Drama Posters and New Teaser for About Time with Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung

I’m going to have to madly love female lead Lee Sung Kyung‘s character in upcoming tvN fantasy romance About Time, otherwise it’s near impossible to discount that she’s basically playing a stalker of male lead Lee Sang Yoon. The drama is a week out from the premiere and released a duo of beautiful official drama posters, I love it almost converse to how much I’m disliking all the previews. I don’t like how overwhelming Lee Sung Kyung’s character is in pursuing Lee Sang Yoon, she with the ability to see people’s time clocks and somehow he stops hers. But then the drama posters are just so lovely with the OTP holding hands in the rain, the warmth and comfort coming across to convince me he does like her back even if in the beginning she’s this crazy chick who won’t leave him alone. We’ll find out in a week whether the two really should be together.

About Time:


Drama Posters and New Teaser for About Time with Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung — 6 Comments

  1. In one of my classes, the students voted on a drama by title only, then split into groups watching for specific behaviors, stalking being one: they were stunned by the number of criminal activities committed by the leads, and immediately assumed it was cultural.

    Then I made them watch the equivalent amount of time in their choice of American movie or drama. There was a whole lot of squirming and justifying, but ultimately we learned that the “good” guys are criminals, as are the “bad” guys, in many entertainment forums throughout the world.

    So, personally, I expect the stalker behavior, and the equivalent justifications. ?

    • It’s all in the name of the plot. If they are not borderline criminal, the writers don’t have tools/ideas how to make the characters interesting and/or move the plot.

  2. I like the poster; it is for me one of the nicer ones out and I thought how sweet and then I read the write up and thought of the 1970’s American movie ‘Play Misty for me’’. Yes Im showing my age ? but I’m still going to watch this drama because I’m intrigued by the ‘stalker’ premise and I do like both actors. ?

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