Two J-ent Acting Couples Announce Marriages – Kiritani Mirei with Miura Shohei and Maeda Atsuko with Katsuji Ryo

It’s a big end to the month of July in J-ent as two big name acting couples suddenly announced marriages. First was Miura Shohei (30) and Kiritani Mirei (28) getting married after dating for two years since doing the drama Suki na Hita ga Iru Kuto in 2016. Five days later Katsuji Ryo (31) and Maeda Atsuko (27), actress and also the most famous graduate of AKB48, revealed that they got married on July 30th. Turns out they’ve been dating since doing the drama Dokonjo Gaeru in 2015 and this year will costar in the movie Taberu Onna coming to theaters in September 2018. I love how J-ent stars continue to DGAF about fans crazies to get married on the younger side so they can live happy personal lives. Congrats to both newlywed couples!


Two J-ent Acting Couples Announce Marriages – Kiritani Mirei with Miura Shohei and Maeda Atsuko with Katsuji Ryo — 10 Comments

  1. Whoa! I didn’t know Mirei and Shohei we’re together!! They were pretty cute together in their drama together. From reel to real.

  2. They showing fans they have control of their personal life, best way to change a culture, no games, if fans want to like and support their acting career voila, that is the way it is. It is show their honesty , commitment, seriousness, responsibility to their profession, and to fans, and at the same time enpower themselves to make necessary changes. I take My hat to them. No pain no game. And the Aura is all strong and positive.

    • Truth be told young idol and actors in japan have more control over their love life than korean which is sad to say have fans controlling and limiting this part of life for them

  3. I think, for actors, it’s more common to get married or just dating. While idols… Their fans seem to be so delusional to ban their oppas from dating. Well, except you are bigbang members (this group has a lot of dating scandals and one of then is married but koreans and fans seem to just love them even more).

    So, i dont think bts will announce their dating life lols.

    While for k actor, kim woobin is doing fine despite having a girlfriend. Leeminho etc.

    Aaahh congrats to both couples. So lovely seeing so many weddings.

    • in j entertainment their idols can date and married just fine. even some jyanis get married and continue their career just fine. some fans may left but not made a super big impact to their career.
      so far I follow j-ent, their scandal are way more wild than in k-ent. but as long as the scandal doesnt involved with underage girl or breaking law, their career will only shaken for a while, after that, they’ll be fine.
      I still remember one of 46/48 idol girl got caught dating, and because her brazen personality, she getting more famous after that “scandal”
      k-ent need to stop marketing those idols as innocent oppas unnies who life for their fans etc

      • Lols agree. But akanishi jin got kicked out from kattun and i didnt hear any new drama project since then.

        But fans have that one power. Even talented singers cant sell millions albums, while idols can do it easily, thanks to so called fans. They can even bring awards for their idols. So probably that’s the reason why kpop is more popular than jpop. K Idols are more popular than J idols. Even those AKB 48 needs their ajjussi fans to buy their albums and their oppa fans to go to their concerts even most of their performances are lipsync.

        Fans are delusional but they can buy their idol a house. They spend millions for their idols with that one mindset. Uri oppa is innocent and just for me. Sigh.

        While K actors or J actors, lucky them… All they need is public’s love. Public who can be more understanding over their real life and just want to watch their character on tv or big scene.

      • if there are no delusional fans, where do the idols get money? Idols don’t even care where fans (especially school students) get money to buy things that have something with or from their idols, and not infrequently fans also get treatment that lowers their self-esteem. and don’t forget there are even idols who make criminal acts but are still defended by their fans.

      • With the exception of KimuTaku who got his then gf pregnant, he’s the youngest Johnny’s to have gotten married with the blessing of the agency. The others have to wait until they are nearing 40 to tie the knot like Okada and those whose fanbase won’t suffer at all (or those with mature fanbase) even if they got married like Kokubun and Inohara. If it’s someone like Nino or any Arashi members who have huge girls following, it’ll be a looong waiting time.

    • To the one who said about AkaJin getting kicked out. His case different from other J-idols who got married. His wedding was not made known to the agency the earliest possible time. And he’s been breaking rules even before that such as having social media account.

      J ent and K ent are too different from each other as well as their fans. From my point of view, fans’ behaviour greatly impacts the lives of this idols.

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