Lee El and Kim Jae Wook Dating Rumor Spreads After She Posts Sleeping Picture of Him on SNS

It’s probably a smart idea for stars to use SNS only for their professional lives and have it curated by their agent or assistant. There are way too many SNS accidental or ill-advised posts and it’s time to add one more from this weekend as K-actress Lee El posted a sleeping picture of her musical costar Kim Jae Wook. He’s totally passed out and likely topless as his shoulders are showing above the blanket, and what would be a intimate sweet picture between a couple suddenly seems seedy when it’s posted by Lee El and then deleted quickly. Lee El’s agency said it was a joke post and the two are not dating but are close friends after working on Amadeus together. I don’t have a problem if their are dating or just friends with benefits but getting sloppy and outing oneself via SNS is so amateur. Or intentional, I dunno, but Lee El and Kim Jae Wook are always a treat to watch onscreen so whatever their relationship is just be happy!


Lee El and Kim Jae Wook Dating Rumor Spreads After She Posts Sleeping Picture of Him on SNS — 26 Comments

  1. I love my girl Lee El but that was not only sloppy and amateur act.It was thoughtless too.If the issue was reversed and kim jae wook posted a picture of her top half with her sleeping in just a bra or topless.The backlash he would get would have been massive.

    Although I must say if they were truly dating.I wouls totally ship them.They are both bery gorgeous people.Or better still pair them up in a tvn or ocn drama.

  2. actually, from what I’ve seen, these two are already close friends long before working in that theatre play.

    and if i remember correctly, didn’t she post a picture of her together with kjw & the director (whom they also call teacher) of that play before this which she also deleted? i didn’t understand why though, since kjw’s other female friends have posted pictures of them with kjw looking way closer than that. trying to create rumour maybe?

    anyway, she really seems like a thoughtless attention seeker with this kind of behaviour.

    regardless of whether they are dating or not, kjw himself seems very low profile & secretive about his dating/personal life. that guy just got famous again with voice last year & now she had to this.

    • Oh my she is just carelessly showed who she is..?but after Her Private Life again, another crazy pics posted by her of that diamond ring KJW bought for her. this is so much CRAZY Actually. Shouldnt you be careful towards KJW reputation? With all formality pls.? Honestly KJW deserves more respect from his Girl? Parkminyoung is most suited to Him.this is an Understatement.they have more fomforts wth each other and moreso proffesional enpugh.So Sorry but just voicing my comments here.

  3. hahaha… what a joker… what was she thinking? She must hate him so badly to post such an ugly pic… lol…

  4. Tutt Tutt and now Lee El has made her Instagram private. I’m not on IG but I use to like looking at her posts especially her cute cats that she puts up pixs of. I adore her so I hope she can get herself out of this unscathed. And for the record I reckon her and KJW would make a super couple. So happy if they confirmed but then again he probably has crazy fans that would be howling at his relationship if they did. However if they are still looking for a female lead for that OCN drama ‘The Hand’ may I ask if they ask Lee El? Or is it going to someone else? Anyway KJW sleeping..thank you Koala for the post and he looks absolutely adorable with bare shoulders. Happy Happy Happy now!!

      • @Jas OMGG I’m so happy Jung Eun Chae oh thank you for sharing this it’s a great score for her after the debacle in Return ?

    • actors’ fans usually have no problems if their bias is dating someone. even some idols’ fan are pretty cool. most of the times, those fans get angry only when their bias bf/gf are attention seeker, posting hints on sns, etc.. if the celebs announce their dating news in a good way, fans & public usually are supportive. with that said, it’s understandable if kjw’s fans are mad at her, whether they are dating or not, because what she did is immature & attention-seeking.

  5. Hmmmm-probably just an accident but if this were a kdrama, it would be a bit in the script where the girl decides to give the guy a push- whatever it is, is fine with me?

  6. no matter how close their relationship, taking photo of someone who is sleeping,i think that is very childish,violates someone’s privacy, and not funny at all.

    • Yes I agree in NZ she would be prosecuted for breach of privacy as the law here is pretty strict. Damn her IG is private so no more cat pics for me. ?

    • @dobby -Yeah he’s happy and what he does in his business off screen in his personal life is neither yours or my concern. And please for future reference just don’t think.

      • Saw that movie thought it was a hoot! Thoroughly enjoyed it too. Yep that’s right he was the gay pastry chef and the owner was try to hit on him. Ive followed him since then. ?

    • @dany – It’s called the androgynous look. You should try it sometimes might enhance your features more. I guess Lee El looking like a man must mean Reebok like her look and Geez you must be a narcissist to draw the comparison.

  7. Imagine trusting someone & that someone embarrassed you in public like this. This reminds me of that one time when he denied dating anyone when being asked by a reporter & from the way he answered, he totally sounded like he didn’t want the media to interfere with his personal life. lee el’s way of joking is definitely on another level. Good luck to kjw though.

  8. I feel sorry for KJW if the rumour was true. Imho, he should have a more confident and secured girlfriend. Not the one who didn’t think much of posting such pictures in a social media. She is not teenager anymore. She is over 30 *rolling my eyes*.

  9. Am sure they will resolve it accordingly…anyways KJW,you are more gorgeous asleep than so many with the finest make-up…i love you…you are very talented.plz act some more…

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