Song Seung Heon and Krystal Confirmed for OCN Heist Drama Player

I’m cautiously optimistic for upcoming OCN thriller drama Player, formerly called Hustle and then later Pan, and regardless of the earlier titles has confirmed the initially discussed leads Song Seung Heon and Krystal. The two leads will be playing members of a gang of four skilled at finding and extracting ill-gotten gains from criminals, i.e. stealing from the thieves. Directing will be the PD of Syndrome, with the drama having an early fall premiere falling Voice 2. Both leads have recently dropped well-received drama performances after moving to cable networks, Song Seung Heon in OCN’s Black and Krystal with a supporting role in tvN drama Prison Playbook. Keep this one snappy and fun and I’m onboard for some trickster skillz. Of course it would be remiss for me not to mention the 18 year age gap between the leads so let’s keep the romance dialed down m’kay drama. 


Song Seung Heon and Krystal Confirmed for OCN Heist Drama Player — 7 Comments

  1. Age gap? It’s not like they are playing themselves in the drama. Besides Kystal looks mature than her age.

    • Krystal does look quite mature while SSH can look boyish and playful when not brooding. After Mr. Sunshine, I guess people are not that concerned about the age gap thing. Anyway keep it fast-paced, light-hearted and stylish a la Lawless Lawyer and I am on board.

    • Yes and Song Seung Heon looks very, very good for his age.

      I’m sure he appeals to any female from the age of 18 to 80. He has aged very well and fortunately for him but unfortunately for others he looks much better than actresses his age. If he were to be paired with an actress closer in age to him he would look younger than them.

      His acting has improved, really enjoyed his role in Black and he continues to be a visual delight.

      How i would love to see him being paired with Song Hye Kyo again…

      Look forward to seeing him again.

  2. This drama is a thriller, so should be no romance involved, right?… Age gap shouldn’t matter, Krystal looks older than her real age of 23 anyways. Krystal will be fine playing bitchy kickass character, as long as no more My Lovely Girl type, she will be ok. I wonder who will be casted for the two other gang members, we need someone who can act just in case SSH fails to deliver as he is not very consistent ?

  3. Oh no… I really didn’t like the love story in Black because of Go Ara and in Prison Playbook because of Krystal. She didn’t have chemistry with Park Hae Soo. I really don’t care about the age or if it’s an idol, I just want a good actress…

  4. SSH is a good actor but definitely not a strong one. As long as he avoids Saguek drama, he should be all right.

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