Park Bo Gum Ready for the Fall in Attire and Mood in New TNGT Pictorial

The fall colors and textures are out in full fashion force in Park Bo Gum‘s latest pictorial for menswear brand TNGT (Today N’ Going On Tomorrow). The outfits are nothing special, classic fall line of pretty menswear in check, dark colors, wool and all completed with a sweater, coat, or jacket. He make the outfits look great with boyish charm with the veneer of sophistication. Seeing him here, I think I can conceivably buy him as the titular Boyfriend romancing Song Hye Kyo in their upcoming drama. It’s still crazy to imagine them romantically paired up on screen, when Song Hye Kyo got her breakout in K-dramas with Soonpoong Clinic in 1998 Park Bo Gum was only 5 years old lol. Of course the age difference works all the time the other way, Kim Tae Ri was 1 years old in 1991 when Lee Byung Hun debuted onscreen in Asphalt My Town and now they are winning K-viewers over in period drama Mr. Sunshine. I hope Park Bo Gun keeps this shaggy hairstyle for Boyfriend, it’s totally grown on me now.


Park Bo Gum Ready for the Fall in Attire and Mood in New TNGT Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. And the end of the day, it’s the CHEMISTRY. Some same age couples couldn’t succeed selling the romance because the lack of chemistry.

    I am not really buying this couple because their personal relationship (him being her hubby’s BFF) overshadowed everything. Not because I couldn’t separate fiction with reality but they and the relationship are just too famous.

    Oth, do the romance between Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun really the selling point of Mr. Sunshine? I thought many tuning in for the freedom fighter’s story (though to me, it’s too slow and not much substance). I seriously don’t feel any chemistry between these two. I feel that KTR has better chemistry with Yoo Yeon Seok especially.

    Just a suggestion, I would rather you quote Lee Seon Kyun and IU. Now, that is chemistry overloaded despite the huge age gap and zero skinship.

  2. If you don’t like the pairing simple don’t watching. Mr.Santa just fine and get high rating despite 20 year age gap. I think based on pbg variety show with Lee hyori get high rating. Boyfriend drama will get high rating too. because park boys gum ahjumma fans eager wait for the drama.

  3. Very unattractive.. then again, I don’t fancy the unmanly types… this hairstyle actually reminds me of Lee Min Hoo with his Kris Jenner hairstyle

  4. I do find Lee Min Ho handsome and good actor. I love Heirs and Gangnam blues where he acted damn fine. But i really dont like Park Bo Gum and dont understad hype around him.

  5. PBG is naturally handsome and not over the top actor. His performance were well recieved and praised for subtle but impressive emotion by his eyes. i also dont get why people sais he’s overrated, he built his own career from very small roles til landed 1 leading acting in moonlight and korean viewers adore his personality that he’s famous for a polite young actor so no wonder seniors also support him. Hope the best for his next work

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