Kang Dong Won Does Velvety Fashion Justice for Elle Korea August 2018 Edition

I tease K-actor Kang Dong Won all the time for having wickedly atrocious fashion sense at his movie premieres one after another but I actually appreciate that he’s so different and confident. Too bad many of the outre or couture menswear outfits he dons at media events just don’t work in real life whereas it actually gets pulled off when posing for fashion pictorials. Kang Dong Won is on the covers and inside pages of Elle Korea for August previewing the 2018 fall/winter trends to come, he just looks so cool even with the high heeled boots and swaddled in velvet.


Kang Dong Won Does Velvety Fashion Justice for Elle Korea August 2018 Edition — 16 Comments

  1. He is an interesting fellow.He really is a FREE SPIRIT.Its like the korean ahjummas/netizens have these “set expectations” of him but he shatters them all the time?.He has gotten into dating scandals with the women they hated at one point(Song Hye Kyo) or hate(Han Hyo Joo).His agency is YG entertainment(which they hate with a passion) and he parties with the artists in that agency from time to time.He could easily star and establish himself more in kdrama and be one of the ideal romantic kdrama perennial boyfriend.But he wants nothing to do with that.He would rather do movies.He is good looking but his fashion taste is horrible.I think him and Yoo Ah In would be good buddies?.

    • Girls he dumpe song hye kyo cause she has tax scandal (avoid him forever),and now he will dump han hyo joo too. I mean han hyo joo deserve someone like so ji sub or jung wo sung. And kang dong won image not clean anymore he getting hate cause have descendant pro japanese. After tax scandal song hye kyo was able to distinguish who are friends, acquaintance mere college, cause a lot of shk hiding and stay away from her because scandal. Thanks dots up her career once again.

      • @lovewadaws When are you going to stop dragging Shk’s name in articles not related to her? Please stop it already you sound like a broken record. As a fan of Shk im so mad at you you spread non sense gossip and baseless stories.Just stop it please.

      • I am a fan of shk im so upset at you @lovewadaws stop trolling and drags shk name everywhere.
        Excuse my comments i know it has nothing to do with the article. This troll just pissing me off.

    • When he had a dating rumor with shk knets comments are fine a lot actually rooted for them but with hhj man there is no single positive comments from knets from naver to nate.He was in Uaa with Yai & Shk but looks like they didnt get close with each other and he move to yg. I agree his fashion is terrible before when he was younger he still can carry his fashion style but now nearing his forties he looks like a joke.

  2. I dig the velvet suit, love the composition of that whole shot, and admire him for marching to the beat of his own drummer.

  3. I honestly thought he was Japanese the first time I saw him. He reminds me of So Ji Sub when it comes to personal style and eccentricity, SJS just seems more reserved.

  4. I follow Jung Eun Chae and so I saw him in ‘Haunters’ for the first time and yep added him to my stable of actors to watch. Gosh he just oozes cool and could wear a paper bag and still look stylish. And yes please any dating news is great news to read so hopefully him and Han Hyo Joo are enjoying their time together even if it is true.?

  5. Just an observation here, certain commenter here always types like they’re either drunk or in need of immediate medical attention due to an impending ragestroke. Take care of your health, people.

    I also like Kang Dong Won’s unorthodox fashion, he doesn’t stick to the dress code of what an A-list actor is expected to wear and it’s actually cool, like when he wore the heeled boots and zippered trousers to the press con for The Priests.

    • hahaha… you are funny… one commenter here is probably from Mars… trying to read through those typos and decipher the thoughts is a fun game… HAHA…

  6. I used to think he is cool, and had a badboy charisma.But watching how he interacts with han hyo joo now during public events changed it, he looks like a shy boy, even refusing to stand near her during photoshoots.lmao.He is getting old now, who cares about knetz hate? They dont dictate who you wanted to date.I also thought he is a very awkward and weird guy, someone who is cerebral and whose life only revolves around work and himself. A unique individual.

  7. Perdon i hope they getting married. one from descendants pro japanese and her brother bullying soldier they match so well.

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