don’t share the same culture. And here, JHI does not even bother to apologize.

  4. I’m not really his fan and I didn’t watch any of his drama but I don’t really find a reason why he should apologize to knetz and I actually find him ignoring it is the best way . I wish some celebrities will stop thinking they should apologize to netzens when they did nothing wrong to them and netizens should stop thinking they have the right to get their apologies if they did something wrong they should apologize to the person who got affected not some people who’re sitting behind their laptops and mobiles feeling wronged when they weren’t even involved this mentality should change even me you and everyone when we do something wrong we apologize to the person not the whole planet just saying

    • His apology is not to knetz but to the senior actors and the winners of acting awards for lacking in manners. Like when a bronze medallist standing on the top of the podium meant for the gold medallist. Just a simple sorry when one is in a social setting solves everything.

      And this is coming from a fan. He was good in Prison Playbook.

    • He is a public figure, the love of the public is the reason why he has a career in that field, he made the mistake in public, and he was scolded by the public.So it makes sense for him to issue a public apology, not to the netizens but to the person he stole the spotlight from in public as well as his lack of manners to the seniors.

      But its ok, he doesnt have to apologise anymore.Time has passed.If he releases one now, it will come off as insincere.If it was really just a mistake rather than a true reflection of his character.He can use his good looks, talent and his fangirls to repair his image.But if he really is arrogant and fame hungry to the point of hogging other people’s spotlight just to get attention.Then its only a matter of time before he is sent back to nugudom again.

      But then again, there are some people who are just born lucky like Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jong Suk who got away with attitude controversy and their careers are doing just fine(or maybe the conteoversy was proven false dunno).Then, there are unlucky people like Yoon Eun Hye whose acting career is at a standstill because of same attitude controversy.So maybe him being a guy, it might just be a dent in his career journey and he will be fine.

  5. Iam not a fan nor hater of him. Indeed, what happened to him is not big deal but after that, it changed my opinion about him. I don’t like what he did. Of course I don’t know about his real personality and knowing him just based what it shown in the public. And as a public figure, I think he should aware about it.

  6. I hope he will get fewer opportunities moving forward. His arrogance and rudeness towards senior actors who deserved the spot, made me not want to ever see him in anything.

    I have watched many awards shows and many Drama Press Presentations. I have never seen someone as rude as he is.

    • Wow. Sounds like he killed your family. I hope you won’t get a second chance if you even make a small mistake. What go around comes around dear!

  7. He did seem like an attention seeker to me but I think with a bit more time, he’ll get used to his current popularity although it won’t probably last long considering how it-boys easily get replaced.

    • At the rate that he and SYJ promoting their chemistry, I am under the impression that he is an attention seeker. In fact, both him and SYJ are attention seekers except she has a long list of box office movies and awards to make her invicible, whereas he is not. Let’s see if Noona ratings will be affected (not likely) and if his follow up projects can prolongate his fame. He is just so in your face these days, you just can’t help feeling annoyed by his presence.

      • No I dont think SYJ is an attention seeker.She doesnt need to either.As you have said, she has worked with numerous hunks and large scale productions and she remain professional at all times.In fact, my opinion is that she has been as professional as she could be, but JHI, his agency and the production team are the ones using her name and the fact that she is working with them to promote their interests.

  8. I’ll have to give it to Suzy for being nice and humble. That’s the reason she’s still there where she is. Jung Hae In is an oppa so his career won’t be affected that much but he really is a calculative sly fox.

    • Yeah I agree double standards are so rife in the entertainment industry. In the scheme of things it’s not the biggest scandal however it goes a long way to publicly show his professionalism and his ego but others more senior are watching and taking notes.I don’t think his shine will be dented by his fans we will see how viewers react to his next projects. At the end of the day his longevity is determined by
      the public watching his films/shows not by his fan base. If this had been a woman she would have been skewered and some.

  9. Hes not an IT boy yet. He is still far less popular as Park Bo Gum 2016 or Kang Daniel 2017. Nice personality will take a long way. It just take one hit drama for people to forget the last It boy

    • Exactly, IT boys are replaceable. He is up and coming but, wait till he gets a taste of his own medicine then, maybe, he will think again to be so arrogant. He doesn’t seem that popular overseas compared to his predecessors.

    • Yeah the It-Boy field is actually competitive and ruthless to newbies – they have to be controversy-free, talented AND pick good dramas that turn out successful (It Girl status is slightly more assured if you have two successful works and stay uncontroversial, talent is optional). Park Bo Gum is someone who managed all three and Choi Daniel isn’t an ‘It boy’ really but he’s still an actor who’s seen positively.

      Jung Hae In just had a foot in the door to getting his name known, let’s see if he can actually ride this out. And if he can’t….well, there are plenty of actors in that age group to take his place.

