Jung Kyung Ho Time-travels to the 80’s for OCN Drama Remake of Life on Mars

I’m totes feeling the K-drama version of BBC show Life on Mars, there the same concept of a cop from the present time time-traveling decades to the past but here all the South Korean cultural vibes from the 80’s are presently so perfectly. Jung Kyung Ho reunites with his Cruel City PD for this drama but his cop this time isn’t dark, sleek, and undercover, instead he’s front and center of a neighborhood police force in an era that is thirty years in the past for him. I love how goofy this drama looks and the previews have me in stitches, especially seeing kickass Park Sung Woong as a preening bumbling cop partner. Rounding out the cast is Go Ah Sung who is always pitch perfect, hilarious character actor Oh Dae Hwan, and maknae cop Noh Jong Hyun. The drama premieres in June after Mistresses.

Previews for Life on Mars:



Jung Kyung Ho Time-travels to the 80’s for OCN Drama Remake of Life on Mars — 7 Comments

    • Most of his drama and movie are good. I watched all of them i’m a fan since I’m sorry I love you (He is a second lead in that drama) he is a great actor can do comedy to drama to action to being a villain. He got chemistry in all his female leads. can’t wait for this drama. Looks like TUNNEL but this time he is going back to the past.

  1. It is like the opposite of Tunnel so it does sound interesting :D.
    I just hope it is going to be that good too.

    JKH is looking so fine tho ^^. He is such a great actor so I am not worried about the acting. Plus, his co-star are so talented too. I can’t wait !

  2. Sounds great. Jung kyung-ho is always good. Go Ah-sung known so picky for her projects so I believe in her choice.

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