Why Secretary Kim Stays Strong in Cuteness and Chemistry with One Week Left in Airing

I’m legit blown away by tvN drama Why Secretary Kim not because it’s really the best drama ever but because it’s managed remain simply very very good for the near entirety of its airing. This past week’s episodes 13-14 sent the Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young lovebirds on an adult romance path (finally!) while not creating real roadblocks to annoy the viewers who just want to see this couple enjoy happiness together. Park Min Young remains so incredibly beautiful, fun, and charming to watch onscreen, she actually steals the show just a little bit more than Park Seo Joon for me, the way she deftly toggles between passion, professionalism and even petty jealousy is so pitch perfect. Rating stayed steady in the 8% range and I’m thrilled this will go down as one of the best rom-coms in the last few years.


Why Secretary Kim Stays Strong in Cuteness and Chemistry with One Week Left in Airing — 31 Comments

  1. The plot is soooo LAME but the cast is fire! The lead’s love scene was one of the hottest scenes I’ve seen in Kdramas. I give it up to the cast and director!

    Hope they date in real life.

    • Honestly, me too @asta. Even if the cast is good and i think that it must be one of the main reasons for the success. With that said,rom-coms tend to be repetitive and it’s summertime so it’s a easy Watch if you want to give some rest to your brain. If not, you can always Watch “Life On mars” . Reply 1997 was my cup of tea !

      • I have not seen life on mars, but just finished the Korean version of the mistress and it’s so cool

  2. I really reallyyyy love this drama… is funny, fresh, cute and the more important part it’s that we don’t have a second lead or the bad people o the bad fathers… We now they will be happy ever after but I want to watch them grow together… they are just perfect… a perfect couple… they now each other and they are really in love!!!! ??? Sometimes we don’t need a súper plot to enyoy a drama ?????

  3. I had low expectations going in. I personally did not enjoy either of PSj’s last two dramas even though they got decent reviews and fans really loved it. Just wasn’t the dramas for me at the time. PMY – I did enjoy her last drama 7 day queen. So I wasn’t expecting to like wwwsk much.

    First things first – there is really no plot here. It’s thin at best and super cheesy. But I do like childhood love tropes and the chaebol falls for the “poor” girl. I have to say, it’s largely the charming personality of the two leads that make me want to root for their characters. They have hooked me into their romance.

    If you like a breezy, brainless rom com to watch – then i’d highly recommend. If you aren’t looking for that, then this drama probably won’t be your cup of tea.

    • Agree, kdrama rom-coms are usually brainless. Lots of fluff is a given, and over the past few years cheese has been heavily added. Plot is often repetitive. The success of this drama relies on the cast from the two charming main leads, the very adorable Kang Ki Young, all the way down to sweet supporting office staff and the cute parents (except that wooden brother). LOL.

  4. I still watch it but it’s so cheesy, as in Velveeta cheesy. No plot, cliche and stupid. Love the first two episodes and the best friend. Everything else is too contrived.

  5. Yep agreed.. They are compatible. They really bring up the story.. I would say sulate on the success in bringing the right celebrity, personel in this drama.

  6. PMY never brought true chemistry for me anyway in any drama. Last time it was nearly there with Yeon Woo Jin in Queen for 7 days. But too much crying ruined it for me. I’d watch this drama for PSJ’s hotness. I didnt like Hwarang and other drama with Kim Ji Won too. But hey, leading ladies didnt have nice chemistries with him any way like Baek Jin Hee had with him in Pots of Gold family drama or Hwang Jung Eum every time.

  7. I absolutely love this! It’s fun and easy to watch. Rom com at its best. There are lots of moments I would just laughed out loud. I also adore the main leads and the male bff/love guru. I’ve never seen any PSJ dramas before this so now I understand why he’s one of the most popular actors today. I also agree PMY is so charming especially when she smiles – I’m having a girl crush on her. I’d love to have all her earings from the show.

  8. I find this drama plotless and and too cheesy for my liking. I gave up after episode 4 but happened to catch it bits here and there whenever I switched on the tv while blow drying my hair. I don’t like it at all and just waiting for Ji Sung’s drama to take over the time slot.

  9. The drama is just oh la la!!! Fun!!! Very, very enjoyable summer romcom. The acting is gold! A huge benefit of watching this show is that there are no annoying romcom cliches or noble idiocies. So you can just kick back, relax and watch two people who know each other very well, fall in love. And that is just enough for me. This drama proves that you don’t need annoying kdrama cliches to drive a plot forward.

  10. Love it and even with the back story angst, it stayed true to being a romcom instead of turning into a melo. Agree PMY is hitting it out of the park.

  11. Okay, so i tried to watch this show but theres no plot??? I was struggling by ep 2 and gave up at the start of ep 3.

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  13. I couln’t pass half episode 1. I guess this is ok enough for new kdrama viewers (or die-hard fans of the leads), but if you already watched a few romcoms, it is difficult to gather any interest.

  14. I really don’t see why people are bored with this drama. Finally there’s a main cast that is independent, smart, communicative, and most importantly, NOT PRONE TO NOBLE IDIOCY. You have no evil rich parents, or random cancer showing up to ruin the story for no reason at all. It’s fully about how a great couple grows to love and care for each other in a HEALTHY way. After watching Kdramas for so long, and dealing with so many dramatic, makjang plots, this drama is a breath of fresh air.

    • I so agree. I Guess there’s no tension or excitement in this drama but it’s fine because sometimes we just want a relaxing plot with no makjang drama troupes. Even the objection from her sis are dealt it within the episode and was even a fun watch. A true blue rom com. When was the last truly enjoyable one?

    • the story is not sexy, but they using so many hot fun service, and dialogue getting chessy,and i think this not fresh drama, because they using the same pattern which used in many korean romcom drama. but if you like that’s OK.

  15. Sometimes a drama isnt plot-driven and that is the case with this drama. Its strengths are its actors and their acting. It’s weird that the best characther that i enjoy and like the most from PSJ is NOT Lee Youn Joon (WWWSK) or Go Dong Man (Fight my way) and obviously not Moo Myung (Hwarang). Instead it was Oh ri-On (Kill me heal me) when hes the ‘adopted’ brother to the female lead. His chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum was also the best. Thats my opinion though

  16. I love this drama. It is not wrong drama depends on leads and not much on plot since it is rom-com, IMO. We sometimes need a cute, chessy and clinche one to let us loose. We don’t need to get oh…ah…feeling everytime, right ?

  17. I also like how the characters and the relationships are simple here. There is no second female who comes between the leads, evil parents who look down on the female lead or any diseases involved. The chemistry between the leads is good too. I also like how they actually knew each other since they were children and then worked together for 9 years before it actually blossomed to something more (although Young Joon /Sung Hyun already liked Mi So way back). I haven’t watched a full Korean drama for many years due to me losing interest either half-way or the plot/cast not catching my interest from the beginning. This drama is the only one I have really enjoyed watching.

  18. I started it then stopped. Picked it up and now I’ve parked it for a rainy day maybe I’ll binge it over a weekend sometime soon. Yes it’s just for the leads visuals and nothing else and yes it is very cheesy!

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