Liu Shi Shi and Kim Go Eun Elegant in Contrasting White and Black at Chanel 2018 Show in Paris

The Chanel Resort Collection 2018 set sail this week in Paris against the backdrop of a fully recreated steamer ship and plenty of famous faces in attendance. I got excited seeing Liu Shi Shi and Kim Go Eun there, each displaying their own styles and charms. Former ballerina Liu Shi Shi pulled her hair up and back while still looking lithe and elegant, paired with a white nautical neckline classic Chanel suit in white with red trim. Kim Go Eun went the opposite, less feminine but more metro in all black satin shirt and pants combo that didn’t look too dour on her thanks to a glowing smile and a contrasting white purse. Glad to see the ladies representing Asian ent’s continued presence at the top fashion shows.


Liu Shi Shi and Kim Go Eun Elegant in Contrasting White and Black at Chanel 2018 Show in Paris — 8 Comments

  1. I never view Liu Shi Shi as super gorgeous or exceptionally pretty. But this time she looks fantastic! And for the first time, I think she is really pretty…. great combo in dressing and styling!

  2. For me they really look alike. Both are not super pretty but naturally beautiful and charming.
    I think it’s been so long since the last time i see each of them in a drama?

  3. I’m sorry I cringe every time someone wears a classic Chanel style suit or outfit to a Chanel show. I just think it’s incredibly cliche (and hardly flattering) but that’s just me. The style of this one is more flattering than most of I’ve seen in the past though.

    Kim Go Eun’s outfit is quite cool and fashionable yet simple at the same time which is fitting for her. I think she looks lovely here. Oh I also cringe a bit when I read the “she’s not (super) pretty but…” disclaimers before a compliment about certain actresses on here. My eyes can’t dart away fast enough lol.

    • I think the Chanel skirt suit look with the boxy jacket is really very matronly, and does no favours to anyone whose figure is not like a stick. But some of the other classic Chanel looks are really flattering – LBD? Striped jerseys? Camellia motifs? I love those.

      Looking at Kim Go Eun is like taking a cool drink of lemonade on a hot day – really refreshing (and how is anyone saying she’s not pretty, did they even look at her face?!) She has that chill vibe that makes this Chanel getup look cool and not stodgy.

      • @Xo

        totally agree with you that ‘everyone has different visual standards’ because I do LOVE her eyes especially when she smiles, they’re so cute!!!

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