Li Chen Comes to the Rescue of Fiancee Fan Bing Bing’s Epic Drama Win the World After Leading Man Legal Troubles

This isn’t a case of the #MeToo movement but is instead an alleged crime that was reportedly in real life, but the entertainment world consequences are right up the same alley. C-actor Gao Yun Xiang, who is married to C-actress Dong Xuan in real life and they have a one year old daughter, was accused of sexual assault in Sydney two months ago in March. The case is ongoing and he has denied the allegations, but the fallout is massive in C-ent as he is the male lead of the biggest budget C-drama in 2018 called Win the World (Legend of Ba Qing) produced and starring Fan Bing Bing. The drama was supposed to air this summer as the tent pole production but now the Chinese authorities have revoked it’s airing permit due to the legal mess of the male lead, i.e. he is a bad influence to be seen on TV. There were rumors that second male lead Dylan Kuo would be asked to reshoot as the male lead and make the two characters look the same in the drama, which if you ask me is just ridiculous. Now the real knight in shining armor has come to the rescue as Fan Bing Bing’s fiance and actor Li Chen has been spotted filming for Win the World and will reported be digitally edited into the entire drama, which has finished filmed last year so would cost too much to fully reshoot with the cast brought back. On man what a mess…..


Li Chen Comes to the Rescue of Fiancee Fan Bing Bing’s Epic Drama Win the World After Leading Man Legal Troubles — 8 Comments

  1. your first sentence for this is a mess. it insinuates that the #meToo isn’t real life. The #meToo is simply a movement that brings to light cases like this. Real Cases. From Real Life.

    • to add: you could just say that this wasn’t a part of the #metoo, but a case that was directly reported to the police.

  2. I think this may be the best use of digital technology in entertainment. Kevin Spacey was also digitally replaced by Christopher Plummer in the whole film and it worked.

    Maybe now the actors/stars realise that they are literally replacable even if the filming is completed and this may act as deterrent and save women from being harrassed in the future.

  3. I think they should just shelf the drama until the legal case is over and then depending on the outcome, decide whether they want to re-shoot with a replacement. From the little bit that I know of the case, CYX wasn’t the person who committed the alleged rape, it was his co-worker but CYX happened to be nearby and was assumed guilty by association.

    • His reputation is ruined even if it is just by association. The drama will never air with him in it. This is why some people having problem with the #metoo movement. It is too easy to ruin people’s life and career.

      • I understand the MeToo movement has ruined the accused suspects’ life and career but you know if they acknowledged their actions early on or had been more mindful of their behavior, they wouldn’t have to be facing the worse consequences to themsleves and the people around them. And if the people were really sure of their innoncence, they should have attended the court proceedings until the final judgment was made.
        And the victims also face scrutiny for coming out about their assaults, like slut-shaming and being a “gold digger”, but they do it because they want to respect themselves and don’t want to live in constant fear and they find it scary that their perpretators would continue their activities because of their silence.

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