Lee Yoo Young in Talks as So Ji Sub’s Female Lead in MBC Drama Terius Behind Me

I almost forgot about this drama on the 2018 slate mostly because it’s rather low profile since the announcement of the male lead and then silence afterwards. This week came news that mostly movie actress Lee Yoo Young has been offered the female lead role in Terius Behind Me opposite So Ji Sub. Her casting certainly isn’t going to jolt this drama with sudden buzz but it’s a smart pick not to go with an idol or one of the famous names just for drumming up publicity. Lee Yoo Young has worked almost exclusively in K-movies and her first drama was the OCN thriller Tunnel last year. She’s a solid choice for Terius to play a woman whose husband suddenly disappears and she needs former NIS agent So Ji Sub’s help to uncover a conspiracy. The drama is currently slated for MBC fall premiere with the PD of Romance Full of Life and the screenwriter of Shopping King Louie.


Lee Yoo Young in Talks as So Ji Sub’s Female Lead in MBC Drama Terius Behind Me — 17 Comments

  1. I hope she takes it and there is a romance tag as well. Oops sorry just re read that her husband disappears. Okay cancel the romance. Also I haven’t seen her in anything so am happy to support this drama because of SJS. I just want that damn title TBM changed please! Just call it Terius? See easy. ?

    • Watch TUNNEL it’s a good drama. She is a good actress. Tunnel is one of the best Fantasy Action drama after SIgnal.
      I recommend you to watch it. You’re missing a lot if you don’t watch that drama

      • @bebot 2727 Yep I’m going to watch Tunnel it’s on my watch it this year list. LYY reminds me of Kim Go Eun. Those two would work well in either a film or drama. Strong; empowered and talented is how I see them. Anycase let’s hope LYY accepts the offer. ?

  2. She is might not be ‘the visual’ but her acting is very attractive. When I watched Tunnel at first, I thought why she is so cold. But by the end of the drama, Im completely sold. And her recently short drama is good, she has the attractiveness that glue you on the screen, make you like her character. So Ji Subs has a good partner here. Im glad that after the sad news, she continue working.

  3. She’s verastile and I like that her acting is chameleon like and muted. Fits perfectly for thrillers. She has so much life experience despite her young age (could you believe that she’s only a couple months older than Park Bo Young and Park Shin Hye?) that she would fit these types of roles.
    I know she’s a professional but I wonder if it would be too tough on her to act a wife right now because it hasn’t been a year since she lost her man in an accident caused by a sudden medical condition in the middle of a road..

    • Yeah, I was concerned when I read that the role would be that of a wife who was dealing with the loss of her husband. When I see her, I can’t help but think of the pain she’s been through.

      I never heard a follow-up about the investigation into what caused Kim Joo-hyuk’s accident. I think I read that they had ruled out a heart attack, but I didn’t hear anything after that. Does anyone have any updated info?

      • Exactly my thoughts. I saw her in a movie press conference and despite she was strong there and answered all the questions, I couldn’t help seeing the pain in her eyes. The reports have been so weird. First the pathologist said it was a cardiac arrest and then the police denies the report and since then I hear no updates. He must have had some sort of seizure for that car to have crashed like that…

  4. I just saw her short drama and it really showed that she’s quite versatile, hence I’m glad that she’s getting opportunities. Though the offered drama premise gave me pause (coz of real-life events), but then again she knows herself better hence if she’s comfortable with it, I hope she takes it.

  5. Drama industry must be improving if film actresses like her, Kim Okbin and Chun Woohee are all coming back to dramas.

    • The female characters are definitely getting more diverse. There used to be this one archetype for female protagonists, which was the poor innocent hard working down trodden object for a rich, rude and arrogant chaebol who changes because of Her. Also, primetime dramas, especially in cable channels, are much more complex than evil in-laws and makjang plots.

  6. I’ve only seen her in Tunnel but really liked her. Her acting is very charming. She reminds me a little of Gong Hyo Jin. LOL I need to know who the writer is before I get too excited. It’s good to see good actresses being cast as leads.

    • Oh Ji-young is the writer, with her only credit Shopping King Louie. Hopefully her sophomore script will be an improvement.

      More worrying is the hit-or-miss PD, Kim Jo-Hoon, who started with Arang and the Magistrate and most recently helmed Star of the Universe.

    • Same here! her drama special “You Drive Me Crazy” is really well-acted and she really did remind me of Gong Hyo Jin. My sisters also say so. I thought we were the only ones who noticed the similarity.

  7. Finally they cast someone who can act. After what happen to her life and taking a break i think it’s good that she accept more project now.

  8. Great actress. I was sad before that I could only see her in films. Happy that she’s now getting roles in dramas that she deserves.

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