  10. Me: No comment ? Ah okay I still prefer Woo Doo Hwan over him though. Gosh he must have some inexperienced PR people supporting him if he’s not going to say a simple sorry for upsetting the apple cart at the awards. Ummm hello everyone Koala posted above about So Ji Sub’s supposed leading lady Lee Yoo Young in ‘Terrius behind me’. No one has commented yet- any thoughts? And I still can’t stand the title name! ?

  11. He has acting talent though. Also he has done with military service. I dont think his fame is over just becoz of this little incident. Hope he learns from his mistake. I bet many of people who shows respect in public arent very nice people inside.

    • If you want stay in k-entertainment you should have good manner and attitudes nothing wrong if you act as fake person in public when you make mistake or scandal just make fake apologies in public they will forgive you and you still can work and get many offer project in future. Look different from song hye kyo and yoon eun hye scandal they run to china, shk make apologize in public and admitted she make mistake and make comeback drama but yeun eun hye being rude and didn’t want apologize it’s hard for her to get role in drama cause knetz still remember and hate her.

  12. at first i really like jung hae in..and after photo incident, hmmm..that feel is gone..he just so so in my eyes.. dissapointed with his act before and now ..he just look like no respect at all..no clarification no apologize and he just ignore all of it…aigoooo..he just smile smile smile and walk away.. i think he was a humble and low profile person… maybe i was wrong… and now i just feel an arrogance in every his smile…

  13. Anyway he was always touted as kim soo hyun lookalike. The original comes back next year. With him the whole influx of A listers Lee Min Ho, Kang Ha Neul etc. I find him in bad taste over this entire incident and frankly the aftermath. Honestly if the folks at Baeksang wanted to bury him, it will be sooo easy. Just confirm the news that this prick didnt budge despite repeated advice to him to do so. If only they were less honourable. Seriously i was rooting for him alot. Now… goodbye replica. Awaiting the real deal. P.s – FNC sucks bigtime. They obviously have no idea how to manage artists and teach them manners. Jung yonghwa… jung hae in… FT boys and their scandals… shudder.

    • He has a little of Kim Soo Hyun but he has mainly the charm of Song Joong Ki in DOTS. The charm of Song Joong Ki has matured and I thinn the K-Ent has replaced him with someone fresher e. g. JHI.

      Hope he will not choose the path of CF boys like many IT boys oherwise he will easily be replaceable.

      As some comparing him to PBG… well maybe in popularity but JHI is definitely a better actor.

    • Kudos to KSH and Suzy.

      Thank you, Abc! That is my feeling — “bad taste” I hate it when people said that it is not a big deal. Yes, it is not terrible but I am not his fan any more.

  14. A simple sorry should be enough for this kind of thing, is that hard for him? He’s just the current IT boy but that fame will fade away too if someone will emerge famous on this year, right? Oppa, even if I’m not a Korean, I know this kind of drill, it’s a common practice, manners. You should try it sometime.

    • Is he that IT yet though? I remember previous IT boys having at least 15 CFs in Korea alone. How many does he have?

      • Check after the drama ends I guess.

        Only time will tell whether this is an actual issue that will adversely affect his career or just a storm in a teacup like the controversy over IU in 2015.

      • (I mentioned IU only because she was also the target of negative commentary but ultimately didn’t lose any endorsements from it).

      • IU got famous since 2010 while JHI got famous like 5 minutes ago, people know nothing about him.

      • I guess Lee Jong Suk and his 2014 ‘airport controversy’ are the next closest thing lol.

  15. What I don’t get is this. Since respect for hierarchy and seniority are so engrained in the collective Korean consciousness, why was he even told to stand there in the first place? Should he have moved? Probably. Would it be politic and no skin off his nose to apologize? Yes. But in my opinion, the fault starts with the organizers that placed him front and center to start with.

    • No one placed him front and centre. He placed himself there. All the photographer did was to ask everyone move to the front. JHI was the first stand in.

    • Watch the videos, no one placed him there. He got there first to claim the spot and didn’t move away from it from beginning to end. You can see the photographer signalling him and others to shift around but he didn’t budge at all.

  16. It’s weird because everybody said he was told to move but he didn’t but it was the words of netizens. There was no proof. In the same time, others said he was told to be on the middle for the picture… So all the story is not clear. But I don’t understand why people see him like calcultive or mediaplay. He doesn’t need to do it, when the netizens become crazy about an actor, the media just follow the trend.

    He deserved it. He’s a good actor who grew up as an actor step by step : university, supporting cast, second role and now first role. He played different characters in history or modern stories.

  17. I don’t know what is what.

    Just feel IF I feel something is UNjustified, I couldn’t-wldn’t apologize either.

    For something I did NOT create.

    Saying sorry means yes I caused it to happen

    As with above poster. Dude has taken a few diverse diff roles to justify being the IT boy. Not just by looking good.

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