Kimura Takuya’s 15 Year Old Youngest Daughter Koki Debuts as Model in Elle Japan

It’s moments like this I really feel old, and I don’t mean geriatric but more like the acceptance of yet another generation has arrived to make its mark on the world. Japanese superstar Kimura Takuya‘s youngest second daughter has debuted under the stage name Koki, landing the cover and pages of Elle Japan in what is clearly her famous lineage playing a part but she also delivers a riveting pictorial. It’s rough around the edges, a super model she is not yet, but the raw materials are there from the attitude to her lithe frame that doesn’t shy in front of the camera. She can do more than just one pouty facial expression but just that one is worth money since she is channeling daddy Kimutaku so much. Time to pass another baton, take it away Koki!


Kimura Takuya’s 15 Year Old Youngest Daughter Koki Debuts as Model in Elle Japan — 9 Comments

  1. She is a copy of her dad even though there are some features that clearly comes from mom but mostly she’s Kimutaku 2.0.

    She’s a bit short for a international modeling career (I think the min. height is 172 cm and she’s 170)but she’s still stunning,

  2. Wow. How time flies. I was in high school when Long Vacation became a massive hit. But Kimutaku was never my crush. I have always been a die hard fan of Fukuyama Masaharu. Anyway, little Koki does inheritted daddy’s lips. I thought Kimutaku have 2 daughters? I remember the eldest named Kokomi. Not familiar with the wifey Shizuka Kudoh, so I don’t know what features she inheritted from the mom. Lol

    • Yes, she’s the youngest. She’s using a alternate reading of her name Mitsuki as her stage name. Don’t know what the eldest is doing, I guess she’s in HS now. Shizuka Kudo was a big star in her own right, maybe not so much anymore but she was also a singer/songwriter. It was quite the scandal when he married her, she’s still one of Japans most hated women just because she’s married to Kimutaku.

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