Cast of Next Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Holds Press Conference Before July 7th Premiere

Next weekend is the arrival of tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine, and I don’t know what the K-netizens are feeling about it but for a big budget Kim Eun Sook penned drama this one is noticeably low on buzz. But if the drama looks as good as it does in the previews then it will continue to get high ratings and even continue to expand Kim Eun Sook’s overseas profile by being a good story to sell abroad about the Korean fight for independence towards the end of the Joseon era. I think the low buzz from English speaking fans is due to the casting of leads Lee Byung Hun with his scandal and relative newcomer Kim Tae Ri who doesn’t have a high profile or familiarity with her work yet. Their December-May romance also takes getting used to on the idea alone much less the execution, but I’m liking some subplots such as supporting leads Kim Min Jung and Yoo Yeon Seok‘s romance and Byun Yo Han‘s refreshing playboy lightheartedness in a drama where everyone seems so dour and serious. Check out the press conference pics and the long 14-minute preview below, with the drama premiering next Saturday July 7th after Lawless Lawyer ends this weekend.

Long 14-minute preview for Mr. Sunshine:


Cast of Next Kim Eun Sook Drama Mr. Sunshine Holds Press Conference Before July 7th Premiere — 15 Comments

  1. Ofcourse mr. santa drama will be huge hit kim eun sook never failed get rating hit. No matter how bad scandal male lead people keep watching it because story and good acting, look what happened with lee jin wook (return), my golden life (park shi hoo) and oh dal-su.

    • I think you don’t have understanding of the situation here. Oh Dal Su’s case is about using his power to abuse women. But for PSH & LJW cases were about fool single men who went out for booty or a one-night stand.

  2. Why does everybody look so boring in the long preview specially Kim Tae Ri? Cinematography is lovely but background score is jarring.

  3. Let’s watch it first before judging it. I’ve watched many good trailers but ended up meh. So, i wont watch any trailer and just wait for the first ep 1.

    Mr. Byun looks sexy, oh my god…

    I just hope there’s no romance between LBH and KTR. Doh. Cant imagine him as a ‘sunshine’.

  4. I love how Kim Taeri is so friendly with her female colleagues but next to Lee Santa she’s just rigid faced.

  5. I love what the ladies are wearing, both Kim Tae Ri’s vintage-look tea dress and the hanbok-inspired cut of Kim Min Jung’s skirt and jacket set.

  6. I don’t like LBH (no amount of talent can make up for who a person chooses to be imho. I avoid his and many other talent pals works) and he looks waaaaay too old to be KTR’s love interest (in the preview he passes as her father more than a potential love interest -a father daughter fight against one another would have been an interesting story-). My love for BYH and YYS means I’ll check out the first episode. I’ve never enjoyed or finished a KES drama expect ‘City Hall’ so I don’t think I’ll be watching this one beyond ep 1 (some fan will be the true MVP and deliver BYH and YYS cuts).

  7. The trailer looks beautiful almost like a movie. The era is an interesting one and hardly portrayed on dramas. But I just cringe whenever LBH appears, hope YBH will have more screen time.

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