Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo Confirmed for KBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovely Horribly

This drama setup actually sounds interesting in that K-drama fated and full of coincidences sort of way, and yet the casting just grinds it all to a near halt for me. The next KBS Mon-Tues drama premiering in early August will be Lovely Horribly, following Are You Human?. It’s described as a scary elements romance, with a top star played by Park Shi Hoo who has all the lucks in life meeting up with perennially unlucky screenwriter played by Song Ji Hyo, and strange things start happening due to their crossed fates from being born on the same time, same day, same year. Apparently whatever she writes happens in real life, and I’m thinking death may be involved. I still can’t stomach watching Park Shi Hoo and feel bummed I missed the highly rated My Golden Life, and Song Ji Hyo only works for me in limited circumstances and I’m not sure this pairing is that must-see project.


Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo Confirmed for KBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovely Horribly — 20 Comments

  1. This comments sections will be on fire. Like Woody Allen, Wagner and Roman Polanski. Artists who have had credible proof of sexual assault and racism should be called out. That is the legal institutions and media should not hide their faces. For many reasons cases where prosecution is dropped is due to the the survivor not continuing, length of time (jurisdiction of time) and evidence that has been not properly looked after or dealt wit or the legal bar of burden a shadow of a doubt (very high) is not met ( it doesn’t mean they are not guilty look at OJ simpson). In any such cases I don’t believe in censorship that taints all of us in civil society however if these people persist on being in the media eye then it is up to us as consumers to not consume. The less traffic in sales less likely they get picked up for high level gigs. I am aware that some people have very powerful people behind them but there comes a day like Harvey Weinstein that reckoning will happening. I personally will not watch this to not give it any ratings and his personal behaviour means I can’t see past it. This opinion goes towards women as well that have transgressed but having said that when a woman does something disgraceful their penalty by the fans will always be harsher. To all his fans have at it, as I say I am not for censorship but I will not support a perp period.

    • Completely agree! I don’t care what his projects are or how much I may love his potential co-stars, if his name is attached to a project then it’s instantly in my discard pile. Why should he get a chance to restart his life when he ruined another person’s?!

  2. Sound a bit like Lindsay Lohan’s movie “Just My Luck”. Anyway, this is a pass for me. I can’t watch Park Shi Hoo without that icky feeling but I thank god that they secured Song Ji Hyo as his on-screen partner. I have no itch to go pulling out my hair since they did a favour by casting a very bland actress opposite him.

    • well she doesn’t need you to watch either, she has millions of fans worldwide looking forward to watch her like crazy, including me, only god knows how long we have been waiting for the queens return to dramaland, she is an absolute delight to watch, easy relatable, super gorgeous, and damn she knows how to deliver good chemistry with her partners, and is not shy of doing some intense fiery scenes, absolutely adore this acress, it’s a must watch from here

  3. i love song ji hyo in running man but her acting is so-so for me.
    Am intrigued by the drama setup but anything with this guy PSH in it is a pass for me.
    NOT going to watching him in anything

      • just googled his name and you’ll read about his case.
        i just cannot comprehend ppl who still jump to his defence & proclaim him innocent when he obviously had committed the crime, whatever he may say it was

    • I feel more the other way around i always loved Song Ji Hyo much more as an actress and model then as a variety star, her acting projects always left a deep impression on me

  4. I will not support an abuser with money and family ties who can secure work…there are so many talented actors without the drama…why not use them….oh yeah they do not have the money and family ties.

  5. Meh! I love Song Ji Hyo in Variety Show setting but have never been fond of her acting. It’s weird how much she shines in Variety Shows but becomes lackluster on her acting projects.

    As for Park Si Hoo, he is sick ? in his personal life but gotta give him credit for being a good actor.

  6. I hope this is better than my Golden Life. As always I am fine watching any PSH dramas until the court ruled him guilty of a crime. Till then he is an innocent man.

  7. It disappoints me that he’s still getting lead roles. I guess I should’ve seen this coming. All he needed was a hit drama and now we will be seeing him more often.

  8. What is it with Korean Scripwriters and their English drama titles??? Arggghh ‘Lovely Horribly’. Do they have a lucky dip of sorts and they take turns picking random words out of a hat? I’ve been rather greedy lately trying to squeeze as many dramas in as possible but I’ve had to park 3/4 of them due to lack of time and frustration of the storyline (not the actors) so just down to weekend dramas- LL and Marry Me for now. As for this one I’m on the fence as I like them both – I like everyone. Will see if anyone posts any updates down the track. And yes Im from the ‘You’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law’ camp. ?

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