Gong Yoo in Taiwan for Asus Special Edition Zenfone Launch Featuring His Likeness

Taiwanese electronic maker Asus has tapped K-actor Gong Yoo for its cellphone campaign and this weekend unveiled a new Zenfone 5 Gong Yoo special edition. He was in Taipei for the CF event and also got to celebrate his upcoming July 10th birthday early with a cake topped with a cute chibi Yoo figurine. He looked great other than his awful white wide legged cuffed trousers, it’s like anything above the knee line is fine and below is like holy momma what’s with the cut seamstress lady! Gong Yoo was born in 1979 so he will be turning 39 years old this year (41 in Korean age) and I still think it’s so hilarious that he played a high student student in the 2005 drama Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy with Gong Hyo Jin as the teacher when he was older than her by one year in real life. Happy to see him aging well and continuing to evolve his acting projects and successes.


Gong Yoo in Taiwan for Asus Special Edition Zenfone Launch Featuring His Likeness — 3 Comments

  1. Lol. I noticed Gong Yoo loves wearing white legged pants. It’s almost his trademark styling. I am puzzled why he never tried to adopt any styling from his dramas like Goblin where they actually complimented his lanky statute figure. May be he is trying too hard to uglify himself and averting attention from his famous good look.

  2. what duh, your phone will have a pix of Gong Yoo wtf. reminds me of those 90s notebooks with pic of your idols. told you, the Mayans were correct, we always revert back to Ice age, lol.

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