Final Batch of Drama Posters and Stills for Mr. Sunshine Airing on tvN this Saturday July 7th

Readying for the arrival of tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine, premiering this weekend now that Lawless Lawyer has cleaned up the lawlessness in Gisung city, feels apropos to post on the 4th of July. Will the fireworks of what is arguably the biggest budgeted K-drama ever filmed blow audiences away, or will it fizzle after the anticipation. The OTP poster was horrible highlighting the visual incompatibility onscreen of leads Lee Byung Hun and much younger Kim Tae Ri as potential romantic love interests, but there was plenty of intensity between them as rivals or allies to a political cause to fight for Joseon freedom to the people. I’m more interested in the era being shown and the group cast story lines including supporting leads Yoo Yeon Seok, Byun Yo Han, and Kim Min Jung. The final batch of drama stills and group poster gets me squarely ready to check out episode one this Saturday on tvN as well as on Netflix for those overseas.


Final Batch of Drama Posters and Stills for Mr. Sunshine Airing on tvN this Saturday July 7th — 14 Comments

  1. I guess am the only one not pumped up about this drama. Maybe it’s because i have seen the so called high anticipated dramas fail before. I’ll check it out and that’s it, not expecting anything to be sincere

  2. I’m basically watching for BYH’s beard and the action. I also know the acting will be good but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the main leads love line. I couldn’t get into the lead couple in the last KES dramas anyway.

    As expected, unless the writing ends up being a hot, hot mess or it’s somehow mind numbingly boring, this will be a hit and another win for LBH *sigh*

    • Thats true.If by any chance, KES has miraculously improved her writing skills and the storyline becomes like Gaksital(Bridal Mask).It could really be a monster hit in Korea.Focus more on telling the history of the people and less on the romance( if at all there is anything between LBH and KTR).

  3. Wish they had a different leading actress but I can deal. It’s licensed by Netflix so you know they getting paid that good good.

    Lee Byun Hun is bae. Fight me.

  4. This will be another rating hit for lee byung hun oppa, he never fail to find succes in movie and drama. Kim eun sook always bring high rating, becaue her name is brand value drama. Congratulation lee santa oppa. Romantic success. I just hope that kim eun sook made byung yo han and yoo yeon soek die in the end i will hate her if she does.

  5. I’m in gonna watch it out of curiosity moreso then anything else. Plus okay I like the idea that LBH returns back to Korea as a US marine officer. So I went off to do some research on the background of this drama and it’s an interesting read so I’ll be waiting for the subbed version on Sunday morning. ?

  6. Biggest question: who will sub this? Certainly not Viki or Dramafever, and I know Netflix takes a while (as in a number of weeks) to sub their dramas thus killing off any initial excitement one may have for a drama.

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